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An engagement is practically the time that a couple spends together between the marriage proposal and the date of the wedding. The things that happen between the duration of the engagement varies on the customs and traditions that the location where the couple are currently living follows. Religious beliefs and personal decisions also affect the things that are being implemented during this period of time. However, it is very common for a lot of engaged couples to host a party so that they can celebrate the bond being made together with their friends, family members and other people that are close to their hearts whom they wanted to share the joy of the event with.

Engagement Invitations are used to provide information about the engagement party. It includes all the details that are needed to be known by the invited guests so they will be aware of the nature of the engagement party and they can also prepare the things and items that they need to be ready with. The Engagement Invitation Design plays a big role in allowing the people invited to attend the party to somehow have a preview of the event’s mood, aesthetic and program representation.

Modern Engagement Invitation Template


Vintage Engagement Invitation Template


Engagement Party Invitation Card Template


BBQ Engagement Party Invitation Template


Classic Engagement Invitation Template in PSD


Colorful Engagement Invitation Card Template


Engagement Invitation Card Template in Word


Engagement Ceremony Invitation Card


Free Engagement Invitation Card



Engagement Invitation Card Vector



Free Engagement Invitation Design

Free Printable Engagement Invitation Card



Free Printable Engagement Invitation



Free Engagement Party Invitation



Engagement Party Invitation Design

Chalkboard Engagement Party Invitation



Sample Engagement Party Invitation



Engagement Party Invitation Card



Funny Engagement Invitation Design

Sample Fun Engagement Invitation



Funny Engagement Invitation Card



Funny Printable Engagement Party Invitation



Inclusions of an Engagement Invitation

There are many ways that an Engagement Invitation may be presented. No matter what kind of engagement invitation it is that you are planning to make, what is important is that all the information that are needed to be sent out are properly placed in the document so that the engagement invitation can serve its sole purpose. A basic engagement invitation has the following details:

  • Important dates to remember. The dates that may be listed in the Engagement Invitation are as follows:
    • The couple may share the date of their actual engagement so that the invited guests will be aware about the event’s execution and how far it has been from the party where they are invited. In some cases, the date of the engagement party is also the same as the proposal depending on how these events have been planned and implemented.
    • Of course, the date of the engagement needs to be present in the document. Guests need to be aware of the date of the engagement celebration so they can already have a time off from their schedules and allot the date for them to be able to celebrate together with the soon-to-be wedded couple.
    • If there is already one, the couple can also state their wedding date. It can be placed at the bottom part of the engagement invitation as it is just an additional information that the guests need to either know or not depending on the planning of the couple for the event that will soon take place. It will also be appropriate if you will put the date of your wedding in the engagement invitation if all your invited guests in the engagement party are also a few of the guests that you will invite during your wedding day.
  • A few information about the engagement and the party. It is also essential for guests to know more information about the following:
    • A brief information about the engagement can be placed in the engagement invitation for it to be more personal. There are various ways that the story of the couple and the occurrences that happened during the wedding proposal may be incorporated in the engagement invitation.
    • The hosts and/or organizers of the party also need to provide details about the kind of engagement party that will take place. This will allow the guests to select an appropriate outfit for the event, and it can also help them to expect the party programs and activities that they will be subjected to do during the entirety of the engagement celebration.
  • The time of the engagement party. It is very important to state the time of the engagement party for the following reasons:
    • It will allow the guests to know the expected time that the program will start.
    • It may also help the guests to be aware of the time blocks where specific activities will be done.
    • It will provide information about the initial party duration of the engagement celebration.
  • The location where the engagement party will be held. An engagement invitation needs to be precise in terms of providing information about the location of the engagement party. This may be done through the following:
    • Assure that the street, block, building, and city where the engagement party venue is located are written in the invitation.
    • You may state landmarks that can make it easier for the invited guests to know and identify that they are already within the vicinity of the engagement party venue location.
    • You can also create a small guide map that can visually show the location of the engagement party and the road that the guests need to follow and be aware of so they can locate the venue properly and accurately.
  • The deadline for attendance confirmation. The host of the engagement party needs to know the number of people that they will cater for so that preparations can already be done. This is the main reason why there are deadlines for the confirmation of the invited guests’ attendance. Moreover, it can also make the decision making processes to be more efficient and effective especially in consideration of the party venue and the meals that will be served during the event.
  • The contact information that the invited guests may reach. Placing a contact information in the engagement invitation will also be very useful for the following instances:
    • Invited guests will know the mobile, business, home number, or e-mail address that they may contact should they have any inquiries regarding the engagement party.
    • It will also be easier for the couple to confirm the attendance of the guests if the people who they have invited already know where to send their confirmation messages.
    • Contact information are also greatly used during the event execution as guests may need to ask information about the location of the party or if there are any changes in the starting time of the engagement party especially if they will come in a later time.

It is very important for the host of the engagement party to put these items in the engagement invitation so that the invited guests will be guided accordingly.

