35+ Dinner Invitation PSD Templates

Dinner events have been a staple in everyone’s life because no matter what day or season it is, there is always a reason throw a fancy and entertaining dinner party. Gathering your friends, family or colleagues for dinner is a great way to create a venue to mix, mingle and know each other better as well as to catch up and bond together. There are different kinds of dinner parties, such as wedding rehearsals, prom nights, corporate galas, charity fundraisers, holiday gatherings and family get-togethers among others.

Every one of us must have been invited to one of these events, or perhaps hosted a dinner party. Then, you should know that one of the important things to prepare is the invitation. Invitations are essential to make your dinner parties successful that’s why here at Template.net, we offer you a collection of Invitation Templates for your dinner parties. These templates are in PSD format so it would be easy for you to modify them according to your needs and preferences. So, don’t hesitate to browse through this collection and we’re sure you’ll find what you need.

Dinner Party Invitation in PSD

Birthday Dinner Party Invitation



Dinner Party Invitation Card



Holiday Dinner Invitation in PSD

Holiday Dinner Party Invitation



Holiday Progressive Dinner Invitation



Christmas Holiday Dinner Invitation



Business Dinner Invitation in PSD

Annual Business Dinner Invitation



Free Business Dinner Invitation



Business Dinner Event Invitation



Rehearsal Dinner Invitation in PSD

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation



Free Rehearsal Dinner Invitation



Wedding Dinner Invitation in PSD

Wedding Dinner Invitation Card



Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation



Different Kinds of Dinner Parties

Before you start designing or choosing you dinner party invitations, take a look at the different types of parties that are held at night so you’ll get a better understanding of the event and choose the right design for your invitations.

  • Weddings. Perhaps one of the most common celebrations that happen at least once in the life of everyone, wedding celebrations can be done at any time of the day but mostly during dinner after an afternoon ceremony where the newlywed couple shares their first evening together with friends and families.
  • Engagement parties. Yet, before the wedding, an engagement party is held to celebrate a couple’s engagement and to provide a venue for future wedding guests and family members from both sides to get to know each other. Usually, engagement parties are hosted by the parents as it officially kicks off the wedding festivities.
  • Birthday parties. Whether it’s your child’s first birthday or a milestone party for your patriarchs or matriarchs, a birthday party invitation card is necessary to let acquaintances, close friends, and family members join the celebration and give their birthday wishes to the celebrant as he or she comes of age.
  • Business parties. Parties do not need to be personal all the time as companies can also organize events for their employees and executives to celebrate achievements and to boost employee and member morale as well as to mix and mingle socially. It helps build good relationships between the members of the organization.
  • Cocktail parties. Cocktail parties were popular during the 19th and 20th centuries but they are making a comeback. They allow you to host and entertain a large group of people without having a formal sit-down dinner. This type of event is usually held at the host’s home or a rented venue for a more formal affair.
  • Holiday parties. Holiday parties include Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and other holidays that are based on religion. Although most holiday parties are celebrated with families, you can always gather your friends or coworkers to make sure you don’t celebrate these occasions alone and create an awesome party together.

If you’re looking for another compilation for a more specific event, you can check out our collection of Birthday Invitation Templates and Wedding Invitation Templates available on the website.

Birthday Dinner Invitation in PSD

Birthday Dinner Party Invitation



Free Birthday Dinner Invitation



Birthday Dinner Invitation Card



Corporate Dinner Invitation in PSD

Corporate Dinner Invitation Card



Corporate Cocktail Dinner Invitation



Corporate Celebration Dinner Invitation



Dinner Invitation Card in PSD

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation



Wedding Dinner Party Invitation



Simple Dinner Invitation



Formal Dinner Invitation in PSD

Corporate Formal Dinner Invitation



Formal Business Dinner Invitation



Formal Dinner Party Invitation



Farewell Dinner Invitation in PSD

Retirement Farewell Dinner Invitation



Farewell Dinner Party Invitation

Farewell Dinner Party Invitation


Vip Dinner Invitation PSD

-Vip Dinner Invitation Card



Differences between Formal and Casual Dinner Parties

Another thing to consider in choosing the perfect invitation is the type of dinner party you’re hosting as they can either be formal or casual. Whatever you prefer, it is important to get to know the differences between these two events so that the right elements are used in your invitations.

