Photoshop Marble Texture – 87+ Free PSD, PAT Format Download!

It can be surprising for designers to find so many awesome marble textures for Photoshop, especially with some staggering variations in seemingly routine niches such as white marble and black marble. Here is a quick introduction to the variety that is up for exhibition when you search for the best marble textures for Photoshop, beginning from the standard textures to the extraordinary ones. You can also see Photoshop Grass Textures.

Experimenting with white Marble Textures:  White marble textures can add a lot of classiness to your Photoshop designs, primarily because of the natural gloss and spark that they bring to the design, and then because of the ease with which they lend themselves to be used as backgrounds. You can also see Rust Metal Textures.

Marbled Paper Texture created in Photoshop Download

  • marbled paper texture created in photoshop download

6 Marble Textures

  • 6 marble textures

10 Tileable Marble Textures

  • 10 tileable marble textures

10 Free Marble Madness Textures Download

  • 10 free marble madness textures download

Marble Stone Texture

  • 10 marble textures

Grey Natural Marble Texture PSD Layered Download

  • grey natural marble texture psd layered download

Marble Textures Pack

  • marble textures pack

Marble from Versailles Texture Free Download

  • marble from versailles texture free download

8 Tileable Marble Photoshop Textures

  • 8 tileable marble photoshop textures

Warm Colored Natural Marble Texture Download

  • warm colored natural marble texture download

14 Silver Marble Patterns Download

  • 14 silver marble patterns download

Abstract Marble Texture

  • abstract marble texture

Juric Marble Awesome Texture Download

  • juric marble awesome texture download

Three Marble Textures

  • three marble textures

Booti Cena Marble Texture Download

  • booti cena marble texture download

Rainforest Brown Marble Texture

  • rainforest brown

10 Professionally Designed Marble Textures Download

  • 10 professionally designed marble textures download

15 Marble Textures

  • 15 marble textures

10 Best Marble Texture Pack Download

  • 10 best marble texture pack download

Marble Texture – Tileable

  • marble texture tileable

3 High Resolution Pics of Marble Textures Download

  • 3 high resolution pics of marble textures download

Stone Pavement Marble Textures

  • stone pavement marble textures

8 Tileable Marble Photoshop Texture Download

  • 8 tileable marble photoshop texture download

4 Marble Textures

  • 4 marble textures

Dirty Marble Rock Texture Premium Download

  • dirty marble rock texture premium download

12 Marble Textures

  • 12 marble textures

Textured Broken Pieces of Marbles Download

  • textured broken pieces of marbles download

15 Marble Textures

  • 15 marble textures 2

Download Marble Textures in Blue and Green Shades

  • download marble textures in blue and green shades

White Marble Texture

  • white marble texture

20 Marble Textures Pack

  • 20 marble textures pack

Black Marble Textures Pack

  • black marble textures pack

2 Marble Texture Pack

  • 2 marble texture pack

16 Tileable Stone Textures

  • 16 tileable stone textures

Marble Texture Pack

  • marble texture pack

Marble Texture

  • marble texture 3

Marble Textures

  • marble b patterns

Marble Textures

  • marble textures

10 Marble Texture Pack

  • 10 marble texture pack

Marble Texture

  • marble texture 4

Marble Texture Pack

  • marble ii texture pack

MarbleWash Textures

  • marblewash textures

Seamless Marble Textures

  • seamless marble textures

10 Seamless Marble Textures

  • 10 seamless marble textures

Marble Texture

  • marble texture

Marble Madness Textures

  • marble madness textures

Colorful Marble Textures

  • colorful marble textures

Photoshop Marble Texture

  • marble texture 2

You will be able to find tremendous variations such as marble textures with closely packed cracking black lines, with smoky patterns on top, and with clean faces topped with a gloss. Also, these are white marble textures that actually use more of smoky blacks than pure whites.

The Colourful World of Marble Textures for Photoshop

You’ve been living on faulty grounds if you think that marbled textures are limited to the conventional shades of blacks and whites. You only have to observe the best of contemporary marble textures to find unconventional shades such as pinks, azures, browns, yellows, and crimsons.

Right from cobwebs to glittery patterns, there is ample variation in terms of the patterns that you find on top of the marble textures themselves. With so much to play around with, you can certainly make some stunning Photoshop designs by leveraging these terrific marble textures.

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