45+ Birthday Invitation Templates – PSD, AI

Birthday invitations play a vital role in giving information about a birthday celebration. It contains the details that are needed to be known by the invited guests so that they can be aware of the entire program of the birthday party. The design of a birthday invitation vary on the age of the person who will celebrate his or her birthday and other items that are related to the details of the event.

It may not be necessary to have a birthday invitation for some but we suggest that you create one as it will sum up all the things that will happen in the event and there are a lot of advantages that it can provide not only to the guests but also to the host of the party. For one, Invitation cards like those that are used for a birthday party can outline the entire program flow, and it can also help people to know the activities that they will participate in.

Free Simple Happy Birthday Invitation Template


Free Download

Bowling Birthday Invitation


Free Download

Free Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Invitation


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1st Birthday Invitation Template

1st Birthday Invitation Card Template

1st Birthday Invitation Card TemplateDownload

1st Birthday Party Invitation

1st Birthday Party InvitationDownload

Frozen Birthday Invitation Template

Free Frozen Birthday Invitation

Free Frozen Birthday InvitationDownload

Printable Frozen Birthday Invitation

Printable Frozen Birthday InvitationDownload

Frozen Birthday Party Invitation

Frozen Birthday Party Invitation


50th Birthday Invitation Template

Free 50th Birthday Invitation

Free 50th Birthday InvitationDownload

50th Birthday Invitation Card

50th Birthday Invitation CardDownload

Minecraft Birthday Invitation Template

Free Minecraft Birthday Invitation

Printable Minecraft Birthday InvitationDownload

Inclusions of a Birthday Invitation

A birthday invitation is more casual in nature compared to Meeting Invitations. The content and the design of a birthday invitation is more laid back, friendly, and approaching. A basic birthday invitation includes the following information:

  • The name of the birthday celebrant should always have the biggest font. For formal events, the full name is usually written in the invitation. However, it is more often that only the first name of the birthday celebrator is present in the invitation. This can either be because of the limited space of the invitation or it can also be for the purpose of making the invitation more casual and friendly in nature.
  • The date of the birthday should also be included in a birthday invitation. Be specific if the birthday celebration will be done on the exact date of the birthday or if it will celebrated on other dates because of various reasons. You can use any date formatting depending on the design of the birthday invitation and the overall design aesthetic that you want to apply in the birthday invitation.
  • The location of the birthday party is essential to be added in the information present in a birthday invitation. You can add details of land markers or you can even illustrate a map which can help the guests to locate the event proper easier.
  • The theme of the party must also be written in the birthday invitation as it will provide information about the suggested dress code and the items that the guests should be aware of regarding the birthday program.
  • Indicate the age of the celebrator so invited guests will be more precise in selecting the gift to give and for them to know the kind of party that they can expect.
  • The time of the celebration should be included in the birthday invitation so that guests will have an idea of the time that they are expected to be in the venue and the initial time that the birthday party is supposed to start.
  • Depending on the host or the organizer of the birthday party, a preview of the event program may also be included in the birthday invitation. It can just be made of words or phrases that can highlight the details of the activities and the items that will be present in the birthday celebration.
  • The contact information of the host or the organizer of the party may be included so that the invited guests can ask questions and inquiries about the birthday party. This can also be used to confirm the guests’ attendance.

Birthday Invitations for Newborns and Toddlers

If the birthday invitation that you are creating will be used to celebrate the birthday of either a newborn or a toddler, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • Use design items and materials that are light in terms of their visual appearance so that it can reflect the age of the baby or the toddler, the innocence that they have, and the celebration of their first years of existence in this world. A few of these design items include feathers, cotton candies, and soft textures. These items can also be used in a Baby Shower Invitation.
  • Use hues that are appealing to the eyes but are not overly striking. Your color palette may consist of earth tones, pastels, and acid-washed colors. You can also resort to the use of smudges, watercolor blots, and soft color mixtures.
  • Create a birthday invitation where all the design items and materials are child-friendly and appropriate to the age of the birthday celebrant and the guests. Remember that even if there are adults to supervise the babies and the kids, the theme of the party should  still be about the celebration of the life of the newborn or the toddler.

