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Lunch invitations are created to provide information about a gathering that will be held over lunch. Of course, a part of the gathering is to eat together while discussing a specific or particular topic that is needed to be addressed or it can also be a way to celebrate an occasion or any other event together. These gatherings differ in nature as there are various kinds of communication exchange that may occur during lunchtime depending on the purpose of the host of the lunch. Lunch Invitations are just one of the different kinds of meeting ideas that can be done either to celebrate an occasion or to gather together for a specific corporate or business purpose.

Lunch parties or meetings still have a lot of items attached to its preparation and planning stages. There are still many materials and things that are needed to be considered to assure the smooth implementation of the lunch party plans that will be executed in due time. The host needs to identify the Invitation Design that will be applied to the invitation as well. There also is a need to prioritize the proper venue, time, and program that should be applied in a limited gathering duration. Again, there are different reasons why there is a need for a lunch meeting to occur. Hence, this means that there are also different kinds of people that you may expect to be present in the feast.

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Parties Where Lunch Invitations May Be Used

Here are a few of the casual and informal gatherings where a lunch party may be held, hence providing a lunch invitation to the invited guests:

  • Members lunch invitations are given to the members of a club or an organization. This is commonly done for the following reasons:
    • There is a member of the club who would like to host a lunch gathering to celebrate a personal success.
    • The club or the organization is celebrating a milestone or an achievement.
    • There are new things that are needed to be discussed which is why the members of the club are needed to be present.
  • Birthday lunch invitations may be given by a host who would like to celebrate his/her birthday over lunch. This can be done if a lot of the people who are invited in the celebration have busy schedules or the host just want to celebrate that way. A few samples of birthday lunch invitations are as follows:
    • Surprise birthday lunch invitation
    • 50th birthday lunch invitation
  • Thanksgiving lunch invitations are given to the families, relatives, and close friends of the host to whom they would like to celebrate thanksgiving with.
  • Holiday lunch invitations are very common as it is a gathering of people who are related to each other. There are no classes and work, except on a few industries like the service industry, during holidays which makes it easier to gather people altogether to celebrate and have fun.
  • Farewell lunch invitations are created to invite people who would like to see a person possibly for the last time due to certain circumstance. A few samples of farewell lunch invitations are as follows:
    • Formal farewell lunch invitation
    • Retirement farewell lunch invitation
    • Relocation farewell lunch invitation
    • Graduation farewell lunch invitation
    • Potluck farewell lunch invitation
  • Thank you lunch invitations are given out to people to whom the host would like to send his or her appreciation and gratitude. A few samples of thank you lunch invitations are as follows:
    • Employee thank you lunch invitation
    • Thank you lunch email invitation
    • Team thank you lunch party invitation
  • Wedding lunch invitations may be given in different parts of the wedding planning and implementation. A few samples of wedding lunch invitations are as follows:
    • Wedding planning lunch invitation
    • Wedding reception lunch invitation
    • Wedding anniversary lunch invitation
    • Wedding lunch party invitation
  • Special kinds of lunch parties may also be hosted like a pizza lunch party where a pizza lunch invitation may be given out to the guests invited in the party.

There are still a lot of events where a lunch party may be deemed appropriate to be hosted. Again, you should be able to assure that the event is well planned so that you will not have major problems in its execution. Other than our samples and templates of lunch invitations, you may also be interested to browse through and download out samples of Engagement Invitations and Meeting Invitation templates.

Printable Lunch Invitation Design

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Sample Lunch Invitation Design

Sample Business Lunch Invitation



Sample Lunch Party Invitation



Business Lunch Invitation Design

Business Holiday Lunch Invitation



Formal Lunch Invitation Design

Formal Team Lunch Invitation



Formal Farewell Lunch Invitation



Formal Lunch Meeting Invitation



Lunch Email Invitation Design

Office Lunch Email Invitation



Potluck Lunch Email Invitation



Business Lunch Invitations

Aside from the parties and the casual events that have been mentioned above, a lunch meeting may also serve as the venue for businessmen and employees to talk about corporate discussions for the purpose of

  • new business ventures,
  • corporate problem resolutions, or
  • an update of the things that have been talked about during past meetings.

