How to Save GIMP as PNG

GIMP is open-source software that anyone can use to make art and images. This will enhance your experience working on it when you find out how to save GIMP as PNG. how-to-save-gimp-as-png

How to Save GIMP as PNG

Working on GIMP to make PNG files is pretty easy. Find out how with these easy steps.

  • Step 1: Open GIM>how-to-save-gimp-as-png-step-01

    To get started on saving an image as PNG, open your GIMP app.

  • Step 2: Insert Image

    Next, you can insert the image you wish to save as PNG. You can do this by either clicking on insert or by creating an image with the tools.

  • Step 3: Click on File and Export As

    Move your cursor to the top of the screen and click on File. A dropdown will appear, and from there click on Export As.

  • Step 4: Select File type

    A new window will appear where you can adjust and rename your file. Choose the PNG option on the file type and click Export.



What is GIMP?

GIMP is open-source and free editing software that can be used to edit images.

Can I save multiple images as PNG in GIMP?

No, you can only save one image at a time as PNG files when using GIMP.

Is there a shortcut key I can use to Export GIMP files right away?

Yes, you can use the shortcut keys Shift, CTRL, and e, to export files in GIMP.