How to Export EPS File to BMP

Find out how to export EPS files to BMP. That way, you can do so when the time comes. how-to-export-eps-file-to-bmp

How to Export EPS File to BMP

Exporting EPSfiles to BMP takes a few minutes. Here’s how it is done in four easy steps.

  • Step 1: Open EPS file in Adobe Illustrator

    Lunch Adobe Illustrator to get started. Then move your cursor to the menu bar and click on ‘File’, ‘Export’, and ‘Export As’ at the following dropdowns.


  • Step 2: Select File Destination

    Choose where you will place your EPS-turned BMP file after the conversion.


  • Step 3: Select the BMP format

    Click on the ‘Save As Type’ dropdown so that the EPS file format will be changed to BMP. It is easy to find the BMP file format.

  • Step 4: Click ‘Export’

    Finally, click the ‘Export’ button along with the OK button on the following dialogue boxes, to confirm all the changes. And that is how you export an EPS file to BMP.


Can I export multiple EPS files to BMP?

No, you can only export one EPS file at a time to BMP.

Can I convert EPS files to BMP files in other Adobe programs?

Yes, you are able to convert EPS files to BMP files through other Adobe programs such as Photoshop for example.

What other tools can I use to convert EPS files to BMP if I don’t have access to Adobe programs?

If you don’t have access to Adobe programs or need to convert EPS to BMP on the fly, you can use online tools which you can easily find on the search engine and are available for free.