How to Crop a PNG on Mac

Find out how to Crop a PNG on Mac devices, even if they might not be the most accessible for photo editing. how-to-crop-a-png-on-mac

How to Crop a PNG on Mac

Cropping photos in Mac is a pretty easy thing to do. Find out how with these easy steps.

  • Step 1: Open PNG Image in Photos App

    With your Mac device, you can view PNG images on a photo app. To get started with cropping, open your image on the Photo app.

  • Step 2: Click CropHow to Crop a PNG on Mac - Step 2

    Move your cursor to the top half of the screen. There you will find the word ‘Crop’ on the toolbar menu.

  • Step 3: Adjust Your Image

    There will be a square that you can click and drag to crop your photo. You can click on its borders to expand or to contract around the PNG file.


  • Step 4: Click Done

    After putting the adjustments, you can click the word done on the top part of the screen. And this is how you crop PNG images on Mac.


Can I crop multiple photos at the same time on Mac?

As of this time in writing, users can only crop one image at a time on Mac devices.

What is the difference between resizing and cropping PNG images on Mac?

Resizing means you are reducing or increasing the size of a PNG file while cropping means you are removing a specific part of the PNG file.

Can I undo cropping of the photo on Mac?

Yes, you can either do the Undo shortcut key or just click on the Undo button on the screen.