How to Erase PNG in After Effects

Learn how to erase PNG in Adobe After Effects. Just in case you added the wrong image but want to save the edits. how-to-erase-png-in-after-effects2

How to Erase PNG in After Effects

You won’t have to start from scratch if you added the wrong image. Here’s how you can erase it with these steps.

  • Step 1: Select the Layer

    It is assumed that your image is already there, so select the layer where the PNG image you wish to replace is.


  • Step 2: Hold Down the ALT Key

    After selecting the layer that is to be replaced, press and hold the ALT key.


  • Step 3: Select New Image

    While holding the ALT key, select the new image you wish to replace with the old image and drag it to the selected layer. It instantly erases the old image.




Can I erase multiple PNG images in Adobe After Effects?

No, you can only erase one PNG image at a time in Adobe After Effects.

Will the animation or edits be erased as I replace the PNG images in Adobe After Effects?

No, the edits done on a PNG image will retain in Adobe After Effects as long as you hold the ALT key.

What is a layer in Adobe After Effects?

A layer refers to a feature where users can add an image or an edit over each other to make a new visual work.