How to Export PNG in Adobe Media Encoder

Discover how to export PNG in Adobe Media Encoder. That way you can catch cool images in a cinematic style. how-to-export-png-in-adobe-media-encoder-featured-header

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How to Export PNG in Adobe Media Encoder

Exporting PNG files take a few minutes. You can do so with these easy steps.

  • Step 1: Open Adobe After Effects and Insert Footage

    To get started, open Adobe After Effects first and then add your footage to the program. You can do so by dragging the image onto the project.


  • Step 2: Click File, Export, and Add Adobe Media to Encoder Queue

    Up next, move your cursor to the top part of the screen and click on ‘File’. A dropdown will appear and from there, click on ‘Export’ and ‘Add Adobe Media to Encoder Queue…’. It will open a window that shows Adobe Media Encoder.


  • Step 3: Choose PNG format

    Underneath the Format dropdown menu at the queue, you can see the options of how to export the footage. Click on PNG.


  • Step 4: Click PNG again

    Click on PNG again the second time after choosing it, to open a dialog box that is the Export Settings.


  • Step 5: Finalize and Click OK

    Finalize the options of how you want the PNG sequence to be like, once you are done, click OK on the dialog box. And that is how you export a PNG in Adobe Media Encoder.


Can I export multiple PNG images in Adobe Media Encoder?

No, you can only export one PNG image at a time.

Can I export images in other file formats with Adobe Media Encoder?

You can also export images in file formats like JPEG for example.

How long does it take to export an image after clicking the button?

It will vary on the size of the image but it usually takes a few seconds if it is a typical sized image file.