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Invitation templates, as the name suggests, is used to invite people to engage or include them in any of our events. The templates followed for designing invitations are mostly dependent on the type of event for which the person is invited. While a wedding or birthday invitation templates could be drafted of artistic imagery, a school leaving or a graduation invitation sent to parent of students would more sober and formal. These are designed using in many format as the need may be.

Welcome Breakfast Invitation Template

welcome breakfast invitation template

Seascape Ticket Invitation Template

seascape ticket invitation template

St Patrick’s Day Invitation Template

st patricks day invitation template

Sample Meeting Invitation Template

sample meeting invitation template

Simple Lunch Invitation Template

simple lunch invitation template

Ladies Breakfast Invitation Template

ladies breakfast invitation template

Gender Reveal Invitation Template

gender reveal invitation template

Baby Shower Invitation Template

baby shower invitation template

Birthday Invitation Card Template

birthday invitation card template

Bridal Shower Invitation Template in Word

bridal shower invitation template

Simple Wedding Invitation Template

simple wedding invitation template

Dinner Invitation Template in PSD

dinner invitation template

Editable Baptism Invitation Template

baptism invitation template

Printable Housewarming Invitation Template

housewarming invitation template

Family Reunion Invitation Template

family reunion invitation template

Photo Wedding Invitation Template

photo wedding invitation template

Couple Shower BBQ Invitation Template

couple shower bbq invitation template

Bachelorette Party Invitation Template

bachelorette party invitation template

BBQ Party Invitation Template

bbq party invitation template

> Wedding Invitation Templates

Wedding invitations with monograms
Design Wedding Invitation Collection Invitation

Invitation card in a wedding is a symbolic item which every family gives a lot of focus. The design and imagery used in these kinds of invitation templates more or less depends on the religion, caste or the tradition in which the marriage ceremony is being organized. These sample Wedding invitation templates are mostly designed using different file formats imagery. [15+ Designer Wedding Invitation Templates]

> Graduation Invitation Templates

Blue Senior Graduation Photo Template
Graduation Invitation Card For Girls
Templates for Photographers & Scrapbooking for Grads

Graduation invitations are mostly directed towards parents of students who would graduate the current year. Therefore, these templates are mostly generic and are created in either Microsoft Word or in a PDF format. The content of such mails are formal with no or minimal customization which includes the salutation and name of the invitee. [25+ Graduation Invitation Templates]

> Birthday Invitation Templates

Birthday Birthday Party Invitation birthday invitation template, elegant
Princess Birthday Invitation Template for girls
Princess Birthday 1st Birthday Invitation Template

Invitation cards for birthdays are mostly very artistic, especially if the birthday celebration is for a toddler. These invitation templates mostly contains elegant and eye catching PSD images and animations which immediately catches the attention of viewers. These sample Birthday invitation templates mostly contain pictures of a birthday cake or other goodies which are relevant to a birthday. [19+ Birthday Invitation Templates]

> Baby Shower Invitation Templates

Blue Baby Shower Invitation Templates
Winter Wonderland Baby Girl Shower Invitation card
Pink & Brown Baby Shower Invitation

Baby shower is one of the important landmarks or events for new born babies. These sample invitations are mostly distributed among-st family and close friends, which contain sweet and cute pictures of a smiling baby taking the first shower. These invitation templates are also designed using PSD images which are eye catchy as well. [21+ Baby Shower Invitation Templates]

> Party Invitation Templates

Blue Elegant Birthday Party Invitation
Party Invitation for All
Vector Christmas Party Design Template

Party invitation templates also depend on the nature of the event for which the party is thrown. For example, a corporate project party would have a different template as compared to a birthday party or an informal dinner party. Therefore, based on the kind of event, these invitation templates designed in various formats (for formal events). [20+ Party Invitation Templates]

> Christmas Invitation Templates

Christmas party invitations, Christmas invitations, christmas party, Christmas Template
Frost Christmas Party Invite Template card
RED Christmas Invitation Template

Christmas celebrations need no prior introduction or description. Inviting friends and family for Christmas celebrations is a common deed which is mostly done via attractive invitation templates with images of the Christmas tree, fascinating gifts and other frolics. These examples of Christmas invitation templates are designed using PSD images which are usually printed and send to friends. [21+ Christmas Invitation Templates]

> Diaper Invitation Templates

Ahoy Mate Whale Baby Shower Diaper Card Invitation
Make your own Diaper Shaped Baby Shower Invitations-
Turtle in Diaper Baby Shower Invitations For Girls

