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A personal letter, most often, contains text which is polite yet informal in nature. Unlike official communication which is heavily formal and guarded, personal letters run with a different language and rhythm altogether. Personal letters are usually sent from an individual to a single recipient, or between companies. The subject matter of personal letters may differ – thank you note, congratulatory note, apology letter etc. For a lot of people writing a personal letter could be a new experience. We have listed some personal letter templates which would be helpful. You can also see Recommendation Letters.

Resignation Letter for Personal Reason in Google Docs

Free Download

Personal Recommendation Letter


Free Download

Personal Reference Letter

Personal Reference Letter

Free Download

Sample Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation

livecareer.com | Sample Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation can be used to follow the traditional way to make the recommendation letter for employees. Plenty of fonts are available to make the general patterned letter look professional.

Personal Reference Letter for a Friend Example Template Download

jobsearch.about.com | Emphasis in the message to be delivered with Personal Reference Letter for a Friend Example Template Download. Edit and personalise the background colour, font, word count with simple customisation options.

Sample Thank You Letter Template Free Word Doc

Someone presenting gratitude messages with Sample Thank You Letter Template Free Word Doc can be easily edited and personalised with the plethora of fonts and sizes available. Make it look exclusive by trying different formats of the letter.

Sample Thank You Letter for Farewell Party Word Format

Create print friendly and editable letter for your colleague with Sample Thank You Letter for Farewell Party Word Format. Add all your heartfelt words in the most personalised manner with this template.

Sample Teaching Personal Statement Letter Template Download

Be it for personal or for business purposes, Sample Teaching Personal Statement Letter Template Download is a trusted choice to create personal statement letters. Fonts, word count, paragraphs, margins and other elements can be easily customised.

Sample Sympathy Letter Death Template Download

Show your heartfelt empathy to your dear ones with Sample Sympathy Letter Death Template Download. Customising it with as many paragraphs as you want and with smart fonts is a matter of no time.

Sample Sorry Letter for Rude Behavior Template Free Download

Your attitude could make it or break it all at your professional space. So try the Sample Sorry Letter for Rude Behavior Template Free Download to make the best layout for apology letters and customise it with font, word count etc.

Sample Personal Solicitation Letter Word Download

Get your message straight with Sample Personal Solicitation Letter Word Download. Write as much as you want keeping the format in place and personalise the message as per the required size, word count etc.

Sample Personal Employment Reference Letter Template Download

With most of them taking no more than three paragraphs, the Sample Personal Employment Reference Letter Template Download is a wide choice for business purpose with plenty of choice for customisation.

Retirement Goodbye Letter Template Sample Download

Download Personal Statement Letter Template Example

Sample Personal Sponsorship Request Letter Template for Free

Sample Personal Loan Request Letter Template Download For Free

Sample Personal Legal Letter Template Word Printable

Personal Leave Letter Template Example Free Download

Sample Personal Invitation Letter to Friend Free Download

Sample Personal Introduction Letter Template Download

Sample Personal Invitation Letter Template MS Word Format

Free Personal Business Complaint Letter Template Example

Sample Personal Appeal Letter Template in Word Download

Free Printable Personal Medical Leave Appeal Letter

Sample Fundraising Solicitation Letter Template Printable Download

Printable Sample Congratulations Letter To Winning Team Free

Sample Apology Letter for Poor Performance Download for Free

Sample Anniversary Congratulation Letter Template Free Editable

Sample Personal Apology Letter Template Free Download

Download Formal Complaint Letter Unprofessional Free Printable

Sample Recommendation Letter for Citizenship for Job Download

Standard Parts of Personal Letter Writing


Personal Business Block Style Letter Job


Personal Letter Text Sample


Personal Letter Handwritten Layout Format Download


Short Personal Letter Sample


Correction Request Letter of Personal Information


Personal Support Letter Template


Basic Personal Letter Form


Standard Personal Reference Letter


Company or Personal Letterhead


Personal Cover Letter Structure PDF


The level and extent of formality and courtesy displayed in a personal letter largely rests on the nature of the relationship shared between the sender and recipient. Usually when you write a personal letter, the rule is to write in the same manner as you’re with the person in real-time.

Tons of personal letters are sent out on a daily basis. Whether it is individuals sending these letters to other individuals, companies sending out the letter template. to individuals, companies sending out letters to other companies and so on, personal letters are being drafted on a consistent and regular basis. The one ordeal that people face however, is the actual drafting of these personal letters. For those people who find it very discomforting to draft letters, may find it an uphill task to do so. To make it easy for such people we a wide range of pre-drafted personal letter templates. Here’s some additional information about these templates:

Layouts and Designs Of The Personal Letter Templates

The personal letter templates have been designed to include space for the name of the sender, name of the receiver, contact details and postal address of both parties, fax numbers and landline numbers of any and the date. Besides this basic information, the templates have a pre-drafted body that can also be edited as per the requirements of the user. In addition to all this, the user can also add a company logo to the letterhead if required. The personal letter layout has a professional look to it and can be used by companies as well as individuals.

