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Need some inspiration and emotional boosts in creating your wedding invitation? Are you looking for wedding invitation designs and themes? You’re destined to be here. Marriage is an important relationship milestone for every couple. The wedding vows, hugs, kisses, tears of joy, and beautiful faces of the guests, and, most especially, the love that the bride and the groom shares are priceless.

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It is indeed a special and inviolable union. It is a journey that calls for a celebration. Planning a wedding is so overwhelming and stressful, however. To lighten up the burden in planning a wedding party, you can simply check out and browse through our array of wedding invitation templates that provide  you with great, ready-made content. For more wedding invitation templates, you can check out the provided link.

Printable Wedding Invitation Template

printable wedding invitation template

Wedding Invitation Template

wedding invitation templateFree Download

Email Wedding Invitation Template

email wedding invitation templateFree Download

Wedding Thank You Invitation Template to Print

wedding thank you invitation template to printFree Download

Printable DIY Wedding Invitation

DIY Beach Wedding Invitation

diy beach wedding invitationsDownload

DIY Western Wedding Invitation

diy western wedding invitationsDownload

DIY Rustic Wedding Invitation

diy rustic wedding invitations1Download

DIY Pocket Wedding Invitation

diy pocket wedding invitations1Download

Printable Rustic Wedding Invitation

Sunflower Rustic Wedding Invitation

sunflower rustic wedding invitations1Download

Vintage Rustic Wedding Invitation

vintage rustic wedding invitations1Download

Autumn Rustic Wedding Invitation

autumn rustic wedding invitationsDownload

Rustic Garden Wedding Invitation

rustic garden wedding invitationsDownload

Rustic Modern Wedding Invitation

rustic modern wedding invitationsDownload

Printable Vintage Wedding Invitation

Modern Vintage Wedding Invitation

modern vintage wedding invitations1Download

Lace Vintage Wedding Invitation

lace vintage wedding invitations1Download

Floral Vintage Wedding Invitation

floral vintage wedding invitationsDownload

Vintage Rose Wedding Invitation

vintage rose wedding invitationsDownload

Vintage Destination Wedding Invitation

vintage destination wedding invitationsDownload

Printable Destination Wedding Invitation

Formal Destination Wedding Invitation

formal destination wedding invitationsDownload

Destination Themed Wedding Invitation

destination themed wedding invitationsDownload

Disney Destination Wedding Invitation

disney destination wedding invitations1Download

Rustic Destination Wedding Invitation

rustic destination wedding invitations2Download

Destination Ticket Wedding Invitation

destination ticket wedding invitations1Download

Printable Disney Wedding Invitation

Disney Pocket Wedding Invitation

disney pocket wedding invitationsDownload

Disney Princess Wedding Invitation

disney princess wedding invitationsDownload

Disney Frozen Wedding Invitation

disney frozen wedding invitations1Download

Disney Cinderella Wedding Invitation

disney cinderella wedding invitationsDownload

Why Are Weddings Special?

A wedding is a day of love and gratitude. It is a day that marks the couple’s entry to a new chapter in their life as husband and wife. It is also a day of gratitude because the couple will celebrate this most their big day with the people who made their union more special and complete. Here are some other reasons why weddings are important:

  • It marks the beginning. Marriage is considered as the beginning of a lifelong commitment. It is more than just mere physical union but also of emotional and psychological one. The couple will vow to be together in sickness and in health.
  • It represents oneness. In a wedding, the newlywed couple will become one. It is a considered as a bond regardless of what the future may bring them.
  • It is a celebration of love. Love is the bedrock of any marriage. It primary reason behind very wedding. Without it, a relationship will not withstand the test of times.

These are just some points that makes weddings a special ceremony. If you’re also interested with wedding invitation banners, we also have stellar and pretty templates for you. Don’t hesitate to check out and download them.

