Best of 85+ Free Fabric Textures, Backgrounds and Patterns

The world of free fabric textures is filled with textures that can help you create premium looking designs, which you can use with any image editing tool or for any physical designing inspiration. Free fabric textures and backgrounds for Photoshop montage, graphic design, comps, websites and wallpapers are available on various websites.

Plain fabric textures, free high resolution fabric textures can be used in your website to enhance the look. Web designers, graphic artists and even 3D modellers can use these free fabric textures for use in 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Blender, Maya etc and also for a premium. There are latest top free fabric texture packs available for personal or commercial use. High resolution patterned fabric texture are available for free along with fine fabric textures.

Textile industry websites and boutiques can really make hay using these free fabric textures to exhibit the products that they can provide to the market based on their marketing campaign. They need not invest in web design and templates as they have readymade free downloadable fabric texture for all kinds of categories. Different kinds of fabric textures ranging from blotchy fabric, lined fabric, hairy fabric, creased plain fabric, crumpled fabric and a lot more. So take this opportunity to use the free fabric textures for your benefit.

Textured Leather

  • textured leather

Fabric Texture

  • fabrictexture

Bath Towel Texture

  • bath towel

Fabric Texture Background

  • fabrictexture1

Leaf Fabric Pattern

  • leaf fabric pattern

Green Fabric Texture

  • fabrictexture2

Floral Fabric

  • floral fabric

Fabric Pile

  • fabric pile

Hairy Fabric

  • hairy

Green Fabric Texture

  • fabrictexture2

Doormat Closeup Fabric Texture

  • doormat

Matting exture

  • matting

Orange Silky Material

  • orange

Stainlike Soft Fabric

  • stainlikesoft

Fabric Texture

  • fabric texture

6 Seamless

  • 6 seamless1


  • sadas

10 Fabric Textures 1

  • 10 fabric4

6 Fabric

  • 6 fabric1

10 Fabric

  • 10 fabric3

Abstract geometrical

  • abstractgeome

Free Seamless

  • freeseamless

Classic Gold

  • classicgold

Fabric patterns 2

  • fabric pattern


  • velvet fabric


  • ultimate

Multi color

  • multi color2


  • vintage

Cotton Blend

  • cotton blend

50 Fabric

  • 50 fabric3

Fabric Textures

  • fabric textures

Stock Photo

  • stock photo2


  • velvet1


  • african

set of four sack

  • set of four sack

different materials

  • untitled 2

Seamless Woven

  • seamless woven


  • chevron

Fabric Textures Pack

  • fabric textures pack

Stock Photo

  • stock photo12

Fully Responsive One Page HTML5 Template $25

  • fabric

set of four natural

  • set of four natural

Vector material

  • vector material


  • wrinkled

Blurred Stripe

  • blurred stripe


  • button

6 Plain

  • 6 plain

retro geometric

  • retro geometric


  • textile


  • corduroy

Fabric Suede

  • fabric suede

Fabric Texture and Pattern Set

  • fabric texture and pattern set

Vintage Paper

  • vintage paper

Set of eight black

  • set of eight black

HIgh resolution

  • high resolution

Fully Responsive One Page HTML5 Template $25

  • fabric1

10 Tileable

  • 10 tileable

Dark Fabric

  • dark fabric

Grey Chevron

  • grey chevron

Plain fabric textures

  • plain fabric textures

Horizontal and Vertical

  • horizontal and vertical

Seamless Fabric

  • seamless fabric

Fabric Textures

  • fabric textures1

Linen Textures

  • linen textures

Hi-Res Fabric

  • hi res fabric

Burlap Texture

  • burlap texture

Fur Textures

  • fur textures

Denim Texture

  • denim texture

4 Small Grain

  • 4 small grain

Set of different fabric

  • set of different fabric

Fabric Jeans

  • fabric jeans1

20 Denim

  • denim1

Fabric Texture

  • new

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