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Following your engagement, you will surely look forward to planning your wedding. Start off right by thinking about your dream theme. From invitation cards, wedding cakes, and party organizations, showcase to your guests how you would want your once-in-a-lifetime celebration to go about.

You will take a lot of inspiration from all the wedding celebrations you may have witnessed. You would be very excited when you think of your wedding, but you will not be able to imagine how much you have to go through to make everything seem perfect.

You might want to kick-start your wedding plans and check these Invitation Templates for the perfect wedding invitation cards.

Email Wedding Invitation Template to Edit

email-wedding-invitation-template-to-edit Free Download

Printable Wedding Invitation

printable-wedding-invitation Free Download

Free Simple Wedding Thank You Invitation Template

free-simple-wedding-thank-you-invitation-template Free Download

Wedding Dinner Invitation

Wedding Dinner Invitation

-Wedding Dinner Invitation Download

Wedding Anniversary Dinner Invitation

-Wedding Anniversary Dinner Invitations Download

Wedding Dinner Party Invitation

-Wedding Dinner Party Invitation Download

Wedding Dance Invitation

Wedding Reception Dance Invitation

-Wedding Reception Dance Invitation Download

Wedding Dance Card Invitation

wedding-dance-card-invitation Download

Wedding Dance Party Invitation

-Wedding Dance Party Invitation Download

Wedding Welcome Invitation

Wedding Welcome Dinner Invitation

-Wedding Welcome Dinner Invitation Download

DIY Wedding Welcome Invitation

-Diy Wedding Welcome Invitation Download

Wedding Engagement Invitation

Engagement Photo Wedding Invitation

-Engagement Photo Wedding Invitation Download

Wedding Engagement Party Invitation

-Wedding Engagement Party Invitation Download

Surprise Wedding Engagement Invitation

-Surprise Wedding Engagement Invitation Download

Pocket Wedding Invitation

Lace Pocket Wedding Invitation

-Lace Pocket Wedding Invitation Download

Handmade Pocket Wedding Invitation

-Handmade Pocket Wedding Invitation Download

Square Pocket Wedding Invitation

-Square Pocket Wedding Invitation Download

Stress-Free Tips Before your Wedding

You now know that your days ahead and the days before your wedding day could be the most stressful and the most exciting for you. Maybe you just might want to chill out first before everything gets too hectic, right? Deal with stress as you progress in your plans, but for now, why don’t you relax and take some time off?

Take a break before you continue planning on your dream Destination Wedding Invitations and enjoy even just one of these getaways:

  • Take a walk outside. Step outside and breathe. You might not be able to do away with thinking about your wedding preparations, but at least a change in your surroundings and view could ease how much you are bearing in you. Whether you could take a walk in the park on your own or meet a friend and skip talking about the wedding plans, you could always relax even with limited amount of time. You could actually leave your worries behind and just indulge in the moment. See the world happening before you will definitely take all your stress away.
  • Pamper day. No one ever said a trip to the spa or to the salon was ever as stressful as facing all your wedding preparations. Go on and just pay for that massage. A little “me time” definitely would not hurt. Away from all the stress, you will be able to think straight of how much progress you have made from all your preparations since day one. Treat yourself some positive thoughts and recognize yourself for being so patient with your wedding plans.
  • Meet old friends. It is undeniable that even your old friends will get really excited about your upcoming wedding. You can always change the set up and the atmosphere. You could tell your friends ahead of time that you are meeting up with them to distance from wedding plan thoughts. Your friends might even agree to this and suggest an interesting pastime just so you could unwind from all the stress that you are feeling.

You will thank yourself soon for giving yourself some time off. When you get back with your responsibilities after your much-needed break, you will feel more relaxed and calm to work on your wedding preparations again.

Here are some Winter Wedding Invitations that you might want to check out to save time planning your wedding. The right designs will help you save some effort creating new ideas for your wedding invitations.

Wedding Rehearsal Invitation

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

-Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Download

Wedding Rehearsal Lunch Invitation

-Wedding Rehearsal Lunch Invitation Download

Homemade Wedding Invitation

Homemade Burlap Wedding Invitation

-Homemade Burlap Wedding Invitation Download

Homemade Pocket Wedding Invitation

-Homemade Pocket Wedding Invitation Download

Homemade Autumn Wedding Invitation

-Homemade Autumn Wedding Invitation Download

Fairytale Wedding Invitation

Disney Fairytale Wedding Invitation

-Disney Fairytale Wedding Invitation Download

Woodland Fairytale Wedding Invitation

-Woodland Fairytale Wedding Invitation Download

Cinderella Fairytale Wedding Invitation

-Cinderella Fairytale Wedding Invitation Download

Travel Wedding Invitation

Travel Themed Wedding Invitation

-Travel Themed Wedding Invitation Download

Travel Wedding Shower Invitation

-Travel Wedding Shower Invitation Download

Vintage Travel Wedding Invitation

Vintage Travel Wedding Invitation Download

Wedding Cocktail Invitation

Wedding Cocktail Party Invitation

-Wedding Cocktail Party Invitation Download

Cocktail Wedding Shower Invitation

-Cocktail Wedding Shower Invitation Download

Cocktail Wedding Reception Invitation

-Cocktail Wedding Reception Invitation Download

Popular Wedding Trends

There is a great chance that you are on the lookout for the most popular wedding trends to see how much alike they are with your dream wedding. Everything could possibly be all that you look for in a wedding theme. Much of what is written below will surely make you want to polish your wedding plans and make sure everything falls exactly how you want it all to work out.

