Canvas Texture – 83+ Free PSD, Vector EPS, AI Formats Download

For every print, design, or painting, a background is important. That’s where a canvas texture comes into play, it uses the setting to bring the visuals, prominence and highlights the most important details of the artwork by complementing the work.Now a canvas texture can be a finished work or a base for starting a work on, it can be designed to form patterns, textures, and other details.

canvas textures

> Benefits of Canvas Textures on Design/Artwork

Canvas textures make for great stalwart artistic creations such as paintings and other artwork. It goes without doubt that using a canvas background gives you a more refined and authentic look as compared to other textures. They blend better with the designs and help in fading out when necessary and highlighting the necessary body of work. Canvas vectors are also great for doodling cartoons and other forms of animated icons to produce a crisp form of artwork. You can see also Paper textures.

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> Popular Canvas Textures that Professionals Make Use of

We will try to give you some of the best and popular texture options, in brief, to be used as a base background to design.

  • Mesh Texture
  • Checked Texture
  • Sackcloth Texture
  • Linen Texture
  • Abstract Texture
  • Fur Texture
  • Textile Texture
  • Seamless Texture
  • Striped Texture
  • Floral Texture
  • Nautical Texture

> Textures are used in interesting ways as design

> Embroidery

Canvas textures are the bread and butter for tablecloths, their designs range from being simplistic to extremely artistic. They also are used in printing for pillow covers and cushion seats. You can see also photo textures.

> Paintings

Canvas paintings are extremely popular in producing some of the finest work in the form of oil painting and sketches.

> Wallpapers

Are popular settings for canvas textures to make an appearance without which the art or design would look incomplete. you can see also Background textures.

> Comic Strips

Many comic strips make use of the canvas texture to base their artwork on.

> Creating canvas textures using Adobe Photoshop

For the following basic lesson, we will teach you in brief, how to use the Adobe Photoshop settings to navigate andcreate designs by understanding the tools.

  • Start Photoshop and navigate to creating a workspace of desirable amount
  • Add filters, noises and set the percentages
  • Option to add motion blur and set angles
  • Adding layer effects to the workspace and option of color burn
  • On plain white screen ensure you fill in desired colors
  • After making sure all the settings including the effects are in line
  • Next step is cropping the area by selecting it and dragging an outline over it
  • After repeatedly copying and pasting the swatches, it is time to save the effect
  • Canvas texture creation is now complete

> Designs Tips to Follow While Creating Canvas Textures

When designing a new canvas texture, it is a good idea to follow a basic pattern instead of a complicated one. Understanding what textures work is also of great importance. You can always mix and match different textures to form a sort of a fusion of canvas textures. This brings out an ideal sense of creative software craftsmanship and helps in promoting newer unique model designs.