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In this era of modern technology, a lot of people rely on sending their invitations through emails, social media platforms like Facebook, and text messages. Sadly, the art of inviting your family and friends to celebrate a special milestone in your life is lost. Although you can just send them invites using your computer or smartphone, nothing beats an interesting and artistic invitation card in creating a sense of excitement and anticipation.You may also see formal invitation template.

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We do not know about you, but we here at Template.net always prefer  a physical invitation card than invitations sent over text or Facebook messages. Take a look at these lovely sample dinner invitation templates and you will understand why.

Sample Floral Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

sample floral rehearsal dinner invitationFree Download

Free Sample Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

free sample rehearsal dinner invitation templateFree Download

Free Sample Dinner Invitation Template

free sample dinner invitation templateFree Download

Free Dinner Invitation Template

free dinner invitation templateFree Download

Formal Dinner Invitation Template

formal dinner invitation template3Free Download

Dinner Party Invitation to Edit

dinner party invitation to editFree Download

Rehearsal Dinner Party Invitation

rehearsal dinner party invitation2Free Download

Company Dinner Night Invitation Template

company dinner night invitation template3Free Download

Free Wedding Dinner Party Invitation

free sample wedding dinner party invitationFree Download

Formal Dinner Invitation

Formal Business Dinner Invitation

formal business dinner invitation8Download

Corporate Formal Dinner Invitation

corporate formal dinner invitation2Download

Graduation Dinner Invitation Template

College Graduation Dinner Invitation

college graduation dinner invitation1Download

Birthday Dinner Invitation Template

Surprise Birthday Dinner Invitation

surprise birthday dinner invitation3Download

Birthday Dinner Party Invitation

birthday dinner party invitation4Download

Dinner Party Invitation Template

Free Dinner Party Invitation

free dinner party invitation2Download

Sample Dinner Party Invitation

sample dinner party invitation2Download

Dinner Party Invitation Card

dinner party invitation card2Download

Dinner Meeting Invitation Template

Formal Dinner Meeting Invitation

formal dinner meeting invitationDownload

Business Dinner Meeting Invitation

business dinner meeting invitation2Download

Dinner Meeting Invitation Card

dinner meeting invitation cardDownload

Why Invitation Cards Are Still Important

An invitation card can be considered to be a highly integral part of any event. Let us take myself as an example the very reason why we have high regard with traditional invitation cards is that even the most expensive gift in the world cannot equal to the positive emotion conjured when receiving a simple card with a warm message in it. Even the most elaborate gift simply cannot match the time and effort the host went through just to send the invitation card to his or her guests.

Whether you will be hosting a formal or informal dinner party, your invitation card will not only make a first impression, but lasting one. How the design of your card come across to your invited guests can either make or break their thrill and excitement for the upcoming event. What makes an invitation card very important is that is sets the tone and stage of any event. They are the introductory element of your party, and that is why it is critical to choose an dinner invitation card design that is quite unique, has a wow-factor, and especially designed to match the setting of your party.

Fundamental Components of an Invitation

A formal invitation card should include these essential details:

  • The name of the person hosting the event
  • Invitational lines, such as “You are cordially invited” or “We request the pleasure of your company”
  • Date and time of the event
  • Location of the event
  • Instructions for replying in which you can provide a reply card or phone number
  • Disabled instructions, such as replying through fax or email
  • Attire

You can also check out from our website for more collections of party invitation templates, which you can download for free (although you may have to check commercial distribution restrictions).

Dinner Invitation Card Template

Wedding Dinner Invitation Card Template

wedding dinner invitation card template1Download

Annual Dinner Invitation Card Template

annual dinner invitation card templateDownload

Formal Dinner Invitation Card Template

formal dinner invitation card template1Download

Dinner Invitation Email Template

Business Dinner Invitation Email Template

business dinner invitation email templateDownload

Dinner Party Invitation Email Template

dinner party invitation email templateDownload

Printable Dinner Invitation Template

Free Printable Dinner Invitation

free printable dinner invitationDownload

Printable Dinner Invitation Card

printable dinner invitation cardDownload

Printable Dinner Party Invitation

printable dinner party invitation2Download

Free Dinner Invitation Template

Free Holiday Dinner Invitation

free holiday dinner invitation1Download

Free Sample Dinner Invitation

free sample dinner invitationDownload

Free Dinner Invitation Card

free dinner invitation card1Download

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

wedding rehearsal dinner invitation5Download

Sample Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

sample rehearsal dinner invitation1Download

Should You Go Digital or Traditional?

Since you chanced upon to read this article, you are probably be hosting a dinner party or event. And although we would like much to receive a traditional invitation card, which is personally handed to us or delivered to our mailbox, digital invitations have its own set of benefits too. No matter which type of invitation you will choose, it is important on your part as the host of the event, to be able to share the essential details with your guests.

So whether you are planning to go digital or traditional, we have gathered a list of advantages that comes with using either a digital or traditional invitation cards.

