How to Increase Resolution of PNG Logo

Learn how to increase the resolution of the PNG logo to perfect your logo’s final appearance. That way, you can make a striking symbol for the brand that will use it. how-to-increase-resolution-of-png-logo-featured-header

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How to Increase Resolution of PNG Logo Download

You can increase the resolution of your logo with either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. For the purpose of these steps, we will go with Photoshop.

  • Step 1: Import Your Logo

    Open Adobe Photoshop and select the Import option at File.



  • Step 2: Select Image

    Once the logo has been imported, move your cursor to the menu bar to select Image, and then Image Size.


  • Step 3: Increase the Resolution

    A dialog box will appear, select the ‘Fit to’ dropdown menu to click on the desired resolution. It can be random or one of the default options. Increase the resolution to 300pi.


  • Step 4: Finishing Touches

    Enter the new values for width and height. After that, check the ‘Resample’ box and choose ‘Preserve Details 2.0 ‘ from the menu. And that is how you increase the resolution for your PNG logo.



Can I resize the logo to a smaller size to improve the quality?

Not really, if your logo’s quality is not good, to begin with, resizing it is not a helpful option.

What other tools can I use to improve my logo’s resolution?

If you do not have Adobe Photoshop, you can use free online editing tools which can help you achieve the same objectives.

What are the dimensions of a logo?

The dimensions of a logo are width, which is the depth of the image, and height, which is the length of the image area.