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Golden Texture Designs – 23+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

The various types of designs add a sheer elegance to the object or space embellishing its beauty to a higher degree. Nowadays, the use of popular graphic designing software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw or Illustrator has transformed the outlook of images and graphics. In addition, it has also offered plenty of options for new backgrounds and Textures to be used artistically. The golden proportions are widely available in both natural and artificial structures. They exist in man, plants, animals and other living organisms. As such, you can also find them in artistic works, writing, architecture, interior and exterior designs. Furthermore, you can use them in wallpapers, script, logos or for any other creation it gives a touch of class.

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> Different Varieties of Gold Texture to Enhance your Skills

When you have landed into one of the most creative and innovative fields of graphic designing then the most important aspect that you need to understand is how to skilfully utilize the different shades and texture of various colors to give your image a wow look. The golden color is not an exception. Whether you are customizing the designs through Photoshop or Illustrator or looking for the right pattern on internet, there are number of options of golden textures to explore. A few of them include Gold Metal Wrinkled Paper, Gold Coins, Gold Ribbon Sparkle Texture, Gold Paint on Canvas Texture, Brushed Gold Metal Texture and many more.

Commercial Golden Texture


Closeup Golden Texture


Antique Golden Texture


Bright Golden Texture


Digital Golden Texture


Golden Coins Seamless Texture


Golden Sparkle Texture


Reflection Golden Texture


Metalic Golden Texture


Designed Golden Texture


High Resolution Golden Texture


Vintage Golden Texture


Creative Golden Texture


Light Golden Texture


Seamless Golden Texture


Golden Surface Texture


Golden Foil Seamless HD Texture


Collection of Golden Texture


Crumpled Golden Texture


10 Tileable Gold Fabric Textures


Glossy Golden Texture


> Golden Texture has got an Instant Visual Appeal

Gold is not only a precious metal but has got an instant visual appeal as far as designing of an image or graphic is concerned. This is one of the reasons as to why it has become one of the preferred textures for the graphic designers when drawing any image on Photoshop or writing a word in stylish font. Golden textures the ability to immediately grab the attention of people and therefore, you will observe it in the advertising boards as well.

> Golden Texture Designs Offer Golden Opportunities in Web Designing

The vitality of colors cannot be denied as far as a vibrant and interactive website is concerned. As a Graphic Designer you cannot keep the golden color out from the kitty because it has a lot to offer. Gold is associated with royalty and elegance offering a pure class. Thus, if you are making use of gold textures intelligently, then you can provide an edge to your website over others.

> Effectively Use Gold to Harmonize and Complement Color Schemes

When you talk about this relevant aspect of using the gold color it comes down to different variations of yellows and browns which complement it finely. It balances the entire textural design offering them a comfortable grace. When it comes to close proximity, gold can gel up together very well with brown offering a unity in the Design.

> A few vital tips on how you can combine gold with different colors while designing website-

  • If you are writing the name of the company or any other prominent word in gold color, you can always make use black, red or coffee brown.
  • Alternatively, if you are using or making the background gold, then you can use the font color as brown, red or even white depending on the shade.
  • Make sure you harmonize the image well to create a right balance in the gold texture design
  • If you are making a darker shade of the golden color, the black or strong yellowish color with match with it
  • If you are using the lighter shades then it will go hand in hand with white, light brown, blue and red.

> Give your Clients a Reason to Appreciate your Graphic Designing Work

The graphic designers play a comprehensive and important role in advertising agencies. You can smartly and efficiently make use of the gold texture to illustrate your message through ad in the form of images, preparing the broachers and even through making attractive font sizes for a successful launch of an ad campaign.

> Think Innovatively to Prove your Caliber in Graphic Designing Using Photoshop

If you want to create an optimal image or a graphic by using the Photoshop tool then you can get some idea from internet. You can check out the background and the text size and color which can match well with the golden texture design and then use your own innovation to prove your caliber.

> Designing the Different Types of Cards with a golden touch

While designing the different types of cards on Photoshop or Corel Draw you can effectively make use of golden texture. In fact, all types of cards can be drawn and designed such as greeting cards, visiting cards; business cards etc can be given that golden touch which will immediately grab the attention of the looker.

> Avoid Creating a faux with Golden Texture Designs while Drawing Images

As a graphic designer you need to be aware of what colors should be well familiar with what colors and designs need to be avoided when you are using the gold texture for creating images and texts. You can pay attention on the following tips-

  • It must be remembered that gold itself is a very bright color and so it will be advisable to use light colors to complement it. Using very bright and dark color can actually spoil your photo.
  • The size of the text or the font should balance the ratio of the background or the image. Do not use such font styles which is not clearly visible and the people cannot make out as to what is written
  • Be very careful and attentive when you are exploring at the various options of the Photoshop or Illustrator especially when you are mixing and matching two different colors

> Skill and Experience Come up with More Exploration in Field

To summarize the overall discussion it can be said that the main idea behind using any texture in images, graphics, architecture or diagram is your own imagination and creativity. Textures make the designs more graceful and add that sense of magnificence to make it extraordinary from mere ordinary.

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556+ FREE & Premium Background Images - Download NOW

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