How to Reduce PNG File Size

It helps to know how to reduce PNG file sizes. Especially since illustrators and artists may want to upload their illustrations in a lot of sizes online. how-to-reduce-png-file-size-featured-header

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How to Reduce PNG File Size

PNG files can be uploaded and shared on all sorts of online platforms. Whether it’s a drawing, photo, or visual illustration, PNG is a great file type to go. Here are the steps on how to reduce it to the size one prefers.

  • Step 1: Open PNG image

    The first step users need to do is to choose and pick the PNG image that they wish to resize. This is to double-check and ensure that they are resizing the right image especially if it has similar images placed together.


  • Step 2: Use Software or Third-Party Tools

    You can use software like Adobe Photoshop or third-party tools easily found online, to resize the PNG image.


  • Step 3: Upload PNG Image

    Next, upload the PNG image to the editing software/third-party tool. With the editing software, you can do this by clicking Insert and picking the Upload Image option. With third-party tools, you can upload them right away as they tend to have an Upload button that is seen right away.


  • Step 4: Choose New Size

    With the tools you have chosen, you can easily pick a new size to render your PNG image. Once you have confirmed it, save the image in its new size, and upload it wherever you wish to share it!

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What is one reason to resize a PNG image?

One reason to reduce a PNG image is to meet upload requirements for an online platform.

Can you reduce the size of a PNG image using other file formats?

Yes, you can do so by uploading it to another software and then saving it as another file format.

Does resizing a PNG file affect the image quality?

Yes, resizing the PNG image can affect the quality of the image.

What are two other methods of resizing a PNG image?

Two other methods include saving the PNG image in grayscale or compressing the PNG file.

What is two editing software that can help resize a PNG file?

Editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator can resize a PNG file.