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Imagine if Avatar had been made in 2D instead of 3D! What a loss for humanity that would be: it would be as if something essential were lacking. In an age where 3D has fast grown to be a way of life rather than a novelty, the magic of extra dimensions is something that your designs should never be deprived of! Rest assured that you’ve come to the best place for free and premium 3D design content, where you can choose from the top 3D templates available put together by experts. Go on and explore the magic of 3D! You can also see Photoshop Marble Textures.

3D textures are incredible for their spectacular range and versatility. It’s easy to get lost in the incredible variety of choices, but once you find the right one, it’ll fit into your work like a missing jigsaw puzzle. From terrains to skulls and bones, from space to architectural masterpieces, these unique 3D textures are certain to add that extra dimension to your work in an incredibly non-invasive way. You can also visit Black Textures.

Beautiful 3D Tile Texture Pack

This 3D texture opengl has a pack of two high definition tile textures. Each small square within the pack is made of a separate layer and can be totally layered. You can breathe life into your own design with this marvellous texture pack.

Beautiful Checkered 3D Texture

This is a beautiful 3D texture in a checkerboard pattern. It is available in high resolution and can be rescaled for any design. This 3D texture background is perfect for use in any magazine cover, website, business card or brochure.

Beautiful Flat 3D Textures

This 3D texture pack comprises of 10 flat 3D textures in black and white. Each file has a separate texture of 3D colour and size. It has a PSD gradient effect with a size of 5000 x5000 and can be rescaled and edited to serve different purpose.

Black Ripple Surface 3D Texture

This is a beautiful collection of archive 3D texture in a rippling effect. In this useful pack you can get an unusual set of black digital backdrop tinged in industrial motifs. It has 4 heavy textures in RAR archive and you can use this black backdrop with rippling effect for all your creative design.

Soft Background and Fabric 3D Texture

This is an amazing set of 3D texture pack Minecraft having small golden cubes which can be used as a backdrop or as a motif in any design. You can choose from 16 different colours and it has a dimension of 4000x 2500 px at 300dpi in RGB format.

Polygon Background 3D Texture

This one is an elegant black 3D texture background with a heavy resolution of 4000×2500 px available at 300dpi in RGB format. You can choose from 8 different colours and all the colours are layered as well as organised within the PSD file. You can easily alter the colour using colour fill.

Cardboard 3D Texture

This 3D texture pack is ideal for web, print, backdrops and all kinds of creative designs. The best part is, it comes in high resolution of 4000x3000px at 300dpi. The image size is 13.3×10 inches and highly detailed so that you can easily edit this JPEG file.

Cool 3D Metal Backgrounds and Textures

This archive 3D texture consists of 21 JPEG file and 20 PNG file with a transparent background. This is perfect for use in flyers, banners, postcards, headers and many more. Get this file and add a new glamour to your creative design.

Amazing 3D Background Texture

It is a lovely 3D texture pack with layered PSD. All you need to do is add this superfine background in any of your creative design and see how this simple backdrop imbues a new life to a creative design.

3D Diamond Mesh Texture


This lovely 3D texture background has a mesh texture and can be used as a perfect setting for flyers, banners, brochures, web based apps, websites, wallpapers, and DVD covers. You can download, edit and scale it as per your preference without any loss of its original quality.

Water Caustics 3D Texture


Have you been looking for a 3D texture pack Minecraft which has a crystal clear water effect? This texture painting is ideal for a website or brochure or banner related to sea travel, pool party, or any water sports events.

Space Background 3D Texture

This is a lovely 3D texture painting in black and yellow colour. Miniature 3D circles in bright yellow is placed on a matching jet black background. You can use this for any creative purpose as it is easily scalable and can be edited without a fuss.

Awsome Space Background 3D Texture

Are you looking for an attractive 3D background pattern for any web based application? Then this pack would be perfect for you. It has small red 3D cubes in a solid black backdrop and is available in high resolution PSD format.

Seamless 3D Background Texture

Fentastic 3D Background Texture

This appealing 3D texture pack has an amazing colour combination of black and turquoise blue. Add a different look to all your creative design with these stunningly beautiful 3d backgrounds. You can rescale and edit it to make it fit for your purpose.

Cool Space Background 3D Texture

Cureved Space Background 3D Texture

Water 3D Texture

3D Wood Floor Texture

Abstract 3D Texture

3D Surface Texture

Wood 3D Texture


Best White 3D Texture

Gold Wood 3D Texture

Fabulous Wood 3D Texture

Red Surfaced 3D Texture


Diamond Surfaced 3D Texture


Green Abstract 3D Texture


Best Viewed 3D Texture


Awsome 3D Texture


> Breathe Life into Your Work

The beauty of 3D is that it adds life to just about any design. With these 3d model textures, you can impart a certain look and feel to your final design that can’t be achieved with anything else.

3D textures make the best backgrounds for simplistic or minimal primary elements like texts, but they also provide hyper-realistic effects when layered with other images. These 3d max textures create a wonderful, multi-dimensional canvas for your creativity!

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