Birthday Invitation for Kids

Compared to the creation of birthday invitations for newborns and toddlers, it is actually way easier to decide about the design that will be applied in the birthday invitation to be used for the birthday celebration of kids and preteens. Kids in this age bracket already know what they want which allow the parents to collaborate with them regarding the theme of their birthdays. A few design items that are present in a birthday invitation for a kid’s birthday party are as follows:

  • Usually, it is the favorite character of the kid that is the focus of the theme of the party and the birthday invitation. Nowadays, common designs include the characters of Frozen, Minecraft, Hello Kitty, and Mickey Mouse. There are still a lot of characters out there so as a parent, you need to assure that you let your kid select from the options of the characters that your kid wants to be present in the birthday invitation.
  • Kid-friendly patterns can also be used in birthday invitations. More often than not, these patterns concern the dreams and aspirations of the kids like the jobs that they want to take in the future and the field of study that they want to enter. A few design patterns used in birthday invitation for kids include nautical designs, cartoon medical equipment and tools arranged in a particular pattern, and different kinds and sets of animals.
  • Color and design selection is also easier as kids are already aware of their favorites in this specific age range. It all depends on the cohesion of the items present in the birthday invitation that these items can be applied appropriately.

Birthday Party Invitation Template

Free Birthday Party Invitation

Free Birthday Party InvitationDownload

Birthday Party Invitation Card

Birthday Party Invitation CardDownload

40th Birthday Party Invitation

40th Birthday Party InvitationDownload

Birthday Invitation Card Template

Kids Birthday Invitation Card

Kids Birthday Invitation CardDownload

Sample Birthday Invitation Card

Sample Birthday Invitation CardDownload

Free Birthday Invitation Template

Free Printable Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Birthday InvitationDownload

Free Birthday Invitation Card

Free Birthday Invitation CardDownload

Birthday Invitation for Adults

The invitations to be used for an adult’s birthday celebration is the easiest to do as the person who will celebrate his or her birthday probably have already made plans in terms of the materials that will be used in the celebration unless it comes as a surprise. In designing a birthday invitation for adults, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • If the birthday of the adult is considered as a milestone, you can use the color associated with the milestone. As an example, you can use the color gold for an adult who will celebrate their 50th birthday. You can use the color as the background of the birthday invitation or you can just incorporate it in the design items that you will use.
  • Since it is for an adult’s birthday celebration, the design of the document must be more toned down compared to those that are used for children parties. Mostly, it is only composed of a single colored background and a striking text that can exude both elegance and simplicity.
  • The usual themes that can be incorporated in a birthday invitation for adults include classics; retro; vintage; and anything that is related to passion, wisdom, and longevity.

The Birthday Invitation Format

The birthday invitation that you will use for inviting people at a birthday celebration can be presented in any of the following manners:

  • You can use a birthday flyer and put all the information needed to be known by the guests in a single document so it will be easier for them to know the information of the birthday celebration in just one viewing. Birthday flyers are easy to create as it does not need to consider of a lot of pages to be designed. All you need is design a sheet and put the birthday celebration details in it. Invitation Flyer Designs also vary depending on the visual aesthetic that is being targeted by the party host and organizer.
  • If you think that a birthday flyer is too modern for you, you can opt to use the classic birthday card invitation. This type of invitation format is a sheet of paper folded into two where the cover page only consists of a preview and all the information of the birthday celebration is written inside the document. Aside from its usage in birthday celebrations, there are still a lot of Invitation Cards that you may use in different events which you may view in the link provided.
  • You can also make use of a birthday invitation with a number of pages. This kind of birthday invitation took inspiration from a brochure format and is applicable for themed birthdays where there are a lot of phases or activities that will be done. Creating a brochure-inspired format can allow the host or organizer of the birthday celebration to distinguish different parts of the event in a clearer manner.
  • If you want your birthday invitation to be more original, you can use structured birthday invitations or those sheets that have unique cuts, textures, and designs. Of course, it will all depend on the theme of the party and whether the birthday celebrator would like to use a specific design that can make their birthday invitation stand out.

