13+ Team Dinner Invitations

Work operations and processes can really take a toll at the employee’s emotional and physical health or status. There are a lot of things that can affect an employee within the bounds of the workplace. Stress factors may come from irate clients, inefficient teammates, or any organizational problems that a specific department of a company faces.

Team dinners can be a way to take things light and assure that there is an open communication within the team. It allows people in the specific team to bond together and talk about things that they cannot talk about when they are at the workplace. A team dinner invitation is very important so that the team members will be aware of the information about the team dinner. Our Dinner Invitation Templates which can be used for team dinner invites and other dinner functions are available for download.

Sample Team Dinner Invitation Template


Team Dinner Invitation Template


Elegant Team Dinner Invitation Template

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Team Building Dinner Invitation



Christmas Team Dinner Invitation



Corporate Team Dinner Invitation



Team Dinner Invitation Wording



Team Building

A team dinner may be used as the grounds for people in a specific team to be open about different things while eating out with each other. It is not necessarily about the food that they eat but is mostly centered on the conversation that takes place while they are having dinner. A few things that can make a team dinner be a team-building activity are as follows:

  • It can be the venue where people in the team can actually talk about their personal struggles which affects their performance at work. It can help all the team members understand why a specific person acts the way he or she does on some days within the work place.
  • It can also be a way of sharing experiences at work which may be funny, strange, or can provide knowledge on what other team members can do should they be faced with the same situations.
  • Team members can also suggest changes that they want to see in terms of team dynamics. They can give their ideas and thoughts about certain matters as it is easier to tell them in an informal setting where everyone is ready to listen.
  • Team members can also sort out issues that have transpired in the workplace during this time.

Aside from our team dinner invitation samples, we also have other Invitation Templates, which you may use as invites for other functions.

Formal Team Dinner Invitation



Business Team Dinner Invitation



Funny Team Dinner Invitation



Team Dinner Email Invitation



Official Team Dinner Invitation



Information Included in a Team Dinner Invitation

Here are a few items that must be included in a team dinner invitation:

  • The name or description of the team that is to have a team dinner
  • The reason for the team dinner
  • The date and time that the team dinner is to happen
  • The location of the team dinner
  • Other important information that are needed to be known by the team members regarding the team dinner

Team Dinners for Special Occasions

The inclusions of a team dinner invitation depend on the reason why a team dinner has to be held. A team dinner may take place for the following reasons:

  • It can be because of a special date including the anniversary of a specific batch of employees in the department.
  • It can be for the celebration of the achievements of the team for a specific period of time.
  • It may also be a parting dinner before an employee leaves the team.
  • It can also be the venue to announce promotions and other improvements in terms of the team functions.

Aside from our team dinner invitations, you may also download our Get-Together Invitations which is usable for reunions and other gatherings of colleagues, friends, and relatives.

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