Check out these popular wedding trends and get inspired from its designs up to its very little details.

In Terms of Theme

  • Fall weddings. Most couples and wedding organizers prefer this theme. It has become a trend as most wedding ceremonies are now held outdoors. Rich natural colors are consist of this theme and all details are indeed also very natural. In mostly shades of orange, yellow, and lilac, your ideal wedding in the fall season could finally be a reality.
  • Natural green weddings. Sure, flowers never go out of style, but this theme gives out beauty in green bushes and garlands. This basically involves everything that nature has to offer that’s generally in green. It doesn’t include so much flowers but includes shades of white and cream to neutralize warm natural green colors.
  • Grubby rose weddings. Most weddings are about warm tones of the color red. With this grubby rose theme, it looks more of a worn-out red color. Gone are the days for brilliant and bloody red shades, this shade of red on your wedding theme will certainly showcase a feminine outlook of your entire wedding.

In Terms of Fashion

  • Blue suits. The groom and his groomsmen are always expected to come in black suits and ties or bow ties. The trend has set off a new pace and is starting with the blue suits for men. It offers something neutral and could also express sophistication. You might want to consider this wedding theme and opt for something that looks casual at the same time classic in a wedding.
  • Off shoulder wedding dresses. Outdoor weddings only suggest one thing, and that would have the biggest impact with the whatever the bride wears. Off-shoulder bridal gowns have now made up its way through the popular wedding trends. Wedding dresses in this style effortlessly makes the bride the center of attraction.
  • Bridesmaid dresses in print. The bride and her bridesmaids must be in dresses that are often plain and formally styled. Today, bridesmaid dresses are now often seen as printed ones. It definitely is one way of adding uniqueness to the wedding.

Haven’t decided on your wedding invitations yet? Try out these wedding invitation templates and find yourself the ideal wedding invitation designs. Maybe you could also make use of these Lace Wedding Invitations and see a wide array of designs that could mix and match with any of the popular wedding trends that might have fascinated your sense of style.

Vintage Wedding Invitation

Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation

-Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation Download

Vintage Floral Wedding Invitation

-Vintage Floral Wedding Invitation Download

Vintage Autumn Wedding Invitation

-Vintage Autumn Wedding Invitation Download

Floral Wedding Invitation

Floral Wedding Invitation

-Floral Wedding Invitation Download

Floral Bridal Shower Invitation

-Floral Bridal Shower Invitation Download

Floral Wreath Wedding Invitation

-Floral Wreath Wedding Invitation Download

Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

Chalkboard Photo Wedding Invitation

-Chalkboard Photo Wedding Invitation Download

Floral Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

-Floral Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Download

Vintage Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

-Vintage Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Download

Watercolour Wedding Invitation

DIY Watercolour Wedding Invitation

-Diy Watercolour Wedding Invitation Download

Royal Wedding Invitation

Royal Themed Wedding Invitation

-Royal Themed Wedding Invitation Download

Royal Photo Wedding Invitation

-Royal Photo Wedding Invitation Download

Royal Wedding Shower Invitation

-Royal Wedding Shower Invitation Download

Unique Wedding Details

You work so hard to make your wedding look one of a kind. You put up unique themes, creative and beautiful invitation cards, and even create more with colors that stand out. You put up unique stalls at your wedding reception and serve delightful main courses and desserts.

Every couple aims at making their wedding something memorable, not just to them but also to their guests. Does your checklist have these unique wedding details in it?

  • A rain plan. For those couples who would want to push through with their outdoor wedding despite rainy weather forecast, always have a rain plan ready. Maybe you could include umbrellas that match your wedding theme and have it all distributed to your guests just in case it rains. Avoid further hassles if this happens and look at all sides of possibility should it rain on your wedding day. Nobody looks forward to a rain on your their wedding day but what could be more memorable is that your guests would also be covered in all your preparations.
  • Sunset pictorials. This is another natural detail most especially in outdoor weddings. It is important to take note of the time of the sunset on your wedding day. The so-called golden hour is a perfect blend of azures, oranges, and yellows. It would do your wedding photographs so much favor. It also adds story to the pictures taken like more romantic effects and truly conveys a memorable event in your life.
  • Extra seating at your ceremony. You would not want your family members, relatives, and friends to be uncomfortable while they witness your wedding day unfold. You might have unexpected guests, most especially those who intend to surprise you on. Get everything covered and see it all into place as you walk down the aisle.
  • Band lighting. If you plan out on getting a band play throughout your wedding ceremony and reception, you might as well step up preparations for them like their stage and proper lighting. This would really matter as they perform all throughout the event.
  • Directions and signage. Make your guests follow through directions from your wedding ceremony all the way to your wedding reception. These details wouldn’t be unusual to your guests if you also decorate these signages that would perfectly compliment your theme. Lead them to possible areas in your reception that they might go to. You wouldn’t want your guests lost and walking around without a clue, do you?
  • Kids’ section. Not all weddings put up this kind of section or stall made especially for kids. Having a game plan for kids of your guests will most likely be entertaining and fun for all. This is also ideal for mostly preferred outdoor wedding receptions.

A Simple Way of Expressing Gratitude

Give your wedding a touch of uniqueness and pick the best ones out of the best from these thank-you card templates for when you’re expressing your heartfelt gratitude to those who witnessed your perfect day with you. It doesn’t really have to be something too full of words or too bulky of designs; your Thank-You Card Designs could already be good to go with just a sincere message of thanks and gratitude.

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