Surprise Birthday Invitation Template

50th Surprise Birthday Invitation

50th Surprise Birthday InvitationDownload

60th Surprise Birthday Invitation

60th Surprise Birthday InvitationDownload

Funny Surprise Birthday Invitation

Funny Surprise Birthday InvitationDownload

Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation Template

Baby Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation

Baby Mickey Mouse Birthday InvitationDownload

Printable Birthday Invitation Template

Free Printable Minecraft Birthday Invitation

Free Printable Minecraft Birthday InvitationDownload

Printable 21st Birthday Invitation

Printable 21st Birthday InvitationDownload

Vintage Birthday Invitation Template

Vintage Birthday Invitation Card

Vintage Birthday Invitation CardDownload

Vintage Retro Birthday Invitation

Vintage Retro Birthday InvitationDownload

Free Vintage Birthday Invitation

Free Vintage Birthday InvitationDownload

Baby Birthday Invitation Template

Baby 1st Birthday Invitation

Baby 1st Birthday InvitationDownload

Baby Boy Birthday Invitation

Baby Boy Birthday InvitationDownload

Blank Birthday Invitation Template

Free Blank Birthday Invitation

Free Blank Birthday InvitationDownload

Office Birthday Invitation Template

Formal Office Birthday Invitation

Formal Office Birthday InvitationDownload

Office Birthday Invitation Email

Office Birthday Invitation EmailDownload

Office Birthday Lunch Invitation

Office Birthday Lunch InvitationDownload

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation Template

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation Card

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation CardDownload

Sample Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation

Sample Hello Kitty Birthday InvitationDownload

Hello Kitty 1st Birthday Invitation

Hello Kitty 1st Birthday InvitationDownload

Birthday Invitation Vector Template

1st Birthday Invitation Vector

1st Birthday Invitation VectorDownload

Birthday Invitation Card Vector

Birthday Invitation Card VectorDownload

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation Vector

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation VectorDownload

Rustic Birthday Invitation Template

DIY Rustic Birthday Invitation

Diy Rustic Birthday InvitationDownload

Rustic Birthday Party Invitation

Rustic Birthday Party InvitationDownload

Free Rustic Birthday Invitation

Free Rustic Birthday InvitationDownload

Chalkboard Birthday Invitation Template

Chalkboard Birthday Party Invitation

Chalkboard Birthday Party InvitationDownload

Chalkboard 1st Birthday Invitation

Chalkboard 1st Birthday InvitationDownload

60th Birthday Invitation Template

60th Birthday Invitation for Him

60th Birthday Invitation for HimDownload

Free Chalkboard Birthday Invitation

Free Chalkboard Birthday InvitationDownload

Other Design Ideas for Birthday Invitations

If you are tasked to design a birthday invitation, here are a few suggestions that you can incorporate in the overall design of the birthday invitation:

  • You can use a themed invitation design that are based in real-life processes. As an example, you can use a chalkboard-themed birthday invitation. You can make use of different elements that are available in our daily functions and just make them extra special by incorporating the details of the birthday celebration.
  • Use specially designed materials like doodles, artworks, paintings, and other items that can make the birthday invitation look interesting and more put together. The items that you will use as a design can actually be the inspiration for the font style and colors that you will also incorporate in designing the birthday invitation that you are currently working on.

Importance of a Birthday Invitation

A birthday invitation is important to be used, given out, and followed for the following reasons:

  • It provides information about the birthday that is about to happen.
  • It allows the guest to prepare themselves and the items that they will bring during their attendance in the party.
  • It helps in providing excitement and anticipation about the birthday celebration.
  • It can be stored and used as a souvenir for those who have attended the party and the host of the birthday celebration as well.
  • It can serve as the material that can be compiled through the years so that a person will be able to see the different birthday celebrations that he or she’s had in a span of his or her life.

Truly, designing a birthday invitation is fun to do. Just make sure that all the items that you will put in the birthday invitation are accurate and up-to-date so that your guests will not be misguided in any way possible. More than the design of the birthday invitation, it is truly essential for you to think of the way that details are presented and relayed. We hope that the guidelines and information that we have provided can help you in all these items related in the creation of the design and the content of a birthday invitation.

Aside from our birthday invitation templates and samples, we can also provide you with samples of Wedding Invitation Templates and Graduation Invitation Cards for additional references.

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