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27+ Leather Textures

Leather Textures are the new entrants to the world of designing, bringing glory to your creativity and imagination. These textures have the ability to make an ordinary design stand out and thus helps the designer in making a distinct mark. So if you want to give to your design a crisp, sharp, shiny appearance go for the wide range of available Leather Textures and add them to your design for that extra edge.

> Leather Textures-The tools to gain a distinct Identity

It goes without saying that an additional gloss or a highlight added to any designs backdrop gives it an instant boost in the eyes of the customers- leather Textures do just that. These textures which might look like crocodile skin or multi tone textures can generate positive reviews and hence help in creating a unique image for you and your design. There are many benefits of applying leather textures to your design and they are:

> Types of leather Textures for creating the ultimate appeal

A variety of leather textures are doing rounds around the web these days and they make for a fascinating choice for both the designer and the client. One can pick up a texture based on specific needs and there are also options to customize Textures suiting particular aspirations. You can pick up a design which can intensify the beauty of your design. The various type of Leather textures which are available are: Black or white Leather Texture, Dirty Distressed Scratched Leather Texture, Cracked Leather Texture, Coudy Leather Textures , Seamless Leather Texture, Engraved Leather Texture and many more customized and self- created designs.

Colorful Leather Texture

colorful leather texture
As the name suggests, there are a number of color options present in this leather texture. To be more specific, there are total five colors that are used in this leather texture and these are green, red, blue, brown and grey. All the colors are arranged in strips placed one after another in horizontal order.

Purple Leather Texture

purple leather texture
This particular texture resembles a smooth and soft color of purple perfect for any kind of wallpaper or even any kind of background theme. The design is that of a leather pattern and the color is extremely royal and offers richness to the texture and also to the place where it is used.

Rough Leather Texture

rough leather texture
Leather textures are all about smoothness, but if you wish to have something rough, then this particular texture can be an amazing option. The moss green colored rough texture sets and compliments completely the dark brown colored smooth texture available as the background. This offers a rough feeling to the texture no doubt.

Stitch Leather Texture

stitch leather texture
This is a leather texture with an impact of 3D vision. The red colored leather strap stitched on the black colored pattern provides a look and feel of creativity. This texture can be used often as a background for some creative sites or can be also used to highlight a name on the red colored leather strap.

Rugged Leather Texture

rugged leather texture
If you are looking for something rugged and really rough, then this is the texture you can go for. This is a combination of not only various rugged colors but also of various rugged patterns. The mix match offers a rough and a rugged look to the pattern and so to the background where it is to be used.

Genuine Leather Texture

genuine leather texture
There are a number of funky leather textures available no doubt, but in need of a formal and professional look, what goes best is the Genuine Leather Texture. It comes in single color and is smooth enough to provide leather like feeling that is comfortable and compliments the purpose well.

Backdrop Leather Texture

backdrop leather texture
This is also somewhat like the stitched leather texture but in a different way. This texture is also used mainly in creative areas and can be great attractive backgrounds for many. It is available in 3D visual with two lines of stitches such as on a shoe. It can be a unique way to make things attractive.

Clothes Leather Texture

clothes leather texture
If you are really fascinated to have some real looking leather texture, then this is the one. It offers the look of a crocodile or snake leather with smooth and glossy finish. This is available in the color leather brown.

Dark Brown Leather Texture

dark brown leather texture
Again if you are in search of a leather texture that you can use for a professional thing then this can be the right choice. The dark color complimented well with the smooth texture offers a simple look that offers a formal picture.

Seamless Leather Texture

seamless leather texture
These are available in various colors such as fluorescent green, blue, and gray and red. The highly detailed textures are ideal for 3D modeling, background and ads. It works well when it is blended with other textures and provides the best designs and illustrations ever.

Fabric Leather Texture

fabric leather texture
This one is not much smoother and also not much rugged in looks. The golden brown colored Fabric Leather texture is amazing with its blending features and can work great to become a perfect background for both formal as well as creative works.

