How do I save a logo as an EPS?

Worry no more about a pixelated and bad-quality logo because saving them as an EPS file will instantly level up its quality. An EPS file format is best used for creative texts, images, illustrations, and almost all kinds of graphic designs. how-do-i-save-a-logo-as-an-eps

How do I Save the Logo as an EPS?

Saving the best quality for any graphic design matters just as the content and meaning itself. Learn how to get the best possible quality of your logo in the steps below.

  • Step 1: Choose a Software

    Select any graphic design software of your choice to start designing.


  • Step 2: Create a Logo

    Start the designing process by using all the design and creator tools to come up with a creative and efficient logo.


  • Step 3: Save as EPS

    In most design software, the Save As is at the File drop-down menu, click on File then navigate to Save As. Other software labels “Save as” as “Export” then click EPS.

  • Step 4: Navigate Computer

    Navigate your computer to locate the logo file, and double-check if it is saved as EPS.


What does EPS stand for?

EPS is the short and abbreviated term for encapsulated postscript, a common vector file format.

Where to use EPS files?

EPS files are best used for logos, graphics, images, illustrations, creative texts, and other graphic designs.

Can the EPS file be resized?

Yes, EPS files can be easily resized and still remains their quality.

What is the standard resolution for EPS files?

The minimum EPS resolution is 600 dpi; however, eps files are guaranteed high resolution even after scaling images.

What is the benefit of using an EPS file?

The best advantage of an EPS file is the lossless form of compression which means that regardless of scale up or down, the image is guaranteed quality.

What is one disadvantage of EPS files?

One disadvantage of EPS files is it limited to one page only.

How to open an EPS file?

For macOS, they can easily open the file because of the built-in capability of this operating system, while for Windows and other OS, a special software application is needed to open, view, and edit an EPS file.

What programs open an EPS file?

There are plenty of different programs that open an EPS file, some are cost-free and some are charged reasonably, but the common program used to open an EPS file is Adobe Illustrator.

Is using an EPS file for free?

The cost of using an EPS file depends on the software program that you are using; others offer free use on their basic functions, and some charge reasonably for every use.

How to edit an EPS file?

To edit an EPS file, specialized software must be used such as Adobe Illustrator, and some online applications, such as Gravit.

What are similar file types as .eps?

The similar file types for .eps are PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and GIF.

Why use EPS file format?

The EPS file format is perfect for large-scale printing jobs so you do not have to worry about image quality in using this file format.