How to Fix Not a PNG File Error on Adobe Photoshop

Learn¬†how to fix a “not a PNG file” error in Adobe Photoshop. That way you can edit your images without having to resort to other less convenient options.

How to Fix Not a PNG File Error on Adobe Photoshop

The reason this occurs is that the PNG file format might not be the correct one. Here are steps on how to fix it right away:

  • Step 1: Update your Photoshop

    To ensure that this is a success, you must update Adobe photoshop to its latest version. That way, it can be more efficient in processing image files.

  • screenshot-2022-07-26-7

  • Step 2: Open or Find Original Image

    Find the image you want to work on whether it’s from an email, a site, or a device.

  • Step 3: Download or Screenshot

    Once you see the photo, you can either download it and save the image as a PNG, or you can screenshot it and save it as a PNG as well. Either works.

  • note-iconNote

    You can also use the Paint app to save the image in a PNG file as well.


How can I make my image a PNG file with Paint?

Open the image in the Paint app, insert your image, and then click the File tab, followed by Save As, so you can turn it into a PNG file.

What is the cause of the “not a PNG” error?

The causes of that error result in the image file being on a format that is not PNG.

Should I always update my Adobe Photoshop to fix this issue?

It is not always necessary to do so, but it is recommended if there is an update/latest version available.