Attractive Leather Texture

attractive leather texture
If you wish to have something attractive for the background, then Attractive Leather texture is the best indeed. The bright red color with high definition patterns makes the texture extremely attractive for a background to highlight some of the important contents.

Set of Leather Texture

set of leather texture
This is actually a set of 12 different leather textures, each of which can be used for a formal or creative background. The textures are of extremely high quality and can be used for both designing projects as well as any product related project.

Natural Leather Texture

natural leather texture
This can be a perfect piece for any ecommerce website selling of leather products such as bags or wallets. The texture is of natural leather product crafted with high quality that can stand perfectly being a background for any leather product site.

Black Leather Texture

black leather texture

Ragged Leather Texture

ragged leather texture

Modern Leather Texture

modern leather texture

Western Leather Texture

western leather texture
This consists of about 100 leather textures among which 99 are of PNG and 1 is of PSD. There are 7 color adjustments done in the texture and these can become the best for backgrounds in Photoshop as well as Adobe.

Tileable Leather Texture

tileable leather texture

Shammy Leather Texture

shammy leather texture

Leather cover texture

leather cover texture

Blank Leather Texture

blank leather texture

Carbon Leather Texture

carbon leather texture

Vintage Leather Texture

vintage leather texture

Old Pattern Leather Texture

old pattern leather texture

Green Leather Texture

green leather texture

> Fields which get benefitted by use of Leather Textures

Leather Texture are the in things which give great precision to your design. Use of these textures can give a soul to your design which will find a place in the beholders heart. The application of leather textures can be undertaken in varied fields. This would include their usage in the creation of brochures, graphic presentations and webpages. Even photo galleries can be over lined using Leather Textures. These textures help in creation of alluring cards and form great Backgrounds for menus. Use of Leather Textures for specific web pages for kids or a furniture store can add a great deal of zing to the entire concept.

> Creativity at its Best- Creating Leather Textures

If you are the creative one, you can create your own leather Texture and this can be really interesting and satisfying. Creating an attractive Leather Texture is no big deal as the internet is flooded with procedures to do the same. There are many ways to create custom Leather Textures to suit your specific needs. You can use the adobe illustrator to create fascinating designs or can go with Pinterest ideas. For a more professional approach try a command on Photoshop, illustrator or use filters. These quick and easy ways can make your dream of creating your own custom Leather Texture come true

> Choosing the right Leather Texture and creating something Extraordinary

Amidst the immense variety of available and created Leather Textures, you need to pick what is best for your project idea. The choice of a leather texture is greatly influenced by the area where it is going to be used and the target audience for which the design is getting made. If you are developing a kid’s page and are planning to put Leather Texture as a backdrop for the menu, bright colours with exciting prints will be the right choice, on the other hand for a Hotel Brochure a subtle colour with intense pattern would be a good idea.

> Making Leather Texture work as a Boon for your Design

Leather Textures have the ability to add a lot of interest to your design whether it be a web design, graphic design or a piece of art. But the use of these textures should be made in an appropriate manner only than you can get maximum benefits. Certain points which should be taken into consideration while using Leather Textures in your designs are:

> How to avoid making Leather Textures a bane for designers

Every coin has two sides to it and similarly use of leather textures can make or break your design. The need is to assess what is apt for your design and then use the right texture in the right amount. To avoid making leather Textures go wrong, make sure you take care of the following aspects:

> Wrapping up Leather Textures Talk on an Invigorating Note

Designs with Leather Textures are more emotionally responsive than designs which are not textured. Textures make designs memorable and help in creating a deeper impact, but too much use of Leather Textures or using the wrong designs and colours can create great deal of distraction. Leather Textures can play a crucial role in Typographic design, web design or a graphic design, the use is endless and depends on your creative fervour. So put a good play of mind and heart while you are choosing the right texture for your Design to make the most artistic, innovative and appealing design possible.

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