40+ Best Premium Vintage Retro Free Textures for Download


Graphic designers often run into difficulties of time and client demand and have to resort to using pre-created designs. Retro and vintage designs being much in demand, serving either for retro themes or as a contrast to more modern foregrounded material, are often required. Pre-made retro textures available online can be very useful to designers in a time of crisis. A number of different formats and templates are available online, and most of them are free. Textures could be those of wood, paper, or wall textures, and you can choose from a variety of those available. Depending on your need, you can get textures like-“Old paper texture”, “Brown burnt paper texture“, “Aged wood texture”, different wall material textures among others. Grunge paper is a major favorite and there are many different variants of it available. Furthermore, themed textures are also available for the use of designers. So, if you’re working on special retro themes, you could use such textures as “big stain textures” depicting a real stain in close detail on a surface, “Vintage polka dot textures”, “old newspaper textures“, and various fashion textures. Some sites offer textures as packs of designs, and these are extremely valuable if you need multiple and related designs. You could use, for example, an “old chapel texture pack”, a “vintage star pattern texture pack“, “rusted vintage texture pack” or even a “Victorian textures pack”. All you need is to find your texture pack, download it for free and work away to glory!

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Retro vintage paper texture

grunge retro vintage paper texture

Vintage old paper texture

vintage old paper texture

Retro vintage paper texture


Vintage Grunge Texture

vintage grunge texture

Retro Backgrounds Bundle

retro backgrounds bundle

Vintage texture

vintage texture ideal for retro

Retro vintage colored background

retro vintage colored background

Vintage grunge zoom texture

vintage grunge zoom texture

Vintage retro nature texture

vintage retro nature texture

Vintage old retro paper texture

vintage isolated old retro paper texture

Retro vintage grunge texture

retro vintage grunge texture

Old retro texture

old retro texture

Grunge paper texture vintage

grunge paper texture vintage

Retro ornament with old paper texture

retro ornament with old paper texture

Retro vintage paper texture

grunge retro vintage paper texture 2

Retro vintage wooden texture

retro vintage wooden texture

Vintage retro paper texture

paper texture vintage retro

Texture with retro pattern

texture with retro pattern

Retro vintage background

retro vintage background

Vintage Wood Texture

vintage wood texture

Grunge Wall Texture Retro Sunburst

grunge wall texture retro sunburst

Retro vintage watercolor texture

retro vintage watercolor frame texture

Retro vintage paper texture

retro vintage paper texture

Retro vintage paper texture

retro vintage paper texture1

Old grunge vintage texture

old grunge vintage texture

Retro vintage grunge background

retro vintage grunge background

Retro Backgrounds

retro backgrounds

Green Vintage Texture

green vintage texture

Vintage grunge background

red vintage grunge background

Retro texture on old paper

retro texture on old paper

Vintage Textures

vintage textures

Vintage Texture

vintage texture

Vintage paper texture pack

vintage paper texture pack

Retro vintage paper texture

retro vintage paper texture 2

30 Retro and Vintage Patterns

30 retro and vintage patterns

Grunge retro vintage paper texture

grunge retro vintage paper texture 3

Vintage Texture Pack

vintage texture pack

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