A Variety of Wedding Themes and Designs

Speaking of themes, we’ve provided here an array of themes that you can choose from. Here are some more of our featured themes:

  • Burlap themes. Burlap is defined as a strong coarsely woven cloth which is made of fibers or hemp and mostly used in interior design. In the realm of invitations, they are also used in wrapping up and sealing the design of your invitation. They will showcase an elegant and countryside vibe.
  • Funny Themes. This kind of theme will help the cheerful personality of the couple shine. By using this kind of theme, you can provide a comedic effect on your designs. It is a great theme because it is catchy and light. It can surely make your guests anticipate your big day.
  • Rustic theme. This is a unique and one of the favorites in terms of themes. It is simple yet elegant. Everybody loves the feels and vibe that a rustic theme provides. It creates an atmosphere of a simple country or rural life.
  • Vintage Theme. This theme will showcase the journey of the couple. Vintage designs are great in incorporating timeless elements and designs. The designs give an atmosphere of nostalgia. The guests will be given the chance to get to know more the dynamics and journey of the couple.
  • Glitz and Glamour: Everybody loves anything that sparkles. It will showcase silver and glittery objects and designs.

Hence, there are an collection of themes that you can choose from. From the classic designs to the modern ones. Try and choose a theme that matches the couple’s personality.

Printable Beach Wedding Invitation

Rustic Beach Wedding Invitation

rustic beach wedding invitationsDownload

Beach Theme Wedding Invitation

beach theme wedding invitationsDownload

Classy Beach Wedding Invitation

classy beach wedding invitationsDownload

Vintage Beach Wedding Invitation

vintage beach wedding invitations1Download

Destination Beach Wedding Invitation

destination beach wedding invitations1Download

Printable Handmade Wedding Invitation

Handmade Autumn Wedding Invitation

handmade autumn wedding invitationsDownload

Flat Handmade Wedding Invitation

flat handmade wedding invitationsDownload

Handmade Glitter Wedding Invitation

handmade glitter wedding invitationsDownload

Handmade Paper Wedding Invitation

handmade paper wedding invitationsDownload

Handmade Beach Wedding Invitation

handmade beach wedding invitations1Download

Printable Peacock Wedding Invitation

DIY Peacock Wedding Invitation

diy peacock wedding invitationsDownload

Vintage Peacock Wedding Invitation

vintage peacock wedding invitations1Download

Peacock Themed Wedding Invitation

peacock themed wedding invitationsDownload

Peacock Feather Wedding Invitation

peacock feather wedding invitationsDownload

Rustic Peacock Wedding Invitation

rustic peacock wedding invitations1Download

Printable Floral Wedding Shower Invitation

DIY Floral Wedding Shower Invitation

diy floral wedding invitations2Download

Free Floral Wedding Invitation

free floral wedding invitationsDownload

Hand Painted Floral Wedding Invitation

hand painted floral wedding invitationsDownload

Floral Handmade Wedding Invitation

floral handmade wedding invitationsDownload

Floral Themed Wedding Invitation

floral themed wedding invitationsDownload

Rustic Floral Wedding Invitation

rustic floral wedding invitations1Download

Printable Lace Wedding Invitation

Floral Lace Wedding Invitation

floral lace wedding invitationsDownload

DIY Lace Wedding Invitation


Lace Beach Wedding Invitation

lace beach wedding invitations1Download

Handmade Lace Wedding Invitation

handmade lace wedding invitationsDownload

Tri-Fold Lace Wedding Invitation

tri fold lace wedding invitationsDownload

Modern Wedding Invitation Etiquette

The tradition and practices in the making of wedding invitations has relatively changed overtime. Because of the advancement in technology, designers were also given a wide array of areas to explore and enhance a certain invitation. In line with this, here are some modern invitation etiquette that you may consider:

  • Don’t forget your save-the-dates. According to latest trends, save-the-dates are not really mandatory. Making use of them, though, can reap benefits for your wedding party. It provides significant advance reminder to the guests. Aside from the invitations itself, it is an additional notification so that your guests can make ample adjustments in their schedule in order be present in your big day.
  • There is no standard rule as to when you should start sending wedding invites. Based on trends, wedding invitations must be sent six to eight weeks in advance. But the decision rests on you. You can even send the date earlier than the stated one to ensure that your guests can make the necessary arrangements.
  • Be creative. Unlike traditional wedding invites, modern invitation give designers a bigger space to fly. There are a lot of options to choose from. They can even use software and program applications to make their invitations more modern and unique.

These are just some practices and ideas that you may consider. We also have a collection of modern wedding invitation designs that you can check out and download. Just click on the provided link to access them.

Basic Features of a Wedding Invitation

Like any other invitations, wedding invitations also follows a certain format. By definition, an invitation is defined as a written or verbal request inviting someone or a group of individuals to attend to specific undertaking or event. But still, you can provide additional features to your invitations.