The Wide Range Of Available Varieties Of Personal Letter Templates

We have created numerous types of personal letter templates for our patrons. Some of the varieties include:

  • Personal reference letter
  • Sample Personal Invitation Letter
  • Personal letter of recommendation
  • Free Personal Business Complaint Letter
  • Sample Personal Appeal Letter
  • Sample Personal Goodbye Love Letter
  • Latex Personal Letter

Besides the above mentioned letters there are also several other available ready to use letters. Now you don’t need to worry about having to draft your very own personal letter in English or even worry about what is the correct personal letter format.

Most of these personal formal letters enjoy a relative brief stance. The message is in most cases direct without any circumvention since they have to work out what is intended for the recipient without much hustle. With most of them taking no more than three paragraphs. The brief stance is attributed to the quick message carried in this letters that does not need so much elaboration. In most cases each of the parties communicating are aware of the stem issue talked about.

All personal reference letters share a sense of emphasis in the message being delivered. It is a common practice for one to congratulate the recipient of congratulatory notes in the openings paragraphs and repeat the same before the end, same to someone presenting an apology to an aggrieved party. You may also see Best Formal Letter Templates

How To Make The Letters More Creative And Presentable

The best part about the Personal Reference Letter Templates is that they can be easily edited to suit specific requirements of the users. The user can add watermarks, borders, motifs, pictures and photos and other small details to personalise these personal letter sample templates. Besides this, the user can change to font and font size of the letters too. If required the user can even add his company logo to the letterhead along with the company stamp.

Benefits Of Using The Personal Letter Templates

There are several advantages of using these personal letter templates. Some of the advantages include:

  • Prevents wastage of time because the user does not require to draft the letter from scratch
  • These templates can be quickly printed or send / email as per the requirements of the user
  • Highly advantageous for those people who are uncertain about writing a personal letter or a personal business letter
  • The body of the letter can be edited to suit the needs of the user
  • Free of cost templates that can be downloaded quickly

Thus, using our wide range of personal letter templates makes matters easy for the user.

Why Are The Personal Letter Templates Important?

As much as technology may be rapidly advancing, there are certain things even today that require a personal touch. For instance if the user needs to send out a goodbye love message, it would be highly inappropriate to do so via text message or through social media platforms. Thus, these personal letter templates help to maintain a personal touch in a world that has become highly impersonal. You may also see Transfer Letter Template

How To Use The Personal Letter Templates

It is very simple to use the Personal Reference Letters. All you need to do is download the template, edit it on Microsoft Word or any other similar program, fill in necessary information and details such as address, names, contact details etc. and print the letter template. Alternatively you can also email these templates.

So, as you can see, these templates are extremely useful, have a great amount of room for editing and can make your life simple and easy. Now don’t go spending tons of money on hiring an assistant to draft all your correspondence, use the free personal letter download and you’re good to go.

Explain the Types of Personal Letter?

There are many different types of personal letters and they are usually categorized by the purpose of the letter. For example, there are some letters which are used as personal correspondence letter to pass on the information. There are personal letters which may also be used to give a job offer to a candidate. Most common example of these letters are a personal letter of recommendation for an employee.

There are several Sample Personal Letterhead Templates available on the web which can be used to write different types of personal letter. The letter is a semi-formal letter and the letter should be written in a clear way so that it is not difficult to understand the perspective of the person.

How to Write a Personal Letter of Recommendation?

Writing a Personal Letter of Recommendation is quite easy and the letter basically contains the name of the person to whom the letter has been addressed to and in addition to this, the letter then contains the information about the person to whom you are recommending. The letter should clearly state how you know the person and in addition to this, the letter should contain the contact detail of the person to whom you are recommending. To sign of the letter you can add in your contact detail and attach a personal change of address letter if you are moving out of your previous property.

What does it mean to get a Conditional Job Offer?

A condition job offer means that the job offer provided to the candidate is dependent on certain terms and condition. The job will only be provided if the candidate acknowledges those terms and condition and hence the person should sign an undertaking with the job acceptance.

The terms and condition could be like the candidate need to clear the university exams to finalize the position in the job or if the candidate is going for higher education on sponsorship then the letter could include individual sponsorship letter. More often, the format of conditional job offer letter is listed with Personal Resignation Letter Templates.

There are certain Personal Reasons Resignation Letter Templates available on the web and they are also considered to be a personal letter as the conversation in the letter is between two people and these letters should be drafted carefully.

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