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What is a Solicitation Letter?

A solicitation letter is a type of letter of request that persuades you to join, donate, or sell. Depending on the nature of the product or service, its uses may vary.

How to Create a Solicitation Letter?

According to Salsa Labs, at least 33% of online fundraising revenue comes from emails, while they also provide the best ROI — receiving 40$ for every 1$ investment. That's why solicitation letters and newsletters are one of the best methods of fundraising to boost your church, school basketball game, or music fiesta/festival's financial support. So if you want to create one today, we provided steps below that will surely be of help.

1. Research the Market

Fundraising is a challenge. It challenges not only your charisma but your sense of preparedness, as well. So, for your first step, you should research your target market first. Make sure that you know what they want and how you can fulfill that.

2. Create a Catchy Introduction

Advertising comes after. It is not enough that you know how the market works. Proper advertising is also necessary to increase your ROI, which includes creating catchy lines on your introduction. Since you are going to get donations or financial assistance, make sure that your words are relevant for the whole setup.

3. Write a Thorough Body

Well-thought-out content is the best way to support your catchy introduction. Here, you improve the person's perspective of the idea and make sure that they see your side of the story. By doing this, you allow the reader to develop a deeper connection with your company, organization, or cause.

4. Provide Gift Schemes

Lastly, merchandising comes after. This act can tend to be a double-edged sword, so make sure to use this accordingly. One of the best ways to utilize this is to make it support your document by giving out promotional codes, schemes, and other marketing plans. Do not limit yourself and sample out all the possibilities.

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