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Events and parties are vital parts of one’s social life and most people have surely attended one at least once in their lives. From evening weddings to prom nights, from corporate galas to charity fundraisers, events differ in different contexts such as the kind of meals, drinks, and entertainment incorporated in the festivities. They can also be categorized into formal and casual events but one common thing about them is the need for an invitation to inform attendees of the basic details they need to know before going. It includes what and who the event is for as well as the date, time and location of the event.

Planning an event is a huge task and getting people to come for the event is one of the things you have to do.  For most occasions and parties being held, invitation cards play an important role in organizing and making the event successful. On this article, we will discover the different elements of designing invitation cards. We also provide templates of various invitation designs that you can download and use for your own events.  These templates are editable so you can change the details on your chosen invitation card according to your needs and preferences. Also, make sure to check out other articles of PSD Invitation Templates available on our website.

Business Event Invitation Design

Formal Business Event Invitation Template



Business Decline Event Invitation

-Decline Business Event Invitation


Business Networking Event Invitation



Corporate Event Invitation Design

Corporate Bowling Event Invitation

-Corporate Bowling Event Invitation


Formal Corporate Event Invitation

-Formal Corporate Event Invitation


Corporate Family Event Invitation

-Corporate Family Event Invitation


Annual Event Invitation

Annual Employee Event Invitation

-Annual Employee Event Invitation


Annual Meeting Event Invitation

-Annual Meeting Event Invitation


Annual Planning Event Invitation

-Annual Planning Event Invitation


Appreciation Event Invitation

Donor Appreciation Event Invitation

-Donor Appreciation Event Invitation


Customer Appreciation Event Invitation

-Customer Appreciation Event Invitation


Dinner Event Invitation

Business Dinner Event Invitation

-Business Dinner Event Invitation


Dinner Party Event Invitation

-Dinner Party Event Invitation


Corporate Thanksgiving Dinner Event Invitation

-Corporate Dinner Event Invitation


Types of Events that Need an Invitation

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of events ranging from formal to informal ones, and there are events that need an invitation card while some can forego its necessity. Here are some events where invitation cards are important.

  • Business or corporate events. Parties do not need to be personal all the time as companies can also organize business events or conferences for their employees and executives to mix and mingle socially. It is an integral part of a company’s dynamics as it helps build good relationships between the members of the organization.
  • School events. School events include foundation days, batch reunions, family day, sports day, recitals, plays, and other events held in the school. These events are usually held to showcase what their student’s learned in the institution, therefore, it is just sensible to invite their parents and guardians to share their children’s achievements.
  • Dinner parties. Wedding rehearsal dinners and charity fundraising events are just examples of parties that are held during dinner. Most of these dinner parties, especially corporate ones, are formal events. Thus, invitation cards are given to sponsors and donors to maintain a sense of class and professionalism.
  • Holiday parties. Although most holiday parties such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are celebrated with families; there are times when it is celebrated with a group of friends or coworkers. To make sure you don’t celebrate these occasions alone, you can give out dinner or team lunch invitation cards and create an awesome party together.
  • Birthday parties. Whether it’s your child’s first birthday or a milestone party for your patriarchs or matriarchs, a birthday party invitation card is necessary to let acquaintances, close friends, and family members join the celebration and give their birthday wishes to the celebrant as he or she comes of age.
  • Weddings. Weddings are one of those significant events as it marks another chapter of a person’s life. Therefore, it is best to share it with the closest and most important people in your life. Because of this, a wedding invitation card is imperative as one way to announce the special event as well as invite them to come and join you.
  • Other events. Other events that require an invitation includes speaking engagements or performance requests which ask individuals to speak at conferences and seminars or music groups or artists to perform at functions or recitals. The type of invitation these events require is different from the rest as they include payments given to the invited guest for attending the event.

For other invitation designs for specific events, you can check out our collection of Sample Graduation Invitations and Housewarming Party Invitations available on this website.

Golf Event Invitation

Golf Tournament Event Invitation Template

-Charity Golf Event Invitation


Golf Outing Event Invitation

-Golf Outing Event Invitation


Lunch Event Invitation

Corporate Lunch Event Invitation

-Corporate Lunch Event Invitation


BBQ Lunch Event Invitation

-BBQ Lunch Event Invitation


Bridal Lunch Party Event Invitation

-Lunch Party Event Invitation


Ladies Event Invitation

Ladies Event Party Invitation

-Ladies Party Event Invitation


Ladies Kitty Party Event Invitation

-Ladies Kitty Party Event Invitation


Party Event Invitation

Birthday Party Event Invitation

-Birthday Party Event Invitation


Christmas Party Event Invitation

-Christmas Party Event Invitation


Freshers Party Event Invitation

-Freshers Party Event Invitation


Potluck Event Invitation

BBQ Potluck Event Invitation

-BBQ Potluck Event Invitation


Potluck Dinner Event Invitation

-Potluck Dinner Event Invitation


Different Ways to Invite Guests to your Events

Aside from handing out cards, invitations can also be given out in many different ways. Even so, they all serve the same purpose, to set the tone for an event and to provide basic information to guests and help them decide whether or not they can or want to attend.