There are a lot of things that people involved in specific businesses can talk about. A business lunch serves as an alternative should the professional schedules of individuals involved in a specific transaction not meet or align with each. This can be due to any of the following reasons:

  • The demands of the work environment where the employees are currently involved in.
  • The specific tasks that these people need to do to achieve their daily goals and functions in the company.

Business lunch invitations are commonly sent if the purpose of the discussion will only take a short while and the invited people can resume their work functions after an hour or so. There are a variety of business meetings and functions that can be done during lunchtime, and we will discuss a few of them so that you can further understand the nature of business lunch gatherings and why invitations for such are necessary.

Benefits of Business Lunch Meetings

Talking about business topics and discussions over lunch can provide advantages and benefits not only to the host but also to the people who are invited in a specific business lunch meeting. A few samples of the benefits of hosting and attending a business lunch meeting are as follows:

  • It is a new approach of meeting the people that are involved in a business transaction. It allows the people involved in the meeting to have fresher ideas as they are away from their usual work location and they get to enjoy the business discussion even more.
  • A lunch meeting can allow the presence of a smoother flow of ideas and information exchange due to the setting of the environment where the business talk is being done.
  • It makes people more comfortable with discussing specific business matters as lunch is a more informal setting compared to talking with each other in the confines of a board room or any other formal meeting area.
  • People involved in the meeting who needs to go back to work right away can easily go back to their work location especially if the lunch meeting is just within the area of their work vicinity.
  • There will be no time to be wasted as the people invited in the business lunch can already talk about specific items while they are waiting for the food to be served. More so, they can also talk to each other while eating which makes the working lunch more efficient and effective.

Aside from business lunch invitation samples, you can also download other samples and templates of Business Invitations that we have put together just for you in the link provided. More  so, we have other Meeting Invitations also available for download.

Thank You Lunch Invitation Design

Employee Thank You Lunch Invitation



Sample Thank You Lunch Invitation



Thank You Lunch Email Invitation



Lunch Party Invitation Design

Team Lunch Party Invitation



Lunch Party Invitation Card



Birthday Lunch Party Invitation



Wedding Lunch Invitation Design

Wedding Anniversary Lunch Invitation



Wedding Lunch Party Invitation



Pizza Lunch Invitation Design

Pizza Lunch Party Invitation



Formal Business Lunch Invitation


Guidelines in Creating a Lunch Invitation for Parties and Casual Events

If you will create a lunch invitation for a party, an informal event or a casual gathering, here are a few guidelines that you may implement:

  • State the purpose of the lunch invitation or the reason why the lunch invitation has to be done.
  • Do not forget to include all the needed information that should be known by your guests like the time, date, and location of the lunch party.
  • State the name of the person to whom the event is for. If it is for a group gathering, you may include the basic information of the group and why they have decided to host a lunch party.
  • Assure that all the details that you will out in your lunch invitation are accurate and properly placed.
  • Leave a contact information that the invited guests may reach either to confirm their attendance or to send their inquiries about the event.

Guidelines in Creating a Business Lunch Invitation

If you are tasked to create the business lunch invitation that will be used by an entity for a particular meeting over lunch, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • Assure that the business lunch invitation will contain the food items that will be served during the meeting. This will allow people with special diets and allergies to know whether the food that will be consumed during the meeting will not affect their practices or can cause risks regarding their health conditions.
  • Make the design of the business lunch invitation simple and sleep. You should consider the fact that it is still a formal gathering done in a casual setting.
  • Make sure that people invited to attend the business lunch are aware of the entire duration of the business lunch. Put the expected time of service, the time that the people should be in the meeting location, and the vicinity of the location to the work areas of the people involved in the meeting so they can calculate their travel time.
  • Provide the needed information needed to be known by the invited employees accurately.
  • The business lunch invitation needs to identify the kind of meeting that will be done over lunch. It should have the theme of the event or a preview of what the discussion will be all about.

Aside from our samples of lunch invitation templates, you may also be interested to view our downloadable samples and templates of Gift Cards and Engagement Invitations.

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