Rustic Engagement Invitation

DIY Rustic Engagement Invitation



Rustic Engagement Party Invitation



Rustic Lace Engagement Invitation



Free Rustic Engagement Invitation



Printable Engagement Invitation

Vintage Printable Engagement Invitation



Printable Engagement Invitation Card



Free Printable Engagement Invitation



Printable Engagement Party Invitation



Blank Engagement Invitation

Blank Engagement Invitation Card



Free Blank Engagement Invitation



Blank Engagement Party Invitation



Engagement BBQ Invitation Design

Engagement Party BBQ Invitaton



DIY Engagement BBQ Invitation



 Engagement Invitation Design Ideas

A few of the design ideas that may be applied in engagement invitations are as follows:

  • You can go for a classic looking engagement invitation through the use of the following:
    • You can use minimal design materials and apply design items that exude elegance and simplicity at the same time.
    • Stick with the play on textures so you can make up with the lack of striking designs. This will enable you to still provide a unique character to the engagement invitation.
    • Use softly hued and saturated colors that are included in the palette of earthy tones, blush, and cream.
  • If you want it to look more detailed but still is not veering away from the classic engagement invitation, you can try to use floral patterns and images. There are a lot of ways that you can incorporate a variety of flowers in your engagement invitation so it can still make the entire invitation look put together and well curated. You can adjust the opacity of the flower designs or use a watercolor-inspired image so that it can provide soft touches to the engagement invitation.
  • Your engagement invitation may also be themed depending on the party that will occur and the materials that will be used in the entire party execution. A few of the common engagement invitation designs are rustic, retro, and vintage.
  • If you want to be creative or you want to put a personal touch in your engagement invitation, you can do a DIY engagement invitation design. This will allow you to reflect yourself in the design through the use of aesthetic materials that you have personally created and applied in the invitation.
  • There are couples, especially those who are care free and fun in nature, who tend to make their engagement invitation witty and funny. It can be done through the use of animations, funny lines and quotations, and even images that can make people smile or even laugh.
  • If you want to take your guests through time, you can use of the young photos of the couple as an additional design to the engagement invitation. There is truly something cute and amazing when you put together baby or child photos of couples and imagine the instances on how they were able to meet out of all the circumstances and the people that they encounter in the entire duration of their lives.

Engagement Invitation Design Items

A few of the design items that you may placed in an engagement invitation are as follows:

  • You can use the photos of the engagement rings of the couple. It can either be photographed while they are worn by the couple or it can also be artistically captured in various circumstances.
  • The location of the engagement can also be used as the background of the engagement invitation. This will allow the invited guests to somehow have an idea of the space where they will celebrate the occasion.
  • Flowers are mostly used in engagement invitation designs. It can be inspired by the flower selections that the couple will use during their wedding day.
  • The name of the engaged couple can also be in a form of calligraphy or any kind of word art so that it can add up to the personal touches of the design items that will be used in the engagement invitation.
  • Themed quotations especially those about love, marriage, engagement, and personal relationship bonds can also be used as a design material for engagement invitations.
  • Lace and other soft garments, textiles and materials can also be used as design items so that it can showcase passion and romantic love in the engagement invitation.
  • If you want your engagement invitation to look grand and exquisite, you may select the use of glitters, and other sparkles as the design items and additions for your engagement invitation.

Aside from our engagement invitation design templates, you may also download our samples of Engagement Album Templates and Engagement Party Menu Templates.

Vintage Engagement Invitation

Free Vintage Engagement Invitation



Vintage Engagement Party Invitation



DIY Vintage Engagement Invitation



Sample Engagement Invitation Design

Sample Engagement Invitation Card



Sample Printable Engagement Invitation



Sample Engagement Party Invitation



Personalized Engagement Party Invitation

Free Personalized Engagement Party Invitation



Personalized Engagement Party Invitation Card



Engagement Dinner Invitation

Engagement Dinner Party Invitation



Formal Engagement Dinner Invitation



Floral Engagement Invitation Design

Vintage Floral Engagement Invitation



Floral Engagement Party Invitation



Engagement Invitation Design Incorporation

The engagement invitation design includes the following details for artistic incorporation:

  • The background of the engagement invitation is an essential part of the overall design. It can be any of the following:
    • The engagement invitation background can just be a specific block color, especially if there are a lot of design materials that will be placed in the specific invitation.
    • It can also make use of patterns of a variety of design items and icons with different shapes, sizes, and characteristics.
    • Textures can also be used as the background of engagement invitations.
  • Borders also play a big role in the overall impact of the engagement invitation design as it frames all the information that are needed to be known by the invited guests. It helps in providing cohesion to all the items that are present in the engagement invitation.
  • The design item placements are also important to be considered as their sizes and the spaces that they occupy affect the visual output of the engagement invitation.

Designing the Engagement Invitation Information

An Engagement Party Invitation or any other invitation used in programs and events related to the engagement should consider the designs that will be applied to the information that can be seen in the engagement invitation. A few of these design items are as follows:

  • The font sizes that will be used in different engagement invitation details are necessary as they can dictate the value of the information being presented. It stresses out the focus that is needed to be given in the particular information. Normally, the most important details in an engagement invitation are those that are the biggest in terms of font size.
  • The font style of the information should be cohesive with the entire design being applied in the engagement invitation. Make sure that the font style also looks great in consideration to the font size of the detail.
  • The colors that will be used in the words seen in the engagement invitation should also be considered as they need to complement all the designs that are present in the engagement invitation. This is primarily the reason why black or white are the most used font colors in engagement invitations as they do not compete in terms of attention with the theme implemented in the design application.
  • The placements and spacing of these items are also important so that they engagement invitation will be visually pleasing, coordinated, and well presented.

Kinds of Engagement Parties

If you are tasked to create the design of the engagement invitation, you should first know the kind of engagement party that will take place. This will help you to be guided in selecting the engagement invitation design that is appropriate to be used for the specific party and the alignment of your design materials to the actual designs that will be present in the engagement event execution.

A few kinds of engagement parties are as follows:

  • It can be an intimate or personal party where only the closest family members and friends of the couple are invited.
  • Nowadays, engagement parties can also be celebrated in restaurants, event spaces, pubs and nightclubs.
  • Engagement parties can also be done in the outdoors for picnic activities, barbecue cook-out and other activities that make use of the outside environment as the venue.

Other than our samples of engagement invitation design templates, our Engagement Greeting Cards are also available for download.

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