Awesome Collection of 70+ Rock Textures, Backgrounds and Patterns

A Texture is simply a photograph of paper, rock, cloth or any other material which could be manipulated using Photoshop or any other image editing software to apply textures in commercial or personal use. Unique sets of rock textures available from graphicriver, creativemarket and many other sites can be downloaded for commercial and personal use.

Free Rock Textures with high quality resolution and flat rock textures and backgrounds can be made use for graphic design, comps, Photoshop montage, wallpapers and websites. Textures are highly important aspects of web design and graphic design. Textures have taken a new life with the blending together of different fields like photography, graphic design, web design, digital art and computer graphics.

It’s always better to use a texture as a background image so that it gives a different feel to your webpage or website. You can get seamless rock textures which can be tiled to create more large textures and make THEM work for 3D objects. Artists can use these free rock textures to create and exchange Photoshop brushes, Photoshop Patterns, textures, shapes, actions and other resources related to the subject.

Igneous rock textures are available which refer to the details of its visible character, size and quality. The rock textures are available in varieties of rock texture spray paint, hand paint rock texture, texture paint blender and many more. So choose the best texture for your web design and make the most out of it.

10 Natural Rock

  • 10-Natural-Rock

12 Marble Abstract Texture

  • Marble

stone tile in different colors

  • stone-tile

gray stone floor

  • untitled 2

16 Tileable Stone

  • 16-Tileable-Stone

black wall stone background

  • shutterstock

36 High-resolution Pavment

  • 36 high resolution pavment

8 Tileable Terrain

  • 8-Tileable-Terrain

Vector Textures

  • vector textures

white stone

  • white stone

Tileable Stone

  • tileable stone

36 Wall

  • 36 wall

Stone Textures

  • stone textures

Coastal Stone

  • coastal stone

Stone Brush

  • stone brush

Twelve Natural Limestone

  • twelve natural1

Rock Textures

  • rock textures

empty warm

  • empty warm


  • marble stone

Stone Wall

  • stone wall

Marble Textures Pack 1

  • marble textures1

Conglomerate stone

  • conglomerate

Limestone Rock

  • limestone rock

12 Tileable Stone

  • 12 tileable stone

10 High-Res Pebble

  • 10 high res

simple background

  • simple background

Rock Textures

  • rock textures

33 Textures with Pavement and Tiles

  • 33 textures with pavement


  • textures

Wall of stones

  • wall of stones textures

4 Tileable Concrete

  • 4 tileable concrete1

Gravel, Rock and Sand

  • gravel rock and sand

Rock Texture Stock Image

  • rock texture stock image

Rocking Rochoes

  • rocking rochoes typeface

Rock Texture For Gaming Stock Image

  • rock texture for gaming stock image

Rock Texture

  • rock texture

Texture – Granite

  • texture granite

Rock Texture Pack 2

  • rock texture pack 2

Rock Texture 69 Stock Image

  • rock texture 69 stock image

24 awesome dirty

  • 24 awesome dirty

Stock Photo – Marble

  • stock photo marble

Rock Wall

  • rock wall

Brick Texture

  • brick texture

Rock Face

  • rock face

Wet Stone

  • wet stone1

30 old

  • 30 old

5 Rock

  • 5 rock

Twelve Natural Limestone

  • twelve natural limestone

16 Tileable

  • 16 tileable

Dark Grunge

  • dark grunge


  • royal rock

Stock Photo – Closeup

  • stock photo closeup1

Texture pack

  • texture pack1

Stock Photo

  • stock photo

Rock Texture Pack 1

  • rock texture pack 1

Rock Textures

  • rock textures

10 Swirling Blurred

  • 10 swirling blurred

Rock Textures

  • rock

Stock Photo

  • stock photo1

Rocks Texture

  • rocks texturee

3R Stock

  • 3r stock

Rough Rock

  • rough rock

Stock Photo

  • stock photo11

8 Tileable Grunge

  • 8 tileable grunge

Rock textures

  • rock texture123

gray stone floor

  • gray stone floor1

Rock Texture

  • preview

10 Natural Rock

  • 10 natural rock

Rock Texture 64

  • rock texture 64 stock image

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