8+ Business Dinner Invitations

Business dinners are fairly common events in corporate environments, and attendees make use of the time to discuss achievements made by the company so far, strategic plans for the next years, and its organizational goals. Nonetheless, this is an opportune time for employees to converse and interact with other employees.

If your company is coming up with a business dinner soon, we have Dinner Invitation Templates that will complement no matter the style of event that your company is having. All our templates are easy to personalize to fit the organization’s brand policies and are free to use and print.

Corporate Dinner Invitation Template


Free Company Dinner Invitation Template


Business Christmas Dinner Invitation



Formal Business Dinner Invitation



Casual Business Dinner Invitation


Types of Business Dinner Invitation Templates

A good rule of thumb to prepare for a business dinner is to know in advance if you are expected to do anything special at the event like a speech. Get all the information that you can about why a business dinner is underway, who the attendees are and what they expect to hear from you at this dinner. Nevertheless, here are some business dinner Invitation Templates that will suit this type of event:

  • Business Christmas Dinner Invitation. Holding a business dinner at around the Christmas period or at the end of the year is pretty common for a lot of corporations as this dinner doubles as a Christmas party and a presentation of the company’s achievements for the year. If this is the type of business dinner that your company is open to have, then this template will perfectly fit the event.
  • Formal Business Dinner Invitation. More often than not, business dinners will sway to the more formal type of party. Guests are expected to come to a black tie affair, and it is only expected that they get an invitation that conveys the sophistication of the event. This invitation template is best for this type of business dinner.

Business Gala Dinner Invitation



Business Holiday Dinner Invitation



Business Dinner Meeting Invitation


Free Printable Business Dinner Invitation



More Business Dinner Invitation Templates

Business dinners are an enduring aspect of any corporate’s tradition and is also utilized to celebrate notable achievements and introduce new management. As your company is about to hold its own business dinner, take a look at our remaining Business Invitations:

  • Casual Business Dinner Invitation. Depending on the culture of the company, sometimes some organizations forego a formal business dinner and instead hold a casual one. This is evident in young companies or those that are headed by more lenient management. If this type of business dinner is what you are opting for, then use this casual business dinner invitation template.
  • Business Gala Dinner Invitation. If your company is preferring a more festive mood for their business dinner, then this template will work best for the occasion. For special guests during the gala, it is recommended that their names are included in the invitation.
  • Business Dinner Meeting Invitation. In most cases, one will expect for business dinners filled with discussions and presentations about the company. If this is the case, we also have the invitation template to match that. Ensure that the event details are properly specified in the invitation like when and where the business dinner is taking place.

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