  • Timing. Although both formal and informal dinners can be scheduled any day of the month and year the host wishes, most formal dinners happen when there is a life-changing announcement is made, like an engagement or a change of management for businesses.
  • Guests. For formal dinners, only invited individuals are expected to come. This is because they usually cost a lot more than informal ones as it usually requires fine dining. So, the number of guests is predetermined to avoid overspending and getting short on the budget.
  • Meals. Formal dinners usually serve multiple, usually a five-course, meals with demitasse, brandy, and liquors. All food is served from the kitchen and services are performed by butlers and staffs, while casual dinners can be prepared together by the host and guests.
  • Dress code. One difference of a formal dinner from the informal one is the dress code. People wear dresses and tuxedos for formal dinners as a specific event protocol. Although you can ask your guests to dress in costumes or with a theme, casual dinners just require casual outfits.
  • Entertainment. The kind of music being played in formal dinners should be soft such as jazz and ballroom and played in the background rather than music that sets the mood for dancing or singing which are perfect for gatherings with friends and families.
  • Venue. Also one of the recognizable differences of a formal dinner is the order of service and seating protocols. This is usually possible in Michelin restaurants or an upscale ballroom with chandeliers. While casual dinners can be done at home or some local restaurants.

For formal party invitation ideas, take a look at our collection of Formal Party Invitations. For other types of parties, check out our Free Party Invitation Templates for fun and exciting ideas.

Anniversary Dinner Invitation in PSD

Wedding Anniversary Dinner Invitation



Anniversary Dinner Invitation Card



Valentine Dinner Invitation in PSD

Valentine’s Day Dinner Invitation Card



Valentine’s Day Dinner Party Invitation



Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation in PSD

Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner Invitation



Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation Card



Graduation Dinner Invitation in PSD

College Graduation Dinner Invitation



Retirement Dinner Invitation in PSD

Retirement Dinner Party Invitation



What Should Your Invitations Include

Whether you planning a formal or a casual dinner party, there are some basic details that you should not forget to include in your invitations. Just like the templates on this page, you can edit these details according to your specifications and needs.

  • Type of event. A dinner event can be formal or casual, so you should indicate that on the invitation as well as the specific type of event based on what kind of occasion is being celebrated or why the gathering is being held. In this way, guests would know how to prepare for it.
  • Name of the honoree. Dinner events can be held as birthday or retirement celebrations, so the name of the person in which the event is held for should also be indicated in the invitation, although not necessary. Through this, guests will know how to address the person.
  • Important details. Important details such as the date, time, location and basic agenda should be prominently stipulated in the invitation. People usually look for these things when they receive invitations, so you have to make them clear to avoid misinformation and miscommunication.
  • Level of formality. The kind of invitation that you should prepare, alongside other factors, should be based on the level of formality of the event. Formal dinners require elegant invitations while less posh parties and casual ones can have invitations that are fun and interesting.
  • Plus ones and dress codes. In your invitation, you should also indicate whether a guest can bring another guest or not. A formal dinner requires a formal dress code, so make sure to inform guests as not to make them out of place; while it is expected for casual dinners to wear clothes.
  • Specifics. Sometimes, guests can bring a bottle of wine or dessert to a casual gathering, especially if it’s among friends or families. If you’re having a themed dinner party, indicate what type of attire should guests wear in accordance to the theme of the occasion.

Invitations should not just inform its recipients about the event but should also tend to impress upon reaching the hands of guests. The way the design and content present itself show how much the event meant to its organizers and how much effort they have put in. Therefore, much thought should always be given to its design. That’s why we also offer you a compilation of Black and White Party Invitations to inspire you and choose the appropriate invitation for your dinner events.

Although invitation cards seem pretty useless after the event, beautiful and creative cards do not seem to have this dilemma. Most of the time, guests hold on to them for a while and even end up keeping them for good, as they are used as souvenirs or sources of inspiration for the next event that they are going to host. Therefore, make sure to check out our Free Printable Party Invitations as well.

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