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6+ Dog Birthday Card Templates & Designs – PSD, AI

Thinking of a cost-effective way to send birthday greetings to a person who loves dogs? If yes, you might just enjoy this article as we have compiled some of the best dog birthday card templates available on the internet today. What’s more, we will also share different tips on how you can create and choose birthday cards that will prominently showcase your (or another person’s) furry pal. Read on…

What are Dog Birthday Cards?

As you may have already deduced, dog birthday cards are birthday greeting cards that mainly use actual pictures, illustrations, comics, or drawings of any kinds of dogs. In a way, dog birthday cards may also refer to actual greeting cards sent or given to dogs when they have their dog birthdays. But, we all know Buddy will just eat or slobber all over that slip of paper.

That is why, in this article, we will discuss and provide examples of word birthday cards that have dogs on the card cover and those birthday cards that use dog humor. So, if you enjoy those things or if a person who is celebrating his or her birthday soon, make sure to check out the rest of this write-up.

Here They Are… Printable Dog Birthday Card Templates!

As promised, this article is littered (pun intended!) with different examples of downloadable and printable dog birthday card templates. Choose well and remember to install a compatible graphic design software program on your computer prior to purchasing and downloading any of these templates.

Adorable Dog Birthday Card Template

adorable chihuahua dog birthday card template

Advantages of Using Dog Birthday Card Templates

If you want to send a dog birthday card for a friend’s or relative’s upcoming birthday but still unsure whether to use handmade card designs or just rely on pre-made birthday card templates, let this short guide help you. Written below are awesome reasons why it is better to use printable dog birthday card templates instead. Read on…

1. All those adorable dog pictures and illustrations!

The internet has made it possible for the cutest and most aww-worthy dog and puppy pictures to make it as the cover designs of most birthday cards. This is not something that you will commonly see on printed birthday greeting cards sold in bookstores and stationery shops. So if you want your birthday cards to show photogenic dogs or puppies without having to take actual photos of your dogs or dogs in your neighborhood, using pre-made dog birthday card templates is the way to go.

2. The templates are reusable.

Another advantage of using birthday card templates is their reusability. This means that if you send out a dog birthday card for one friend this month, you may even use the same card template (after doing some customizations, of course) and send it to another friend who is celebrating his or her birthday next month.

This way you do not have to repurchase the birthday card design template and your friends will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness. Well, just don’t tell them that you used the same dog birthday card design.

3. They are easy to edit.

When using pre-made birthday card templates, sometimes it is essential to make edits on the template itself after purchasing it. This is because the end-user will still need to add the card recipient’s name, age, and other details that the end-user wants to include on the sample birthday card. And as long as you know the basic steps in editing these template files, it is very easy to complete this task within a few minutes.

This is the beauty of using pre-made birthday card templates. They have highly flexible customization options. End-users can even add, remove, or just slightly modify a given birthday card template design. For example, if you want to add your own dog’s picture on the birthday card template, you can easily use your own dog image just by modifying an image placeholder. Post-purchase editing of birthday card templates can easily be completed since the original creator of these templates makes sure that they have created organized template file layers and layouts.

4. They cost only a few bucks.

A pre-made birthday card template’s low price is often another advantage that most people gravitate towards. So if you do not want to needlessly spend a lot of money or if you are on a budget, using pre-made printable birthday card templates will surely work for you.

Dog birthday card templates costs between $3 and $30. This price may slightly increase if you choose a free birthday card template set. Card template sets are those that include multiple variations of a template design in one template file download. Choose this latter option if you want a little variety in the dog birthday card designs you want to send people throughout the year.

5. You can apply your own graphic design skills.

By using pre-made dog birthday card templates, you also gain the opportunity to apply and hone your own graphic design skills. This is especially applicable if you intend to do a lot of birthday card editing throughout the year. And to further enhance your editing skills, you may check out these free Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials online.