Digital Invitation

  • Cost effective – if you are tight on the financial department and think that you have more important things to spend your money on, then the perfect option for you is to go digital. It is most likely helpful in saving a large chunk of your budget.
  • Instant RSVP – this is probably one of the greatest advantages that comes with digital invitation cards because you do not have to wait for days to know whether your potential guests will be attending the event or not. They can simply click yes or no, and you receive an immediate answer to your invitation.
  • Easy updates – you do not have to worry if there are any changes on the location or date of your dinner event because you can easily inform or update your guests about it. This is because any update or changes in the event or invitation services sync will immediately sync to your guests’ calendars.
  • Online extras – you can create an event page in Facebook where you and your guests can comment and chat about the upcoming dinner party.

Traditional Invitation Cards

  • Style and design – if you are planning to host a formal dinner party, it is only right to send your guests a physical invitation card rather than informing them about the event through email. Traditional invitation cards come in a wide variety of styles and designs to match the theme of your formal dinner party. But who says it is only for formal occasion? Whether you hosting a barbecue party or a simple thanksgiving dinner, sending invitation cards with a cool style and design can absolutely elevate an informal occasion.
  • Mail to your guests’ address – certainly, not all your guests have a Facebook account. Think about your grandma, your great-aunt Penny, or even a friend who has renounced social media. They can still make it to the party because you can send them invites to through mail.
  • Avoid extended invitations – unlike digital invites, traditional invitation cards make it clear who are invited to the event. You can put the names of the invited guests on the card and avoid any possibility of unknown “plus ones.”
  • More private – since the use of traditional invitation cards avoid extended invitations, you are assured that your dinner party is private and exclusive to your family and friends. Unlike creating a Facebook event where there is a potential risk of being shared to uninvited guests. And surely, you do not want to offend those uninvited guests.

There is definitely no right or wrong option when inviting your guests for your dinner party. The most crucial thing to do is to decide what is best for you and your beloved guests. Only then you will know whether to go digital or tradition when sending invites. What is important is that you and your guests have gathered and shared a dinner to remember. Do not also forget to take a look through our collection of printable dinner invitations for more ideas and inspirations.

Business Dinner Invitation Template

Company Dinner Invitation Template

company dinner invitation template1

Business Dinner Meeting Invitation

business dinner meeting invitation3Download

Professional Dinner Invitation Template

Professional Dinner Invitation Template

dinner invitation template1

Professional Business Dinner Invitation

professional business dinner invitation3Download

Professional Dinner Invitation Email Template

professional dinner invitation email templateDownload

Sample Professional Retirement Dinner Invitation

sample professional dinner invitation2Download

Anniversary Dinner Invitation Template

Wedding Anniversary Dinner Invitation

wedding anniversary dinner invitation4Download

Anniversary Dinner Party Invitation

anniversary dinner party invitation2Download

Anniversary Dinner Invitation Card

anniversary dinner invitation card2Download

Retirement Dinner Invitation Template

Free Retirement Dinner Invitation

free retirement dinner invitation1Download

Teacher Retirement Dinner Invitation

teacher retirement dinner invitationDownload

Holiday Dinner Invitation Template

Company Holiday Dinner Invitation

company holiday dinner invitation1Download

Office Holiday Dinner Invitation

office holiday dinner invitation2Download

Business Holiday Dinner Invitation

business holiday dinner invitation4Download

Team Dinner Invitation Email Template

team dinner invitation email template

More Tips Here!

Paper Options

If you are looking for the perfect dinner invitations to send to your guests, one of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing an invitation card is the type of paper to be used. While a lot of people may take the stationery for granted, it is crucial to know that the kind of paper you choose can have an impact on your invitation.

Here are the most common types of paper in use:

  • Standard gloss – a heavier and more durable option. It also makes the graphics and colors of the card look more vibrant.
  • Matte – a great alternative to the standard gloss paper. Its texture allows the elements to shine.

So, what is the perfect paper option? If you are more focused on the design and imagery of the card, then go for the gloss stock; but if it is the texture you want, then the matte paper stock is perfect for you.

Invitation Envelope

Just like an invitation card, the invitation envelop can come in wide range of colors and sizes. It is very much obvious to match the size of the envelope with your dinner invitation cards. So how do you choose the right color of the envelop to match your event? First up is to consider how you want to mail your card.

Should you need to print the addresses of your guests, avoid choosing dark colors, instead go for light-colored envelopes. Although, they may not have an elegant factor, you can have the option to add design elements.Make sure to leave a room, however, for the address and postage on the right side. Envelopes make your invitation more interesting by bringing in colors from the design either through the color of the envelop itself, or your chosen printed design.

Why Download Our Dinner Invitation Templates?

Rather than sending your guest with dull, rectangular-shaped invitation cards, why not take a look through the collection of dinner invitation templates from our website? Aside from being skillfully designed by experts, they are free to download. What is even great is that you can customize our invitation cards according to your personal style and preferences. They also come in different designs and format for your convenience.

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