40+ Best Free 3D Textures

3D textures can really set your Photoshop projects apart. Not only do they add a lot of life to the designs, but also serve as specialized backgrounds for the primary design elements to get underscored.

The universe of 3D textures for Photoshop is so wide that you can easily get lost in several sub-categories that exist! Thus, identifying the best niche of 3D textures for your intended designs is imperative. Nevertheless, here’s some insight for you, aimed at preparing you for the wonderful design journey that awaits you with 3D textures.

For all your Photoshop projects involving dreary and dark designs, there are flashy Gothic 3D Patterns that can add just the right amount of lighting to the designs, without tempering with the philosophy of the design; skulls, Sabbath symbols, stars, pentagons, and bones – you tell it, and Gothic 3D textures have it.

For designs more attuned to themes like nature and wildlife, use 3D textures based on objects like desert landscapes, grasslands, moors, skylines, and other such terrains. What’s more, these textures double up as great backdrops for text heavy designs.

Another great category of 3D textures is that of objects using space themes, such as solitary stars shining in dusky skies, planets revolving in a brightly lit space, and the various shades of crimson emerging from the sun.

Architectural textures also come to you in the 3D cloak, right from repeating tiles that seem tilted from some angles to floral patterns that seem to intertwine beautifully into one another; each of these textures is wonderfully suited for Photoshop projects.

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Flat 3D Textures

  • flat 3d textures

Circus 3D Texture

  • circus

Water 3D Texture

  • water1

3D Tile Textures

  • 3d tile textures

Rock Sand 3D Texture

  • rock sand 3d texture

Ice 3D Texture

  • ice texture1

Water 3D Texture

  • water 3d teture

Marbled 3D Texture

  • marbled1

Granite 3D Texture

  • granite 3d texture1

3D Polygon Backgrounds Texture

  • 3d polygon backgrounds texture

Blue Water Ocean Texture

  • blue water ocean texture1

3D Metal Backgrounds and Textures

  • 3d metal backgrounds and textures

Clean Water Ocean Texture

  • clean water ocean texture1

Prato Lawn 3D Texture

  • prato lawn1

3D Render of Merry Christmas in Snow Texture

  • 3d render of merry christmas in snow texture

Green Water Ocean Texture

  • green water ocean texture1

Wood 3D Texture

  • wood1

3D Cubes Fabric Texture

  • 3d cubes soft backgrounds fabric texture

Red 3D Texture

  • red 3d1

Tiles Tegole

  • tiles tegole

Grass 3D Texture

  • grass 3d texture

Fabrics 3D Texture

  • fabrics

Stone Pebbles

  • stone pebbles

Grit Graniglia 3D Texture

  • grit graniglia

Asphalt 3D Texture

  • asphalt

Misc Maps Maya

  • misc maps maya

Ground Bump 3D Texture

  • ground bump 3d

Marble 3D Texture

  • marble

Grit Graniglia 3D Texture

  • grit graniglia 2

3D Pavement Texture

  • 3d pavement texture

3D Texture

  • 3d texture

3D Wood Floor Texture

  • 3d wood floor texture

Archifix 3D Texture

  • archifix 3d texture

Best 3D Texture

  • best 3d texture

Diamond Mesh 3D Texture

  • diamond mesh 3d texture

Grass 3D Texture

  • grass 3d texture 2

Mosaic 3D Texture

  • mosaic 3d texture

Portugees Tiles 3D Texture

  • portugees tiles 3d texture

Roof Tile 3D Texture

  • roof tile 3d texture

Seamless 3D Texture

  • seamless 3d texture

Wood 3D Texture

  • wood 3d texture

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