Diaper invitation templates are quite similar in objective as compared to baby shower templates. In fact many customers use the diaper invitation templates examples for their baby shower events. These invitation templates are also designed and crafted using PSD images with a smiling baby wearing a diaper and getting ready for shower. [11+ Diaper Invitation Templates]

> Minnie Mouse Invitation Templates

Awesome Minnie Mouse Invitation for Birthday Party
Black Polka Dot Photo Minni Mouse Invitation
Pink Color Minni Mouse Birthday Invitation

As the name suggests, Minnie mouse invitation templates have attractive and fascinating images of a Minnie mouse playing around with certain props. These templates samples are mostly designed using PSD images and crafts, and are mostly used to celebrate and invite friends for any events which are related to their babies. [20+ Minnie Mouse Invitation Templates]

> Exceptional Email Invitation Templates

Dinner Holiday Celebration Invitation Template
New Year eve Celebration Invitation Template
Red New Year Celebration Invitation Template

Invitation via email is mostly done for formal events and engagements – be it project outings, team hang outs, project dinner parties and others. These templates are mostly created in Microsoft Word in the form of an application (format) without much pomp and show and are communicated via email to the intended recipients. [12+ Exceptional Email Invitation Templates]

> Mickey Mouse Invitation Templates

Dark Mickey Mouse Invitation, Mickey Mouse Second Birthday,
Digital Mickey Mouse Invitation Printable
Sample Mickey, Invitation, Mickey Invitation, Polka Dot

Mickey Mouse invitation templates are another of various attractive and showy templates which are used to invite friends and family for informal get together especially to celebrate any event of their kids. These invitation templates are designed using PSD format and invariably contain a picture of the Mickey Mouse playing around. [18+ Mickey Mouse Invitation Templates]

> Dinner Invitation Templates

Red Ruby Dinner Party Template
Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Card DM
Teal ombre Beach Rehearsal dinner string lights paper Invitation Card

A dinner invitation could be both formal and casual i.e. depending on the guests called for dinner. A dinner invitation to a boss would be quite different from that to a friend. Therefore, based on the guest of invite, the templates vary from being slightly semi-formal to casual attractive templates mostly designed in PSD format. [19+ Dinner Invitation Templates]

> Formal Invitation Templates

DIY Wedding Invitation Template - Red Invitation Printable Cella Wedding
Navy Quatrefoil Bridal Shower Invitation
Printable Wedding Invitation %22Elegant Ironwork%22 with Ornaments in Navy Blue

From the name itself, it is quite evident that formal invitation templates are mostly catered to formal events which may be project meetings, town halls or any other serious engagement. Therefore, for such occasions, invitation templates are mostly formal created using Microsoft Word with all details regarding the event which is going to take place. [20+ Formal Invitation Templates].

> Baptism Invitation Templates

Baptism Day Invitation
Customized Baptism Invitation, girl baptism invitation
Tender Pink Baptism Invitation

Baptism or Christening of a baby is one of the most auspicious occasions in the life of a person and the same symbolizes from the invitation templates used. These templates are also designed out of PSD imagery but it does not contain attractive or flashy imagery which tends to dilute the sacredness of the entire event. [24+ Baptism Invitation Templates].

> Retirement Invitation Templates

Beach Theme Starfish Retirement Party Invitation
Retirement BANNER Personalized vinylw Grommets
Retirement Party Invitation in Gold and Silver

Retirement from job is an auspicious occasion in the life of a person which definitely calls for a big celebration. Moreover, retirement of a person categorizes him as a senior citizen. Hence, the invitation template invariably should symbolize and reflect the same. These templates are also designed using PSD format, however, flashy images are avoided. [16+ Retirement Invitation Templates].

> Quinceanera Invitation Templates

Purple Photo Invitation or Announcement for Graduation, Quinceanera
Silver Diamond Bow & Tiara Quinceanera Invite
Sweet 16 or Quinceanera Invitation double sided

Quinceanera celebrations are extremely sacred in certain cultures especially the Mexican culture which is the onset of a girl child into a woman. These invitation templates are mostly created and designed using PSD format and the imagery is symbolic of the womanhood stage of a girl – be it in the form of images or text. [18+ Quinceanera Invitation Templates].

