6+ Event E-mail Invitation Templates

In this modern day, there are already a lot of improvements in terms of the processes that people involve themselves into. It is very easy to relay information and technological advancements also provide more platforms and mediums where people can communicate with each other more efficiently.

One way that these improvements may be seen is the use of event e-mail invitations. Gone are the days when mail has to be sent a few days before it can be received by the person who needs to know about the specific purpose on why a letter has to be delivered. We can provide you with event e-mail invitation templates and other invitation templates, which you may send physically if you prefer it to be done that way.

Free Event Invitation Template


Corporate Event E-mail Invitation Template



Free Event E-mail Invitation Template



Formal Event E-mail Invitation Template



Corporate Event E-mail Invitation

It is very usual for businesses to send event email invitations for the following reasons:

  • There are many people that needs to know specific information about an event that the company is to hold. These invitations may be sent through an e-mail blast to the company’s client base.
  • Sending an event e-mail invitation looks more professional and business like. It has that sense of corporate transaction since people will open it from their business email addresses.
  • It will save the company more time in dissiminating information if they are to use an e-mail as an invitation rather than physically delivering the invites to all the people that they want to witness an event or occasion.
  • It is more practical to send invites for a one time event rather than to provide additional expenses in printing, designing, and delivering event invitations.

There are many companies that rely on this advantage provided by modern technology as it can provide many benefits to the entire operations of the business. Other than our event email invitation samples, you may also download our event invitation templates for references.

Company Event E-mail Invitation Template



Professional Event E-mail Invitation Template



Business Event E-mail Invitation



Inclusions of an Event E-mail Invitation

If you are to create a template for your event e-mail invitation, be sure that it still looks formal and well put together just as how a physical invitation would look like. A few items that should be seen in your event email invitation are as follows:

  • The name of the event
  • The details of the event including its time and date of execution and the location where it will be held
  • The purpose of the event
  • Other information about the event which may include the program of the event, the suggested dress code, and the set of people who are invited for a specific gathering

The Event E-mail Invitation Design

If you are deciding on the overall design of your event e-mail invitation, it will be helpful to consider the following:

  • Make sure that it reflects the design aesthetic of the company
  • It is very important to make it look clean and polished by using high-resolution design items and texts
  • Assure that all the information are readable and font style used is not too overwhelming nor too boring
  • Create a design that is related to the event where people will be invited
  • Be sure to input originality in the design that you are to make so the event email invitation will not be associated with other companies, invitations, and functions

Other than our event email invitation samples that can be found in this article, you may also browse through our email invitation templates for more references regarding this subject matter.

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