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One of the most memorable moments in your life is when you get married. Weddings are important and are always documented—from the shoes the bride wears, to the accessories you have, and even invitations. Which brings us to talking about wedding invitations.

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Here, we share a brief description for some wedding invitation templates you can use from our archives to create your own invitations from scratch or alter them to make them look more creative and presentable, depending on the style you would like your invitations to be in. You can also check out our website for Disney wedding invitation templates if you want a magical Disney-themed wedding every princess (or prince) has been dreaming of.

Wedding Party Invitation Template

wedding party invitation template
File Format

Size: 4×6 Inches, 5×7 Inches + Bleed


25th Wedding Anniversary Invitations Template

25th wedding anniversary invitations template
File Format

Size: 4×6, 5×7 Inches,+ Bleed


Wedding Photography Invitation Template

wedding photography invitation template
File Format

Size: 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Modern Wedding Invitation Template

modern wedding invitation template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US


Simple Wedding Invitation Template

simple wedding invitation template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US


Special Beach Wedding Invitation Template

special beach wedding invitation template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US


Elegant Wedding Invitation Card Template

elegant wedding invitation card template
File Format
  • Publisher
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop

Size: US


Watercolor Wedding Invitation Template

watercolor wedding invitation template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Publisher
  • Photoshop

Size: US


Floral Wedding Invitation

Rustic Floral Wedding Invitation

rustic floral wedding invitationDownload

Floral Wreath Wedding Invitation

floral wreath wedding invitation2Download

Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitation

watercolor floral wedding invitationDownload

Printable Wedding Invitation

Printable DIY Wedding Invitation

printable diy wedding invitationDownload

Printable Traditional Wedding Invitation

printable traditional wedding invitationDownload

Printable Retro Wedding Invitation

printable retro wedding invitationDownload

Rustic Handmade Wedding Invitation

rustic handmade wedding invitationDownload

Watercolor Wedding Invitation

Seashore Watercolor Wedding Invitation

seashore watercolors wedding invitationDownload

Watercolor Flower Wedding Invitation

watercolors flower wedding invitationDownload

Printable Watercolor Wedding Invitation

printable watercolors wedding invitationDownload

Rustic Wedding Invitation

Rustic Bouquet Wedding Invitation

rustic bouquet wedding invitationDownload

Rustic Woodland Wedding Invitation

rustic woodland wedding invitationDownload

Why Are Wedding Invitations Important?

Wedding invitations are important because it is a method you can use to invite people over to an important event that is your own wedding. Without wedding invitations, you won’t be able to invite people or be able to inform your guests the details they need for your wedding, the program flow, the dress code, the wedding menu (to indicate certain dietary restriction or allergen information), and every other minute detail—unless you want a limited number of guests to attend your wedding or if you’re going for the “family only” type wedding.

Wedding Invitation Template Examples

There are different types of wedding invitation templates you can use to create your own wedding invitations. These templates will help you create and improvise designs depending on the theme of your wedding. Below are some wedding invitation templates that our website offers:

  • Rustic Floral Wedding Invitation – These types of invitations are commonly used for any theme in weddings. The design of this type of invitation include floral borderlines and overlays. They also consist of fancy font styles or font styles in script to give the invitation more style and look attractive. You can improve the designs of these templates by adding your own decorations for your invitations to have more appeal.
  • Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitation – You can use these types of invitations if you want to incorporate watercolor designs or patterns in your wedding invitations. This is also a good way to make your invitations more attractive. Designs this invitation may contain include watercolor-themed decorations and borderlines. They may also contain floral patterns or decorations to make your invitation look elegant. You may also improve the designs by adding your own decorations and changing the font to the style that best fits your needs.
  • Seashore Watercolor Wedding Invitation – You can use this type of invitation if you want to make a summer-themed or beach wedding invitation. The designs and decorations these types of invitations contain are usually bright and related to summer. (Think coconuts, powdery-white sand, and the sunset as your natural wedding background.) You can also use this type of invitation if you plan to have your wedding near the beach or the sea.
  • Watercolor Wedding Invitation – These types of invitations are commonly used if you want your invitations to contain watercolor design patterns and decorations. You can also add more watercolor design patterns to improve the existing patterns on the template. By using watercolor patterns to create your invitations, you can place more appeal in your invitations.
  • Rustic Paper Wedding Invitation – You can use these types of wedding invitations if you want to give textured paper invitations to your guests or attendees. The designs that this invitation may contain include a thick paper texture for the invitation itself, which you can use embossed font patterns as fonts to use for the details in your invitations.
  • Photo Wedding Invitation – These types of invitations usually have a lot of photos as decorations for the invitation. You can place your prenuptial pictures in your invitations to make them look more attractive as well and arouse more interest for your attendees. Other decorations that these types of invitations may contain include basic to intricate borderlines and overlays.

