How to Make Stickers with SVG Files

Customizing stickers is not as tricky as it sounds. Just pick out your favorite SVG images and prepare them for Cricut as this article will help you get down to the process on cruise control. how-to-make-stickers-with-svg-files

How to Make Stickers with SVG Files

Cricut Design Space is an incredible software that helps you get more creative. And if you have some SVG images out there that need to be flaunted, get them in print using these easy steps on how to turn those into stickers.

  • Step 1: Upload Your SVG File to Cricut Design Space


    For you to make a sticker using your SVG file, you need to launch your Cricut Design Space software. When you have it loaded on your canvas, head to the “Upload” button on the left side pane where all your tools are located. As you click on this, a dialog box opens where you are supposed to upload your file. Press the “Upload Image” button so you can select an image from your computer. Alternatively, you can just drag and drop your SVG to the canvas.

  • Step 2: Add the Uploaded SVG to the Canvas


    When the uploading process is finished, head over to “Recent Uploads” and click on the file you just uploaded. Then, head over to the “Add to Canvas” button at the bottom right. This will take you to the full view of your canvas with your SVG file.

  • Step 3: Set the File to the Allowable Sticker Size in Cricut Design Space


    While your SVG file can be scaled up and down without breaking or losing its quality, Cricut Design Space can only accommodate 9.25 × 6.75 inches, at most. So make sure your sticker’s dimension does not exceed the acceptable sizes. Do other adjustments and enhancements you need for the image before it goes in print.

  • Step 4: Send It to Print


    Once you have done all the necessary editing and flattening of the objects in the image file, go over to the top right button that says, “Make It”, and hit it. In the “Make” window, you can begin the process of printing. Start with the “Print Setup”. Check on it and if everything is okay press “Print”. Another dialog box will pop up, configure everything according to the type of print you want and the machine you use, and then click “Print” to begin printing your sticker.


Is it possible to make custom stickers with SVG Files in Cricut?

Yes, you can make custom stickers using a Cricut cutting machine, following the steps illustrated above.

What are needed to make custom stickers with SVG?

You need your SVG files, a Cricut maker such as Cricut Design Space, a printer, a printable vinyl, and a paper trimmer or scissors to cut the sticker paper where your design is printed.

Can SVG be turned into a sticker?

Yes, just make sure you have Cricut Design Space on your computer to make the whole task easy and attainable.

Can SVG files be printed on paper?

It is best to convert your SVGs to PDF format if you are printing them on regular paper.