> Ticket Invitation Templates

Templates PSD for Birthday Invitations & Ticket Party
Ticket for Quinceaneras Invitations Template
Ticket Invitation to All

Ticket invitations are mostly used in certain mass gatherings such as alumni meet for certain colleges and universities etc. These invitation templates mostly take the form of a PSD image, or even a Word template which acts as a ticket pass for the invitee to get involved in the gathering or the party. [21+ Ticket Invitation Templates]

> Halloween Invitation Templates

Full Moon Cemetery Dreams Halloween Party Invite
Halloween Horror PopcornTemplate
Halloween Invitation to All

Halloween is another of the sacred celebrations which is realized on the 31st of October in certain countries. These templates, quite similar to any sacred festival templates are also designed and crafted in Microsoft Word format, and mostly contains images and graphics which symbolizes the festival of Halloween and its significance. [22+ Halloween Invitation Templates]

> Passport Invitation Templates

Customizable Passport Sweet 16 Party Invite
Custom Passport Save the Date destination Wedding Card
Passport Wedding Invites, Sample Invitation and RSVP Boarding Card

Passport invitation templates can be used for many an occasion including birthdays, or any other formal meetings and get together. As the name suggests, passport invitation takes the format of a passport and is mostly generated and designed using Microsoft Word or in a PDF format. All the information is mentioned in the same format as mentioned in a passport. [15+ Passport Invitation Templates]

> BBQ Invitation Templates

30 Burgers and Barbecue Logos Bundle
BBQ Invitation Hamburger, Picnic, Barbeque, Company Picnic
Personalised BBQ Barbeque Summer Garden Party Invitations Invites

BBQ invitations are mostly common in eat-out invites – be it for dinner parties or for any other purpose. These invitations are mostly informal and the templates followed are designed using PSD images showing attractive and mouthwatering images of scrumptious food and other cuisines. All the time and venue details are mentioned in the invitation card as well. [20+ Barbeque Invitation Templates]

> Chalkboard Invitation Templates

Baby, Toddler, Child, Party Chalkboard Overlay Photoshop Template with Details
ChalkBoard Wedding Announcement, Save The Date, Christmas Card
Senior Graduation Announcement Template for Photographers PSD Flat card - Chalkboard Frame

Chalkboard templates are an elegant way of inviting a person. These templates are mostly designed and crafted in Microsoft Word without any flashy images or animations, and can be used for a variety of purpose including wedding, birthday etc. The usage of chalkboard makes it look more real and handcrafted. [22+ Chalkboard Invitation Templates]

> Housewarming Invitation Templates

Bright Flowers Housewarming Party Invitation
Elegant Fall Leaves, Floral Housewarming Party Invitation
Red Zebra Print Housewarming Party Invitations

Housewarming celebrations or rather rituals happen when a person enters in a new house for the first time. Therefore, these invitation templates are more sober as compared to other party invitations since this is an auspicious occasions for the organizer of the gathering. These templates are designed using PSD format. [18+ Housewarming Invitation Templates]

> Open House Invitation Templates

Blush open House, High School Senior
Real Estate Open House Flyers for everyone
Senior Open House Invitation Announcement

Open houses are mainly organized when a discussion is desired on a certain topic – this may be a corporate engagement or even a family decision as well. Invitation templates for these sorts of engagements are mostly simple and are created in Microsoft Word. These templates contains the time and venue information without much fuss. [22+ Open House Invitation Templates]

> Anniversary Invitation Templates

Golden 50 Anniversary photo Invitations
Gold Pearl 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Card
Then Now Modern Block Anniversary Party Invitation

Anniversaries, be it wedding, birthday or work anniversary, are extremely special to the life and minds of the person and therefore, the celebration and hence the invitation should reflect this. Anniversary invitation templates are mostly created in PSD format and they signify the event for which the anniversary is celebrated. [22+ Anniversary Invitation Templates]

> Onesie Invitation Templates

Onesie Its Twins Baby Shower Invitation
Personalised Girls Sleepover Sleep over Onesie Fancy

Onesie invitation templates are another of the many templates which are used for invitation of events related to babies and toddlers. These templates are pretty simple with images of attractive wears which babies wear, and are designed using PSD images format. These templates are extensively used for baby shower celebrations. [11+ Onesie Invitation Templates]

> Business Invitation Templates

Blue Chevron Business Party Invitation Card
Business Card for Photographers, Small Business
Happy Holidays Photo Card Real Estate Business

