40+ Invitation Templates in PSD

Being invited to a special occasion can be an honor. It’s a special bonding experience to have the privilege of celebrating an occasion with friends and family. If you’re planning on throwing a party yourself, why not invite others to join you? No one wants to celebrate a special occasion all by their lonesome self after all.

Fortunately, with these invitation templates in Photoshop document format, you can now give customized and stylish invites to your guests. You can use these as party invitations to make your party look even more fun and stylish.

Party Invitation

Farewell Party Invitation



Birthday Party Invitation



Anniversary Party Invitation



Event Invitation

Business Event Invitation



Annual Event Invitation



Business Invitation

Business Meeting Invitation



Business Dinner Invitation



Business Lunch Invitation



Meeting Invitation

Team Meeting Invitation



Meeting Dinner Invitation



Email Invitation

Email Wedding Invitation



Email Party Invitation



Email Birthday Invitation



Kinds of Invitations

There are many types of invitation templates that you’ll find on this list. Each one are easy to customized so that you can edit it to suit the mood of your party. With this list, you can find links to have your invitations made for you at a price.

The invitation templates you’ll find on this list are for:

  • Birthdays – For that one special time of the year for a certain individual. Celebrating someone’s birthday should be done surrounded by people who care. If you’re planning on hosting a party for someone whose birthday is coming soon, then you should set up a birthday invitation that will reflect the mood of the party.
  • Anniversaries – Never overlook how special a relationship that has survived through time. You can show your appreciation for your coworkers or your group by inviting them to an anniversary party. Make sure to customize the invitation card to reflect the mood of the party you’re hosting. Customize the invitation to reflect the appreciation for the bonds you share with others.
  • Graduations – It’s a special occasion to have someone finally graduate after years of learning. Throw them a party to congratulate them on their success. You can think up of a theme that they’ll like and invite their friends and family to come celebrate this occasion with you. Throw them a party to make them feel the success of their hard work and prepare them to enter a new future.
  • Dinners – Dinners are a special kind of bonding experience. They bring two families together much close. A stylish dinner invitation will set the mood for the receivers of it and will promise them good hospitality at your home more likely encouraging them to come over. Whether it’s for Thanksgiving or merely just dinner, invite your guests over for a good hearty meal and you’re sure to have a closer relationship with them.
  • Weddings – It’s always a beautiful sight to watch two individuals in holy matrimony. Make sure people are there to witness the event of two people being joined together by God by inviting them over with a stylish wedding invitation that reflects the mood and theme of the wedding itself.
  • Meetings – Though meetings are typically boring and a chore to go through, that doesn’t mean that your invitation has to be plain and boring as well. Probably the only time that making the invitation reflect the mood of what the recipient is being invited for is unadvised. Unless, of course you’re one of those guys working for a really fun company.

So, you see? Depending on what occasion you’re hosting, you can style any card to reflect the mood of what you are inviting others in for. A good and well styled invitation will make people more inclined to come to your party. If you’d like to go even deeper into invitations, then you can take a look at invitation card templates to help you out.

Graduation Invitation

DIY Graduation Invitation



College Graduation Invitation



Dinner Invitation

Dinner Party Invitation



Farewell Dinner Invitation



Birthday Dinner Invitation



Kids Invitation

Kids Birthday Invitation



Kids Party Invitation



Kids First Birthday Invitation



DIY Invitation

DIY Wedding Invitation



DIY Frozen Invitation



DIY Birthday Invitation



Anniversary Invitation

Company Anniversary Invitation



School Anniversary Invitation



Corporate Anniversary Invitation



Invitation Styles

The invitation templates offered to you on this list in Photoshop document format can easily be customized to suit your tastes in your own computer. You can add more designs to each individual card you send out whatever their purpose may be for. This can help each card send the message to the receivers that you are really putting quite the work into what you are inviting them in for.