Choosing the right wedding invitation for your wedding is important. You wouldn’t want to have an invitation that does not match with your main wedding itself. Generally, being able to have a wedding invitation is important because it is also a formal way for requesting someone’s presence in your most special day. You can also check out our website for some destination wedding invitations and more free wedding invitation samples.

Wedding Party Invitation

DIY Wedding Party Invitation

diy wedding party invitationDownload

Photo Wedding Invitation

Photo Frame Wedding Invitation

photo frame wedding invitationDownload

Photo Bridal Shower Wedding Invitation

photo bridal shower wedding invitationDownload

DIY Wedding Invitation Wording

diy wedding invitation wordingDownload

DIY Wedding Invitation

DIY Paper Wedding Invitation

diy paper wedding invitationDownload

DIY Printable Wedding Invitation

diy printable wedding invitationDownload

What a Wedding Invitation Should Contain

Wedding invitations should contain accurate information to keep guests well informed for your wedding. Without complete or accurate details, your attendees would not know where to go or what the program flow will be since the program is also indicated in some invitations. Below are some details that a wedding invitation should contain which includes:

  • Guests’ Names – You will have to include to whom you will be sending your invitation so that the attendees will have a clear sense of being needed, feel special, or appreciated that you request for their attendance in your wedding.
  • Location – You will need to note down the location for both your church and where your reception will be in your invitation for your guests to know which church to go and location for the reception afterwards. You can also include maps of the venues or contact details of your event coordinators to help your guests with the location. If you plan to send your invitations through email, it would be advisable to send screenshots of the road to take going to the location or screenshot google maps of possible routes going to the location.
  • Program Flow – Your wedding invitations will need to have a schedule of the whole wedding program to keep your guests informed of the different activities that will be taking place in your wedding. You can also include the time for each program or duration per activity to keep your guests informed as much as possible.
  • RSVP Section – It is important for your guest to be informed by providing RSVP section where you can place either your contact details or your event coordinator’s contact details for your guests to call in if they have any concerns about the different activities in your wedding or any conflicts with their schedules or reservation requests. RSVP sections may also include your email address or your event coordinator’s email.
  • Wedding Participants – This is one of the most important detail you must include in your wedding invitations which are the participants in the wedding ceremony, like who the ring bearers and other sponsors will be and, most importantly, who’s getting married (if they don’t know yet). It is important to include this information to let your guests prepare in advance on the specific role they will take.
  • Title/Theme – Your wedding invitation should have a title or a theme that goes along with the design of your wedding invitation. It is also helpful to have a title or theme to give guests an idea on what the program will be like and attract the attendees to go to your wedding.

You can check out our website as well if you need more wedding invitation card templates or stylized burlap wedding invitations.

Beach Wedding Invitation

Nautical Beach Wedding Invitation

nautical beach wedding invitationDownload

Starfish Beach Wedding Invitation

starfish beach wedding invitationDownload

Rustic Beach Wedding Invitation

rustic beach wedding invitationDownload

DIY Beach Wedding Invitation

diy beach wedding invitationDownload

Modern Wedding Invitation

Modern Wedding Invitation Card

modern wedding card invitationDownload

Printable Modern Wedding Invitation

printable modern wedding invitationDownload

Modern Watercolor Wedding Invitation

modern watercolor wedding invitationDownload

Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

Chalkboard Floral Wedding Invitation

chalkboard floral wedding invitationDownload

Rustic Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

rustic chalkboard wedding invitationDownload

Personalized Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

personalized chalkboard wedding invitationDownload

Formal Wedding Invitation

Printable Formal Wedding Invitation

printable formal wedding invitationDownload

Formal Wedding Reception Invitation

formal wedding reception invitationDownload

Sending Your Invitations

There are different to where you can send your wedding invitations since you also have PDF copies of your invitations. Below are the following methods you can use to send your wedding invitations. It would also be advisable to send your wedding invitations as soon they are done or printed to let your guests know in advance of the details of your wedding, especially for the ones who have roles in your wedding ceremony. The following methods to send your invitations include:

  • Email – One of the most common methods of sending your wedding invitations is through email. Since you will have PDF copies of your invitations, you can send them through email as long as you have your guests email addresses and other contact information just to be sure. Some guests also prefer to receive invitations through emails for their apps to automatically schedule the event in their calendars. Others also prefer to receive them through email because they use their emails daily.
  • Mail – Another alternative method to sending your wedding invitations is through mail. If you want to send your invitations through mail, it would be advisable to send them as early as possible to prevent delays from the shipping time, which may also delay the time it gets for your guests to receive them. You should also use this method if your guests do not have access to emails, internet, or not familiar with using electronic devices.
  • Social Media – You can also use your social media to send your wedding invitations to your guests through private messages. This only works, though, if you and your guests are connected with a certain social media account. This is also and advantage because most people use social media today to be updated with their family and friends; at the same time, kids and adults mostly use this medium to communicate with family and friends living far from them,

You can also check out our website for more wedding invitation templates or wedding invitation card templates. Don’t forget to extend your stay here on Template.net by visiting more of our business and design templates on our archives!

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