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Parties are fun and everyone wants to be a part of one, whether as a host or guest. There are many kinds of parties; they can be formal such as corporate events or informal like the ones that we spend with friends and families. But there is one kind of party where each attendee becomes the host and the guest at the same time. Potluck parties are one of the most budget-friendly and least stressful ways to throw a gathering. It requires a communal effort of bringing your own food or drinks to share to everyone who attends.

Here are some Invitation Templates that you can use to inform people about your get-together.

Potluck Party Email Invitation Template


Breakfast Potluck Invitation Template


Farewell Potluck Invitation Template


Holiday Potluck Party Invitation



Potluck Dinner Party Invitation



Potluck Pool Party Invitation



Potluck Etiquette Rules

When planning for a potluck party, you might want to consider these rules as you don’t want to end up with 15 bottles of wine and no food. They can also be indicated in the invitation.

  • Bring a dish. As to how the potluck party is defined, bringing a dish is a requirement and not an option as in other kinds of parties. You also have to remember that wine and beer are not a dish, as well as a big bag of chips and supermarket salsa, which has nothing to get dipped on.
  • Specify and clarify. You don’t want to have a hundred chicken or hamburgers in a party, so as a host, you might want to specify what each guest should bring in the Potluck Invitation or clarify if you can bring a certain item if you’re the guest.
  • Offer help. As everyone becomes the host and not just a guest in a potluck party, they should also do their duties as the cohost. If help is needed in serving the dishes or grilling the meat, a request is not necessary from the main host.
  • Be nice. Compliment the dishes on the potluck table, not just the homemade dishes but everything that is brought as time was also spent in brainstorming and deciding which item to share with everybody. Always take note that potluck is not a competition.

Check out other Party Invitation Template on our website if you are preparing for another kind of party.

Potluck Birthday Party Invitation



Potluck BBQ Party Invitation



Potluck Engagement Party Invitation



Potluck Picnic Party Invitation



Important Details on an Invitation

  • The kind of event. There are many kinds of parties, so you should indicate what the invitation is for and what kind of occasion is being celebrated. Potluck parties have a different format, so it should be clearly stated.
  • The host. The host of the event should be indicated in the invitation as well as and, most especially, the honoree or for whom the party is in case of birthdays, retirements, or a surprise parties. (See Farewell Potluck Invitation.)
  • The location. You don’t want to get your guests lost or, worse, not being able to come because they don’t know where to go. Perhaps one of the most important parts of an invitation is the location.
  • The date and time. Just like where the guests should go, when the party is happening should also be indicated if you don’t want your guests to arrive a day before the event.
  • Essential details. If you need your guest to bring something specific, like a certain kind of dish or drink, it should be indicated on the invitation. If you’re having a themed party, indicate what type of attire guests should wear to the occasion.

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