6. You can save time.

Lastly, one of the biggest advantages associated with using pre-made dog birthday card templates is that they allow you (the end-user) to save time in terms of actually crafting and designing a birthday folded card. The typical card-making route is to create a rough draft of a card cover design, gathering all the materials, and then manually putting together all the design elements to create the birthday card.

But what is great is that the use of e-mail birthday card templates, you can bypass these steps all at once. You just need to choose a dog birthday card template design that you like from any online marketplace, download it, make minor customizations, and print out the template. And viola! You will have your own dog birthday card and you have just saved yourself all the hassle associated with creating your own handmade birthday greeting card.

The different advantages and benefits associated with using pre-formatted dog birthday card templates that we have listed above will hopefully appeal to you and make you consider using these printable templates yourself. If you are not satisfied with these reasons or the variety of birthday card template designs in this article, feel free to browse through our site for more equally awesome examples of greeting card templates.

Funny Birthday Card Template

dog rules funny birthday card template

German Dog Birthday Card Template

german dog birthday card template

Group of Dogs Birthday Card Design

group of dogs birthday card design template

Dog Birthday Card Template Selection Guide

Did you know that choosing a good dog birthday card template design can be as stressful as choosing a PSD wedding template theme? So, if you want to be less stressed out or overwhelmed with the entire process, make sure to read the different dog birthday card selection guidelines that we have outlined below.

1. Choose a birthday card template that appeals to the card recipient’s and your sense of humor.

If you are looking for a birthday card design that prominently shows dogs or puppies, most of these birthday card templates will feature jokes or puns involving dogs. To avoid alienating the birthday card recipient’s sensibilities, you should choose a dog birthday card template that is witty enough without hurting the card recipient’s feelings.

Often, there is a thin line on what can be considered as a joke to one person and what is considered offensive to another person. Make sure that you are smart enough to figure this out and to find something that will appeal to the word birthday card recipient’ sense of humor too.

2. Choose a birthday card template that awakens your creative side.

Next, when choosing dog birthday card, make sure that you choose a card template that will appeal to your own creative side. This means that you should choose a dog birthday card template that is aesthetically pleasing. When done right, your printable card design choice may also suit the card recipient’s tastes.

3. Determine your total budget for the template and for printing it.

Another factor to consider when picking out a dog birthday card template is the amount of money that you allow yourself to spend for a birthday card. Even if most pre-made card templates only cost a few dollars, the cost of printing these templates may be higher. So make sure to also calculate the printing costs along with the template cost before purchasing a dog birthday card template file.

4. Assess your own editing skills.

In addition to your simple budget, also consider your own graphic design skills before purchasing a dog birthday card template. This is important to factor in your decision-making process since you still need to make minor template edits after purchasing it. On the other hand, if you are delegating the entire template editing task after purchasing it, feel free to disregard this factor in your decision-making process.

5. Find out how much time do you have before the birthday.

If you have decided to send out a dog birthday card to a friend or relative who is celebrating his or her birthday soon, you should find out when the actual birthday is. You do not want to send a late birthday card, do you? By finding out how much time you have before the actual birthday, you are setting yourself for success in completing the birthday card. This also gives you more time to make edits on the template and to have the birthday card mailed to its recipient.

Dog Magazine Birthday Card Template

nervous dog magazine birthday card template

Dog Happy Birthday Card Template

happy border collie dog birthday card template

Dog Birthday Card Template

happy dog and grumpy cat birthday card template

What Dog Birthday Card Template to Choose?

Whelp, we know, it can be ruff choosing among the well-designed dog birthday cards. But, hopefully, you have learned a thing or two about the do’s and don’t of birthday card selection and you will choose the birthday card design that will suit you and your friend best. You may also see printable birthday card templates.

For more pet-related birthday card templates, feel free to explore and paw over our site. Also, fur the fun of it, do not forget to share this article with your social media followers, friends, relatives, and pet dogs.

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