This list provides you with links to certain websites that can help you know the format of the card you’re planning to make and then use Photoshop to edit them and customize them personally before printing them out. You can even customize them to whatever extent that you’d like.

What Invitations Are For

Invitations can be really touch the heart when it comes to human relationships. They invite friends and family over for a special bonding experience with us. Just the design of the invitation itself should tell the receiver how much effort you are really putting into what he is being invited for.

Invitations may seem like such a minuscule thing, but they can really help you out when you are gathering friends for whatever occasion you are celebrating. Never underestimate what invitations can do for your party.

What’s the Point of Having a Stylish Invitation?

Stylish invitations can convince people who are otherwise not really interested in attending your party to attend because first impressions matter. If your guests see a bland and plain invite, they would think that the party you’re hosting would reflect from that invitation and they really would not want to go there. Chances will be they’ll probably just come up with an excuse.

When you give away a well-made invitation, it will convince guests to come to your party after they see just how much effort you’re willing to put into attention to detail of what they are being invited for. Whether it’s for a business meeting or for a fun party, these invitations can help convince people to go to what you are hosting. That’s their point of having them.

Vintage Invitation

Baby Shower Vintage Invitation



Vintage Wedding Invitation



Surprise Invitation

Surprise Party Invitation



Surprise Birthday Invitation



Surprise Baby Shower Invitation



Ceremony Invitation

Cradle Ceremony Invitation



Opening Ceremony Invitation



Naming Ceremony Invitation



Lunch Invitation

Business Lunch Invitation



Team Lunch Invitation



Farewell Lunch Invitation



Corporate Invitation

Corporate Dinner Invitation



Corporate Party Invitation



Corporate Event Invitation


Tips on Giving Your Invitation Style

There are many things you can do to make your invitation card more stylish. Thanks to the fact that the invitations on this list are in Photoshop Document format, and editing them isn’t really all that challenging to make them stylish. You should pay attention to the level of detail of the invitation card you are handing out to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Here are things to consider when making your invitations stylish:

  • Design – Having an exotic design both from the inner and outer layers of your invitation cards will make it much better to look at from your guests perspective. That’s why it’s quite an important thing to put some consideration of your design for your invites. This is great for showing how much effort you’re willing to put to whatever it is that you’re hosting.
  • Format– How your invitation arranges itself can be quite important. You have to make sure that the invitations you’re sending out are actually readable but stylish. Font style and the size of words should be taken into consideration when making the invitations.
  • Color – The color of the invite may go against the overall design and theme of the card, so you should change it to a color that you think is suitable. Thankfully, it’s easy to do so since these invites are in Photoshop document format.
  • Theme– Themes of the invitation can reflect the theme of the party itself. Depending on what you are inviting guests over for, it’s a recommended idea to create a theme. It will give your invited guests an image of what the party is going to be about and will make the invitation reflect the mood of what you are hosting.
  • Props – It’s possible to add designs that don’t really count as part of the cards overall style. You can add props such as ribbons and glitter at the exterior to make the invitation look more aesthetic than it already is. You can do this after you’ve printed out the card from your computer. These props are a way of adding extra beauty to the invitation’s overall design, though not really a requirement.
  • Shape– Though not necessarily important in itself, it can make your invitations look more exotic. Whether be big or small, a square or a rectangle, or maybe even another shape entirely, the shape your invitation is going to be in can be relevant to the design itself.
  • Message – The most important part of the invite you should take into consideration. No matter how much effort you put into making your card look, it doesn’t matter nearly as much as the words that make up the invitation itself. This isn’t about the font style and size; this is for the wording of how you deliver your message across to the recipient. Make them feel valued and important for whatever it is that you are hosting. You can think up of words that will convince your guests to come over such as telling them that you will greatly appreciate their attendance is more than enough.

So, what do you think? Hopefully this list provided you with the best invite you can give for your guests. If you’re interested in going deeper into other invitations, take a look at these event invitation templates that aren’t in Photoshop document format.

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