9+ Frozen Party Invitation Templates

Do you want to build a snowman? Come on, let’s go and play!

It’s surprising that these questions formed part of a song was released back in 2013, but still these words still escape our mouths every now and then.

Frozen, a movie that exploded with a big bang back in November 2013, is a 3D musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures depicting a story of a princess that sets off an adventure to find her sister, alongside a rugged lumberjack and a reindeer and packed with delightful and addictive songs that captivated not just children’s hearts but adults as well.

A few years later, the Frozen fever apparently hasn’t died down yet as the Frozen theme starring Queen Elsa is still in demand in birthday parties. Which is why we here on our website provide you with some Frozen-themed invitation templates for your Frozen-filled parties to throw.

Frozen Invitation Party Template


Disney Frozen Party Invitation

Disney Frozen Party InvitationDownload

Frozen Birthday Party Invitation


Frozen Pool Party Invitation

Frozen Pool Party InvitationDownload

Let It Go!

The one thing that sticks to our minds when it comes to Frozen is their songs, and the movie’s humor, drama, and action make them stay in our hearts. This movie has taken over the world by storm as several little girls prefer to be dressed as their darling Queen Elsa in costume parties.

Apart from their musical numbers and alluring royal subjects, there are also quite a few life lessons we can learn from the movie. Some of these themes include learning that family is important, being yourself is important, it’s always better to express your emotions, and that you should always follow your dreams.

Grand and majestic are words that defines of the movie Frozen, and it’s no wonder why Frozen hasn’t melted yet and stayed in mostly our hearts. Frozen has been a popular party theme, and these invitations could be a good addition to these type of parties.

If you are organizing a Frozen-themed party, then these party invitation templates are just for you! We have an assortment of Frozen invitations offered perfect for:

  • birthdays,
  • baptism,
  • costume parties,
  • pool parties,
  • slumber parties,
  • Christmas parties, and
  • dinner party.

Embellished with striking pictures of Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, and Olaf, these invitation designs would surely capture your guests’ attention and interest. Are you now ready to create your own invitations and “let them go”?

Elgant Frozen Party Invitation Template


Frozen Party Ticket Invitation

Frozen Party Ticket Invitation

DIY Frozen Party Invitation

Diy Frozen Party InvitationDownload

Printable Frozen Party Invitation Template


Why Use Our Templates?

Our Frozen invitation templates, along with the templates our website has in store, are

  • a value for your money as our templates are products of extensive market research and created by talented, professional graphic artists and
  • available in easy-to-modify PSD, vector AI, or EPS formats, which means all you have to do is edit our templates on your image-editing software of choice to suit your or your children’s interest.

Frozen was created by a number of dedicated cast and crew who ensured the film would have a grand story line and eye-catching graphics to be able to wow and entertain audiences. Like Frozen, we strive to provide you with the best quality and pleasing designs which you can choose from and use.

Check them out right now and spread some much-needed fantasy and wonder with our Frozen-themed invitations!

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