  • Handwritten invitations. For intimate affairs such as luncheons and small dinner parties where guests are just a handful in number, handmade invitations are usually sufficient and cost effective. These invitations are written in pretty pieces of stationery where you can add a lot of personal touches such as individual notes for each invited individual. This level of intimacy and personalization is perfect for handmade wedding invitation cards.
  • Electronic invitations. With the popularity of text and email messages, it is just practical nowadays to send out invitations electronically. Using them have a number of benefits including saving on postage and printing costs, the ability to send out large amounts of invitations at once, and getting RSVPs almost immediately.
  • Stock invitations. Contrary to handwritten invitations, stock invitations are made form heavy stock stationery and may take some time to design, print and send out as they are usually in large volumes. Examples of these are those for weddings, corporate parties or a 5oth birthday celebration. Party invitations often include an RSVP to determine the number of guests coming.
  • Flyer invitations. Most of the time, they are used to promote products but nowadays, the use of flyers to promote events, even for personal ones, are becoming popular. Flyer Invitations are usually used if you are planning to invite a gazillion guests as they cost way less than party invitation but with the same impact. You can also give them out to as many people as you want.

For more types of invitations and other ways to invite your guests, check out other Invitation Format options.

Welcome Event Invitation

Birthday Welcome Event Invitation

Birthday Welcome Event Invitation


Welcome Party Event Invitation

-Welcome Party Event Invitation


Welcome to Kindergarten Event Invitation

-Welcome To Kindergarten Event Invitation


Wedding Event Invitation

Wedding Event Party Invitation

-Wedding Party Event Invitation


DIY Wedding Event Invitation

-Diy Wedding Event Invitation


Modern Wedding Event Invitation

-Modern Wedding Event Invitation


Employee Event Invitation

Employee Engagement Event Invitation

-Employee Engagement Event Invitation


Email Event Invitation

Email Marketing Event Invitation

-Email Marketing Event Invitation


Free Email Event Invitation Template

-Free Email Event Invitation Template


Office Event Invitation

Office Party Event Invitation

-Office Party Event Invitation


Printable Office Event Invitation

-Printable Office Event Invitation


Corporate Office Event Invitation

-Corporate Office Event Invitation


Office Potluck Event Invitation

-Office Potluck Event Invitation

Printable Ladies Event Invitation

-Printable Ladies Event Invitation

Advantages of Having an Invitation

An invitation is the first thing your guests will receive that allows your guests to see a glimpse of what to expect on the day of the event. Aside from this and giving them the facts and details of the event, there are other advantages of giving out invitation cards than not sending any at all.

  • As a notification. There are many ways to announce the details of your event but to make sure your guests are given the accurate details, invitation cards are given out to notify them and ensure they do not forget to dress up and grace you with their presence.
  • As a reminder. Unlike an invitation made by word of mouth, cards provide a tangible way to remind your guests of the different and sometimes small details regarding your event such as the date, time, and location of the event among others.
  • Encourage guests. Stylish and creative invitations are your first opportunity to give your guests the right impression of what your special event would be like. It’s also a good way to ignite their curiosity and generate their interest.
  • Keep you on track. With the different kinds of stationery that comes with invitations, such as save-the-date cards, evening rehearsals, and thank-you cards; it helps you identify which parts of the event are already prepared and which parts need attention.
  • Organize your guests. Invitation cards can be a great tool to organize your guests. Each RSVP received from the invitations sent allows you to modify seating arrangements and keep track of the number of attendees and decide on menu and cuisine requirements.
  • Show your creativity. As there are no standards for making invitation cards, you can play with the design and even the wordings inside the card to show your creativity. Even though they cost a lot of time to produce, you can enjoy making DIY cards which help you save money as well.
  • As souvenirs. A common misconception of invitations is that they are just pieces of paper and seems useless after the event. But in fact, some guests hold on to them for a while and even end up keeping them for good as souvenirs or sources of inspiration for another event.

In conclusion, invitation cards should not just inform recipients but should also tend to impress upon reaching the hands of guests. The way the design and content is presented shows how much the event meant to its organizers and how much effort they have put in. You can also check out other articles on this website for more design ideas, like our collection of Event Invitation Postcards and some Sample Invitation Cards.

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