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E-mails have been the most popularly used platform for communication in this modern day society that we live in. It is used to communicate important details for business or just random messages to friends. It can be formal or casual, and depending what you are trying to tell the receiver of your e-mail, the format of the content varies.

Nowadays, for special occasions, events, and parties, physical invitation cards are not enough that you need to send them an e-mail of a copy of your invitation. People are known to misplace and lose things, and that applies to invitations as well. Create your perfect invitation templates through e-mail with us.

Free E-mail party Invitation



Free Wedding E-mail Invitation



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Importance of Invitation through E-mail

Aside from having a hard copy of your invitation sent or given out to the people you wish to invite to celebrate the special occasion or event with you, it is essential to have a soft copy prepared and sent through their e-mails. As people are known to misplace and lose things easily, having a backup of the invitation card becomes essential.

There is another reason why invitations sent through e-mail are becoming a popular way of inviting people, and that is none other than cutting costs. Virtual invitation saves you the money that you would usually use for buying papers and ink for printing. It’s not about being stingy; it’s about being economical. Parties are already expensive on its own, and saving extra pennies are more ideal than paying for something extra, though it does not mean that printed invitation should be something you should forget or take for granted since a printed invitation is just as important. However, for those who are tight with budget and would like to go for the free way, going for virtual invitation is the best way for you to compromise with your pocket.

Check out e-mail birthday invitations available on our site for other samples that may help you.

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Free Birthday E-mail Invitation



When Designing Your Invitations

Every invitation is practically the same when it comes to its content, and here is a list of things you should consider when making your invitation:

  • Theme. Virtual invitations’ most important aspect is the theme. The colors, typography, designs, and images you use on your virtual invitation should be tailored to your own party’s theme and motif.
  • Greetings. A greeting is always important. No matter how short of a sentence it is or even if it is just a clause, it allows the receiver of your virtual invitation sense the importance of their presence to you. It is a feeling that every hard copy invitation is able to exude—your virtual invitation should be able to do it as well.
  • Content. Even though it is an invitation through e-mail, that does not mean that everyone still has the time to read a wall of words. Keep it short and concise. Your invitation should be able to indicate only the important details such as from whom the invitation is; the cause for celebration; where and when; the theme or dress code, if there is any; and contact details of who they can contact if they have further queries.
  • Directions. After applying your virtual invitation card in the e-mail’s body, below it add a mini map and indicate further details on certain landmarks and how to reach the venue conveniently.

If you are still unsure on how to make your invitation, we have more samples available on our website free for you to download and use as a reference material. If you need more sample invitations, you should check out these New Year e-mail templates also available on our site.


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