How to Change DPI in PSD to Print High-Quality Photos

Adobe Photoshop is often utilized by both corporate professionals and freelancers to meticulously edit photos. Larger images or pictures may be a challenge in retaining their high-quality resolution so being aware of the dots per inch can help you to know what is suitable to keep the quality of your projects. how-to-change-dpi-in-psd-to-print-high-quality-photos-featured-header

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How to Change DPI in PSD to Print High-Quality Photos

When printing a high-quality photo, ensure the DPI of the image is optimal, otherwise, it may come out not as desirable as you had hoped. It’s crucial to note that you must use a high-resolution photo to print a high-quality image as increasing the DPI of a low-quality image will not improve its appearance.

  • Step 1: Launch Adobe Photoshop

    how-to-change-dpi-in-psd-to-print-high-quality-photos-step-1-788x398The first step you will be doing is to open the software. Open the Photoshop software on a Mac or PC and choose your image by clicking ‘File’ in the top menu bar, followed by ‘Open’. You can also drag the image over the Photoshop icon of your desired file to quickly launch the software.

  • Step 2: Change Resolution Size

    how-to-change-dpi-in-psd-to-print-high-quality-photos-step-2-788x398Click ‘Image’ in the top menu bar, then ‘Image Size’ from the dropdown menu. A window will appear where you may alter the PPI of your image. Locate ‘Resolution’ and encode the number you desire.


  • Step 3: Adjust the Pixel Size Accordingly

    When you select ‘Resample Image’ and change the PPI, the pixel dimensions will change in relation to both the new PPI and the existing document size. If the original document size isn’t in the dimensions you want, you can change it, which will adjust the pixel dimensions based on the new actual size and the desired PPI.

  • Step 4: Save Your File

    Click ‘OK’ to commit to the changes you have added. To save the changes, go to the top menu once more and select ‘File’, then choose either ‘Save’ or ‘Save As’. The former saves over the original file, while the latter allows you to keep the original file and instead create the newer file of the image.


How do you print high-quality photos in Photoshop?

Select Image Size from the Image Menu and deselect the Resample box, click on the Resolution box, and then manually enter 240 to change the PPI.

What is the best DPI for high-quality printing?

Since the offset press cannot reliably reproduce resolutions higher than 300, the recommended resolution for all photos and art files for printing is 300 dpi.

What should I save my Photoshop file for printing?

TIFF is the best file format for printing, followed closely by PNG.

What’s better for printing CMYK or RGB?

In general, RGB is preferable for websites and digital transmissions, whereas CMYK is preferable for print goods.

What is a good file size for printing photos?

A resolution of 900 × 1260 pixels is required for a fair quality print, 1200 × 1680 pixels for a higher quality print, and 1500 × 2100 pixels for the highest quality print.