How to Export SVG Code in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator can help you in getting codes from SVG files to use for other types of projects. Indeed, coding can get complicated but you do not have to go through the trouble of creating one yourself since you can use Adobe to extract and export it.  how-to-export-svg-code-in-adobe-illustrator

How to Export SVG Code in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator makes designing a breeze. And if you feel like cracking the code of all the vector components of your SVG file, there is no need for you to do all the coding required manually as Illustrator can instantly generate it for you no matter how many shapes, paths, and coordinates are put in place.

  • Step 1: Open or Save the SVG File in IllustratorHow to Export SVG Code in Adobe Illustrator - Step 1

    Before you can incorporate an SVG artwork into a web design project, you need to extract the SVG code first within Adobe Illustrator. To do this, you need to go to the “File” menu, select “Save As,” and then save the file in the SVG file format. By default, any design you created in Adobe Illustrator has a native AI file format.

  • Step 2: Extract the SVG CodeHow to Export SVG Code in Adobe Illustrator - Step 2

    In the “SVG Options” dialog box, head over to the button that says, “SVG Code.” Click on it to bring up the SVG Code. This code presents the paths and coordinates for all the vector shapes in the image and will be displayed in a separate window.

  • Step 3: Copy and Paste the SVG Code to the HTML EditorHow to Export SVG Code in Adobe Illustrator - Step 3

    Now that you have generated the code, copy and paste this to the HTML or text editor by simply pressing the shortcut keys CTRL + A to select all texts, then CTRL + C to copy, and then CTRL + V to paste the code to the HTML editor. When it renders, it shows exactly what the SVG image looks like. You can modify the code based on the adjustments you want for the final output.


Where is the SVG code found in Illustrator?

The SVG code will be generated as soon as you have exported your SVG to Illustrator, but just check on this in the “SVG Options” window that pops up the moment you click “Save” as described in Step 1.

What is an SVG code?

An SVG code is an XML-based text format or markup language used in describing two-dimensional-based vector graphics.

Is SVG an excellent vector file?

Yes, SVG is an XML-based vector graphics file format that produces crisp designs, graphics, or drawings across any scale.

How can a file be converted to a vector format?

Just click the “File” options menu, select “Save As” from the drop-down list, and opt for a vector format from the “Save as Type” menu such as SVG or scalable vector graphics, especially if you want to use the image for a website.

Can images be inserted into HTML?

Yes, just copy the URL of the image, then open the index HTML file and insert it into the IMG code, and then save the HTML file so that the next time when you open it, the newly added image will appear on the webpage.