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40+ Canvas Textures – Free PSD, Vector EPS, AI Formats Download

Canvases are not just the drawing boards of artists. Canvases can be used for multiple other purposes. Canvas textures for one are extremely popular amongst photographers and designers. Today, we have for you a wide range of wonderful canvas textures. You can see also Rock Textures. From the typical plain white canvas texture, to multicoloured and vibrant canvas textures, there are all kinds of creative and innovative textures available. The canvas textures are easy to download and are free of cost. The textures can be used for multiple purposes and can enhance the beauty of your projects and photo texture. Here are some additional details about the canvas textures:

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Importance Of Canvas Textures

Canvas textures are used by artists, photographers and all kinds of designers. While the plain white canvas textures are easy to access, the more colourful and vibrant ones are often difficult to get a hold of. Now in the event that you’re an artist and have made your own abstract canvases, you may be able to click your very own canvas texture. You can also see 3D textures. But in some cases, photographers and graphic designers don’t quite have artistic skills and require ready to use canvas textures to enhance the appeal of their photos and projects. Thus having canvas textures is very important for those who have no direct access to artists and their very own canvas textures.

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Various Uses Of Canvas Textures

Just like a plain white canvas can be converted into a colourful and vibrant world, similarly canvas textures can give a whole new look to a designer’s projects or photographer’s photos. These wonderful canvas textures can be blended into photographs to give the photos a painting like effect. You can also see grass textures. Other places where canvas textures are often used is in posters, flyers, banners, wall hangings, handbags and various other items. The canvas textures can also be used on painting and colouring applications on the phone as well as the computer.

Available Varieties Of Canvas Textures

There are numerous types of canvas textures available for our patrons. The main categories of canvas textures available include plain canvas textures, seamless canvas textures, canvas fabric textures, paint canvas textures, black canvas textures and blank canvas textures. These categories are further subdivided into

  • single coloured canvases
  • multicoloured canvases
  • double coloured canvases
  • shaded canvases
  • painted canvases
  • sketched canvases
  • Besides the above mentioned styles of canvases there are several other types also available for download.

Creating Unique and Unusual Designs With The Canvases

Well, if you’re wondering how to be individualistic with these canvas textures, here are a few ideas. If you are a photographer, you can blend a colourful and vibrant canvas texture into a simple and plain photograph. That way the photograph will not only have a painted canvas like effect but it will look extremely vibrant and will have a fun design to it too. You can see also Cardboard Texture. As a graphic designer you can probably use the canvas as a backdrop to a poster or flyer. Now picture this, a multicoloured canvas texture as your backdrop, with all your text content in bold black letters. Such posters and flyers will truly attract the attention of many and are also extremely pleasing to the eyes.

An Artists Uses Of The Canvas Textures

If you’re an artist, you’re probably wondering what use could you possibly have of a canvas texture template when you have the real thing? Well, there’s something in it for you as well. You can use the canvas texture on painting and drawing apps and software on your computers and phones. A lot of artists these days make digital prints of their canvas and they look quite like the real thing. You too can do the same and add your signature to the both of the print. It may not have great value monetarily but can prove to be a fantastic gift to give. You can also use the canvas textures as your trial boards before you go ahead and paint on a real canvas.

Benefits and Advantages Of Using Canvas Textures

Using the canvas textures can be extremely beneficial. First and foremost they are free of cost. Secondly they can be downloaded easily, they can be saved into a folder and can also be re-used as per requirement. The canvas textures can be easily edited too and colour or text or stickers can all be added to them. You can also see Black textures. In terms of benefits to artists, the canvases can be used as trial boards. Thus, when the artist is actually painting on a real canvas, there is no scope for mistakes. The canvas textures are also beneficial because they can enhance the beauty and appeal of posters, photos and flyers.

Software That The Canvas Textures Can Be Used In

There are a number of software on which the canvas textures can be used. These software include:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Fotor
  • Core
  • Photofunia
  • Pixlr
  • ArtRage
  • Paint.NET
  • PhotoScape
  • Rebelle Picasa
  • PicMonkey
  • SketchBook Pro
  • BeFunky
  • PhotoCat
  • SumoPaint

Besides the above mentioned software there are several other software that the canvas textures can be used in. Besides the PC software, the canvas textures can also be used in numerous Android and iOS editing and painting applications such as Pixlr, Aviary and various others.

How To Use The Canvas Textures

Using the canvas textures is simple. Once you have downloaded the one you want, copy it into the application or software that you wish to use. Once it’s pasted there, then you can follow the regular editing mode that you would for a photo. In the case that you wish to make a painting, copy paste the canvas texture onto your painting application, use it as the backdrop and paint over it. The canvas textures are extremely useful and handy, fun and can really add quality to your projects and photos. So if you’re looking to add an unexpected twist to your art work and projects, download these free of cost, easily editable and absolutely wonderful canvas textures today. Your fans and followers will be truly impressed and completely stunned with your unusual and uncommon works of art. a

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