Business invitations are the most formal of all type of invitation and should be in accordance to a certain official template – may contain the full signature of the person as well as the company logo and so on. These templates are mostly designed using Microsoft Word with no flashy images or fonts in different ways which can be used with individual need. [23+ Business Invitation Templates]

> Bachelorette Invitation Templates

Bachelorette Party Colorful Kisses Invitation Card
Baseball Bachelorette Party Digital Invitation
Floral Glam Bachelorette Party Invitation

Bachelorette parties which are mostly given before tying the knot are a special event in the life of all girls. These sample invitation templates often signify an informal meet of girls wherein they would celebrate and relive the carefree days and probably wish well for the transition of life. These templates are mostly designed using PSD format. [19+ Bachelorette Invitation Templates]

> Masquerade Invitation Templates

Masquerade Party Invitation Masquerade Ball
Pink Black 16 Masquerade Party Invitation
Purple Gold Black Masquerade Party Invitation

Masquerades are mostly ball party invitations where in people unaware of the identity dance with their partners which keep on changing randomly. These invitations are extremely informal and designed in showy and elegant manner. These templates are crafted in PSD formats with different and attractive usages of font styling to convey the text and you can get different samples which goes with your need. [18+ Masquerade Invitation Templates]

> Funeral Invitation Templates

Blue Hydrangea Funeral Announcements
Floral Dreams Funeral Thank You Invitation Card
Funeral Memorial Programs with Photos

Funeral is a saddening event especially for the bereaved family as they have lost one of their family member. Such kind of invitation templates are extremely formal and to the point, with an image of the bereaved member and probably a few of his or her achievements. These templates are created using different formats. [15+ Funeral Invitation Template]

> Picnic Invitation Templates

Annual Church Picnic Invite Card Template
Family Reunion Picnic Invitation - BBQ Invitation - 4th of July Invite
Fun Plaid Tablecloth Summer Picnic BBQ invitation

Picnic or informal get together among family and friends are a waited and desired occasions for everyone. These invitations are artistic and include attractive images of the picnic spot and the fun and frolic which happen on that day. Examples of invitation cards are designed using PSD images highlighting the extremely fun and play atmosphere. [17+ Picnic Invitation Templates]

> Kids Invitation Templates

Baby Christening Party Invitation Templates
Kids Golf Bear Photo Birthday Party Invitation
Pokemon Snorlax Invitation Card, Kids Birthday, Cute Horizontal Postcard,

Kids’ invitation templates are mostly used for birthday invitations or first shower invitations and others. These samples of templates do contain a smiling image of a baby playing around with certain props highlighting the happiness and innocence of the entire event. The templates are mostly designed using PSD format with colorful imagery. [21+ Kids Invitation Templates]

> Meeting Invitation Templates

Black Swirl Corporate Party Invitation Card
Conference Template Illustration with space for Your Text
PINK Corporate Annual Meeting invitation Card

Meetings can be both formal and informal – however, samples of these invitation templates can be used for meetings are mostly formal and are created in Microsoft Word. These templates do not contain any informal images or text – rather it contains basic information on the meeting as to the number of members, venue and the primary agenda to be addressed. [12+ Meeting Invitation Templates]

> Seminar Invitation Templates

ASI Cloud Seminar Invite Email for Everyone
Seminar Postcard Invitation for Tax
Washington Seminar Email Invitaation

Seminars are formal events where in intellectuals meet and discuss on the agenda which is being set for the seminar. These form of invitation templates are formal and are sent to selected recipients. The templates for seminar invitations are designed in Microsoft Word and contain information on the speakers, time & venue and the agenda. [12+ Seminar Invitation Templates]

> Fundraiser Invitation Templates

Autumn Women’s Conference Flyer for funding
Fundraisning Invitation for Everyone
Women's Conference Flyer Template for FUNDRAISNG

Fundraiser invitations are mostly used by charitable or not for profit organization to raise funds for their social activities. Therefore, these templates have to convey explicit information on who are the target social victims who would be addressed and more importantly, how would they be addressed. These examples of templates can be designed both using Microsoft Word as well as PSD images. [14+ Fundraising Invitation Templates]

> Award Invitation Templates

Fancy Oscar Party Award Invitation Card
Green Ugly Sweater Holiday Party Awards
Hollywood Movie Award Party Invitation Card

Award invitations are mostly sent to the family members of students of an organization during their annual functions. These templates are quite formal with minimal customizations, and are designed in Microsoft Word. These sample templates contain information of the date & venue along with the chief guest who would honor the award function. [15+ Award Invitation Templates]

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