How to Print an EPS File

Adobe EPS is a vector file format used for advertising, marketing, art collaterals, and many other industries that use large scaled images. Take advantage of EPS files and maximize their use since using them will instantly improve the quality and worth of images. how-to-print-an-eps-file

How to Print an EPS File

EPS is among the easy-to-use file formats in the market as it can be opened using various software, unlike other file formats like AI files, which still need special software to open a single file. Make sure to follow the correct steps when using EPS files for editing and printing.

  • Step 1: Open the EPS File


To start the process, simply open the .eps file that you wish to be printed. Make sure to open the file on any compatible application software.

  • Step 2: Go to File

    Navigate through the File menu button at the upper right side of your screen, and click to drop down the menu options.

  • Step 3: Select Print

    From the drop-down menu, select Print. Make sure that the EPS printer or any compatible printers are already programmed and part of the list of printers.

  • Step 4: Choose the printer

    Choose the PostScript printer from the list of available printers, then make sure all elements are correct and click Print.


Why print an EPS file?

The beauty of an EPS file is in its printed physical copy, such as billboards, posters, and wall art, printing an EPS file is the end goal of every EPS file format.

Can I print an EPS file using Windows?

Yes, you can for as long as you have the proper software application to perform the printing process.

Can EPS files be printed?

Yes, EPS files are suitable for printing and are highly recommended to be used in graphics for high-resolution and large scaled images.

What are printed examples of EPS files?

EPS files are commonly used for large printing collaterals, such as advertising billboards, posters, wall art, and other large-scale marketing paraphernalia.

How to open an EPS file for printing?

An EPS file can easily be printed on macOS, while on Windows, you still have to download special software to open an EPS file.

Is EPS better than PDF?

EPS has its own niche, just as how PDF has its own advantages, but EPS works better with professional large-scale printing.

Is EPS editable?

Yes, EPS files are fully editable.

Who prints EPS files?

Most often, EPS files are printed by professional printing businesses, however, those with EPS-compatible printers like graphic artists also print EPS files.

Is printing an EPS file inexpensive?

The value of printing an EPS file depends on the size and elements of the file, hence one EPS file may be more expensive than the other.

What format is an EPS?

EPS is a vector file format that works best in high-resolution, large-scale, and professional printing.

What does EPS stand for?

EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript.

Can I print an EPS file on Illustrator?

Yes, you can print an EPS file using Adobe Illustrator.