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Invoice Templates

Invoices form an integral part of the business world, as commercial invoice template play a key role in all the transactions that take place among a buyer and a seller. From recording the details of goods to ensuring their safe delivery, invoice template prove helpful at every step. So, end your search for a perfect tax invoice template or a fully integrated proforma invoice template with the amazing options being offered online.... Read More

 travel invoice templates – pdf docs excel

26+ Travel Invoice Templates – PDF, Docs, Excel

There are a lot of people who are fond of traveling to different places and countries, with this, business from travel agency to its associate businesses like hotels and tour guides, traveling can be planned as your dream vacation. Attach to this are expenses in preparation for the upcoming journey, so the Standard Invoice Template can help to make use of invoice templates related to travel accurately wherein all the expenses that must be settled are well indicated in Microsoft Word or Excel format. We have various travel invoice templates that you can use for various situations. Air ticket, tour operator payment, bus/car tourist bill, GST flight tickets, we all got template samples you can use to make them. You may also see travel invoice and receipt templates.

Retail Invoice Template – 11+ Word, Excel, PDF Format Download

When you are in the business of selling perishable and market goods to customers or companies, you need a sale invoice to have all the transactions made as an official retail document, to have a record of sales and for income audit. By searching at the design website, you can look at Standard Invoice Template and search under this category the vast samples of retail and market invoice samples that are suitable for your business. This can be articulate in Microsoft Word Format or Excel format.

9+ Protective Tariff Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF | Google Sheets | Excel | Numbers | AI | PSD

In US history, Alexander Hamilton was the first American to propose the use of protective tariffs in his “report on manufacturers.” His main goal at that time was to promote industrialization and break trade barriers, and he thought that it would subsidize the American efforts in building the manufacturing facilities. Along with his vision to compete with that of the British, he was able to convince the late US president George Washington. And in the year 1790, the Tariff Act was signed and implemented as America’s second piece of legislation. Provided in this post is a comprehensive list example of templates and a step-by-step guide to help you prepare a document involving protective simple tariffs. You may download any of the models to your advantage.

14+ Hotel Invoice Templates – Docs, PDF, Word

All hotels and apartments need their official statement of account when their customer or tenants are due for their payment. Especially for hotels which are an expensive type of rental business because it provides the customer fully furnished rooms and amenities for their stay. They can use general invoice templates to present the bill for which their customer must pay for their stay.

10+ Disposable Income Statement Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF

The disposable income, by definition, is the total amount left from an individual’s income after paying all the required federal and state taxes. From the average of 900 dollars per week, which was reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as the average income of an individual, it is subtracted with a significant amount to cover required fees and necessities. But, take note that the income minus the payment for basic needs is not the disposable income yet. It is still the discretionary income. This article provides income statements where you can organize your income and expenses in calculating your disposable income.