How to Use the Align Tool in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the software professional designers and new users utilize to create a project without the hassle of having to manually align elements. You will realize that utilizing the align tool will help your design elements be given an appropriate layout. how-to-use-the-align-tool-in-photoshop-featured-header

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How to Use the Align Tool in Photoshop

Not using the align tool won’t immediately equate your project to being a failure, but it may not be as aligned as others may see. Using the alignment tool in Photoshop is easy and convenient, even if you have just recently started using the program.

  • Step 1: Launch Adobe Photoshop

    First off, you will start by opening your local Adobe Photoshop. Proceed to open the software through your desired means. Go to “File,” then “New” to create a blank artboard. Otherwise, if you have a preferred existing one, then open that up.

  • Step 2: Add a Shape


    Create a new layer and select the “Shape” tool from the toolbar. For this guide, a rectangle will be drawn on the upper right corner of the artboard. You can try it out with any shape, icon, or sample image.


  • Step 3: Select Rectangle Marquee Tool


    For the next step, you will locate the “Rectangle Marquee” Tool from the toolbar. It is often joined with the other “Marquee” tools and if you don’t see it, you may have selected a different one. Click on one edge of the artboard and drag it to the other end, making sure the entire artboard is selected.


  • Step 4: Click Move Tool


    Afterward, choose the “Move” tool and you can easily find it as it is right next to the “Marquee” tool. There, you can find various options for moving the entire layer. You can either align top edges, align vertical centers, align bottom edges, align left edges, align horizontal centers, or align right edges.



Why I can’t use align in Photoshop?

Since some of your layers appear to be smart objects, the ‘auto align layers’ button appears to be greyed out; you can try clicking the smart object layers in the layers panel to select “Rasterize Layers.”

How do I align text in an image in Photoshop?

To center your layer within the selection, click the symbol for the “align horizontal centers” option.

How do you line up a picture?

Hold Shift and use the mouse or touchpad to choose the items to be aligned and proceed to click “Choose Shape Format” and then “Align.”

What is the use of alignment in Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop’s alignment and distribution features allow you to easily rearrange objects in a document, making it simpler to lay out your project.

Why is text alignment valuable in designing with Photoshop?

It ensures a neat, orderly look for superior designs by ensuring that your various design elements have a good link with one another.