How to Export Adobe After Effects as PNG Sequence

Enhance your skills and learn how to export Adobe After Effects a PNG sequence. You will be able to see all of the frames conveniently. how-to-export-adobe-after-effects-as-png-sequence-featured-header

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How to Export Adobe After Effects as PNG Sequence

A PNG sequence refers to a sequence of frames in a video. Find out how to create it from Adobe After Effects with these easy steps!

  • Step 1: Open the Adobe After Effects

    To get started, open Adobe After Effects where you can create your footage or place the footage you wish to make a PNG/JPG sequence out of.


  • Step 2: Choose Your Footage

    Choose the footage which you wish to convert into a PNG or JPG sequence. Either drag and drop it on your project or create it.


  • Step 3: Click Composition

    Next, move your cursor to the top part of the screen to the menu bar and click on ‘Composition’. Then click on ‘Add to Render Queue’ which will open a dialog box.



  • Step 4. Choose Format

    The dialog box is called Output Module Settings. There you can find the dropdown for the format. Click on it and pick either PNG Sequence or JPEG Sequence in the options. Then click the OK button.


  • Step 5: Hit Render

    Lastly, choose the location of where you want your PNG/JPG sequence to be placed and click the Render button near the project. And that is how you export adobe after effects as a PNG sequence.



What is a PNG sequence?

A PNG sequence is the images of all the frames within a video in a sequentially numbered order.

What is Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is an editing software used for creating visual effects, usually for animation and films.

Is there a shortcut to render a PNG sequence process right away?

There is no known shortcut to rendering a PNG sequence right away.