131+ Cardboard Textures – Free PSD, JPG, PNG Format Download!

Cardboard textures have this way of fitting into any style, be it vintage or modern. It can take things to a whole new level by bringing in that raw effect, especially the brown coloured ones. There are many designers who opt for this texture as it adds a dimension of simplicity and gives the designer a huge scope to unleash his creativity. You can also see Snow Textures.

cardboard textures

10 Tileable Cardboard & Paper Textures

0 tileable cardboard paper textures
You are getting 10 amazing collection of tileable cardboard and paper textures here in varying shades of colors- ranging from golden yellow, to green to coral to white and so on.

16 Free Colourful Cardboard Texture

free colourful cardboard texture
This template here comes up with an awesome collection of 16 colorful cardboard textures that you would love to have as your blog background. From yellow to orange to red to green to indigo- you have all the vibrant shades here.

Grunge Cardboard Texture Free Download

grunge cardboard texture free download
This grunge cardboard texture here would be great if you are looking to create something with a bleak look. However, the grunge look will also go with something rustic or vintage.

23 Amazing Premium Cardboard Textures

amazing premium cardboard textures
You are getting 23 great premium cardboard textures here. The template has been designed with repeated patterns and each one of them looks amazingly realistic with the details like broken scratched edges.

Premium Vintage Corrugated Cardboard Texture

premium vintage corrugated cardboard texture
This corrugated cardboard texture comes up with a premium vintage look and would be fantastic for your retro-style blog or website. The faded pink shade is soothing to the eyes.

7 Multi Coloured Textutre Download

multi coloured textutre download
You are getting a textured background here in varying shades of colors. From snuff to sea green to blue to off white – you have such an amazing collection of earthy tones here.

10 Cardboard High Resolution Textures

0 cardboard high resolution textures

8 Free Cardboard Textures For You

free cardboard textures for you

Awesome Cardboard Texture For Free Download

awesome cardboard texture for free download

9 Premium Cardboard Textures

premium cardboard textures

32 Cardboard Textures For Download

cardboard textures for download

5 Free Cardboard Textures

free cardboard textures

Cardboard Grunge Texture For Free

cardboard grunge texture for free

6 Cardboard Texture Premium Download

cardboard texture premium download

Elegant Cardboard Texture For Free

elegant cardboard texture for free

There are thousands of cardboard textures to choose from. The variety is profound and you can pick the one which seems to work for your need. It is simply not possible to go wrong with this texture.