How Long Does It Take to Learn Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is one of Adobe’s many Creative Cloud (CC) apps and software programs as it is mainly used for editing documents and digital publications. In this article, learn some basics of Adobe InDesign for creating your own books, booklets, magazines, and other documents and publications. how-long-does-it-take-to-learn-adobe-indesign-featured-header

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How Long Does It Take to Learn Adobe InDesign

Some people learn Adobe InDesign in just one day, so if you want to learn using this software, watching some online tutorials or taking a course for 1-2 days can help you acquire the necessary skills in InDesign. Below are some basic steps you need to remember when learning how to use Adobe InDesign for your page layout design and publishing work.

  • Step 1: Open the Layers Panel


    Go to Adobe InDesign. Then, open the Layers panel and you will see that it includes Pages, Layers, and Links that you can use while working on your document or publication layout.

  • Step 2: Go to Layout > Create Guides


    Search for the Layout menu and select Create Guides option. In the Create Guides dialog box, enter the number of rows and columns you need in your document.

  • Step 3: Place an Image and Fill It into the Frame Proportionally


    Place an image that you will use for the background of your document. Then, right-click and select Fitting > Fill Frame Proportionally (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C).

  • Step 4: Add Text and Other Elements


    Add text to your document using the Type tool. You may also add another image to supplement your content.


Can I learn Adobe InDesign in one day?

For people who want to learn InDesign lightly, you can learn it in 1-2 days.

Is Adobe InDesign easy to learn?

Yes, Adobe InDesign is easy to learn especially if you have the proper training and you can also learn from numerous InDesign tutorials available online.

Which is easier to learn: Photoshop or InDesign?

Adobe InDesign is easier to learn than Photoshop because it is aimed solely at page design and publication layout with fewer tools to learn. 

Is InDesign better than Illustrator?

InDesign is ideal for multi-page layout design because of its Master Page function compared to Illustrator.

Where can I learn Adobe InDesign for free?

Learn Adobe InDesign for free with various online education programs available in Coursera, Eduonix, Edx, Udemy, Skillshare, YouTube, and many others.

What is the difference between InDesign CS and InDesign CC?

InDesign CS is a perpetual license that can be purchased and used endlessly with only a one-time payment, while InDesign CC is a subscription-based software that requires a monthly or an annual payment.

Is Adobe InDesign works only for print media?

Other than periodical publications and print media, Adobe InDesign also creates page and layout designs for digital magazines, e-books, and other digital publications and web content.

Can you edit InDesign files in Illustrator?

Yes, you can click the Open in Illustrator option so that your InDesign document will open in Illustrator.

Is PNG or JPEG image file format better for InDesign?

PNG image file format is better for InDesign because it preserves the quality of the text, lines, and transparencies better than JPEG images.