How to Convert SVG from PNG in Photoshop

Convert Adobe PNG files to SVG and make your website stand out and attract more visitors. SVG is the best contender for this, so gather your existing PNG files and open them on your Photoshop to begin the conversion process. how-to-convert-svg-from-png-in-photoshop

How to Convert SVG from PNG in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop (PSD) is an excellent software for raster image editing and digital art. And when it comes to converting PNG files to SVG, this is surely the best place to get it done perfectly and fast, following the easy steps below.

  • Step 1: Open the SVG File In Adobe PhotoshopHow to Convert SVG from PNG in Photoshop - Step 1

    Launch your Adobe Photoshop software and load up your PNG file. To do this, go over to “File” and click on “Open.” Look for the PNG file you want to work on and select it. Then, click the “Open” button in the dialog box that shows to bring up the file onto your workspace while automatically being rasterized.

  • Step 2: Export the FileHow to Convert SVG from PNG in Photoshop - Step 2

    As the rasterizing process is done and your file is ready, head again to the “File” menu and select “Export” from the drop-down list. Now, click on “Export As” and in the dialog box that follows, head over to “Format.” From there, set the setting to “SVG” as your file format.

  • Step 3: Adjust the Sizes of the Image and the CanvasHow to Convert SVG from PNG in Photoshop - Step 3

    Adjust the width and length of both the image and the canvas sizes as you wish. Make a quick change to the scale as well if needed. Once you are finished with all the adjustments, hit the “Export” button at the bottom right.

  • Step 4: Save the FileHow to Convert SVG from PNG in Photoshop - Step 4

    From the “Export As” window, you will be prompted to save the exported file upon clicking “Export.” Now, choose a designated location for your new SVG file. Click “Save” to finish the process.


What is the difference between PNG and SVG?

The PNG image format is binary and it comes with a lossless compression algorithm when representing an image as pixels while SVG is an XML-based vector graphic with which an image is represented by a set of mathematical figures.

Can PNG be converted to SVG for free?

Yes, you can use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Express for that and follow the straightforward steps illustrated above to get your SVG files converted in seconds.

Why is SVG a good file format for a logo?

SVG offers excellent quality, especially for low-intensity artwork such as logos, simple graphics, and icons.

Does the SVG file format deliver good print quality?

SVGs are ideally designed for web use and are not the go-to file format for large-scale printing.

Is the SVG file size heavy?

SVG is ideally used for simple graphics on websites like logos and does not take up as much storage as any of its raster counterparts.

What could be a reason why the SVG file is heavier than PNG?

SVG contains paths and nodes incomparable with the data contained in the PNG image file format.

Does an SVG image load fast?

SVG does not have any difference in performance but the speed of your PC surely has an impact.