  • Host line. The first line of the invitation is where you list the host of the wedding. Nowadays, the groom and bride can host the wedding. You can also add another line stating that together both the families of the bride and the groom are hosting the wedding.
  • Invitation line. In here, you need actually convey your intention to invite your guests. You should insert the names of your guests in order to avoid mixed up and confusions.
  • Information. This is the most important part of the invitation. You need to ensure that you add the correct venue for the party with the time and date.
  • Party line. You can be very creative in this part. It is in here that you can provide the things, food, and activities that the guests may look forward to in your wedding day.
  • Aside from them, you ca also add other important sections that you think are significant such as the requested attire for the said party.

These are just some of the basic elements of an invitation. If you’re interested with calligraphy wedding invitation designs, you can also check out our templates. Put all the best elements together, and it can be magic.

Printable Photo Wedding Invitation

Funny Photo Wedding Invitation

funny photo wedding invitations1Download

Tri-Fold Photo Wedding Invitation

tri fold photo wedding invitations1Download

DIY Photo Wedding Invitation

diy photo wedding invitationsDownload

Engagement Photo Wedding Invitation

engagement photo wedding invitationsDownload

Rustic Photo Wedding Invitation

rustic photo wedding invitations1Download

Retro Photo Wedding Invitation

retro photo wedding invitations1Download

Printable Pocket Wedding Invitation

Tri-Fold Pocket Wedding Invitation

tri fold pocket wedding invitationsDownload

Square Pocket Wedding Invitation

square pocket wedding invitationsDownload

Handmade Pocket Wedding Invitation

handmade pocket wedding invitationsDownload

Pocket Layered Wedding Invitation

pocket layered wedding invitationsDownload

Printable Ticket Wedding Invitation

Concert Ticket Wedding Invitation

concert ticket wedding invitationsDownload

Sports Ticket Wedding Invitation

sports ticket wedding invitationsDownload

Rustic Ticket Wedding Invitation

rustic ticket wedding invitationsDownload

Vintage Ticket Wedding Invitation

vintage ticket wedding invitationsDownload

Soccer Ticket Wedding Invitation

soccer ticket wedding invitationsDownload

Printable Blank Wedding Invitation

Blank Lace Wedding Invitation

blank lace wedding invitationsDownload

Blank Pocket Wedding Invitation

blank pocket wedding invitations1Download

Blank Beach Wedding Invitation

blank beach wedding invitationsDownload

Printable Burlap Wedding Invitation

DIY Burlap Wedding Invitation

diy burlap wedding invitationsDownload

Handmade Burlap Wedding Invitation

handmade burlap wedding invitationsDownload

Blank Burlap Wedding Invitation

blank burlap wedding invitationsDownload

Vintage Burlap Wedding Invitation

vintage burlap wedding invitationsDownload

Useful Tips in Designing Wedding Invitations

To hasten your pace in designing your invitations, here are some useful tips that you may consider:

  • Choose a theme that matches with the couple’s personality. In choosing the design or theme, draw inspiration from the interests and preferences of the bride and groom. In this way, their best characteristics will shine throughout the event.
  • Get your information right. The invitation must be brief and concise. Make sure to proofread the invitation in order to prevent errors which can mislead your guests. The invitation must provide information about the whats, whens, and wheres of your celebration.
  • Don’t be afraid to apply your creativity. You must lighten in up putting words and statements in the invitation. You must have fun wording it. The invitation must convey a stress-free vibe.

These are some useful tips that you may consider in designing your wedding invitations. In order to have more concrete examples and references, we also have other printable wedding invitation cards and wedding card designs.

Easy-to-Download Wedding Invitations

Indeed, wedding invitations are not that easy to create. There are a lot of details to take into account. In line with this, if you are pressed with time and needs a little push of inspiration in designing your invites, then you can simply download our templates. To do this, follow the simple steps below:

  • Choose a design. You can simply scroll down and check out the list of templates. While scrolling down, there are also bits of relevant information and facts that are associated with wedding invitations.
  • Click on the green Download button below your chosen template in order to start downloading.

Here at Template.net, we offer a variety of templates for you. They can serve as your reference and inspiration. Feel free to peruse and download our pages!

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