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Photo Textures – 21+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Are you a photographer and photo editor? Well, we have just the thing for you. Our wide range of unique, fabulous and captivating photo textures are just want every photographer could possible require. From colourful and vibrant textures to textures that have an old school and aged vibe to them, there is something here for every type of requirement. Just blending these photo Textures to your original photograph will completely enhance and improvise the look of your photo. The blended photos turn out to look extremely individualised and something that people have never seen before. Here’s some additional information about the photo textures:

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> The Importance Of Using These Wonderful Photo Textures

As a professional photographer you probably want your original and unblended photograph to get credit and all the accolades. However, often photos of nature, breathtaking sceneries and even people can be a tad bit boring and common. In order to avoid having your photograph tagged as simple and plain, it is essential that you blend the photo with these amazing photo Textures to make them look unlike any other professional photographs that have been clicked by photographers in the past. Another reason why photo textures are important is because blending your photograph with photo textures can result in an improved contrast of the original photo and bring up new and unseen textures and patterns in the photo too.

> Fun and Interesting Varieties and Types of Photo Textures

The range of photo textures that we have to offer our patrons are exceptional and fascinating. There are aged paper and wood textures, galaxies textures, rock textures, grunge textures, sparkling textures, painted canvas textures and various other types available for users. The textures range from brilliantly vibrant to subtle and elegant. The textures can be blended with all kinds of photographs including selfies, photos of Nature, black and white photos and all other kinds of photographs.

Retro Photo Frame Isolated on Wood Texture


Collection of Photo Texture


Tileable Wood Textures Photoshop Patterns

Flowers Photo Texture

Brown Photo Texture

Bright Photo Texture.jpg

Photo Overlay Snowfall Textures

Nostalgic Photo Texture

Antique Photo Texture

Aluminum Photo Texture

Sheet Photo Texture

Scratched Photo Texture


Grunge Photo Texture


Old Wall Photo Texture


Old Glass Photo Texture


Canvas Photo Texture


Absract Photo Texture


Printable Photo Texture


Seamless Photo Realistic Texture


Grunge Metal Photo Texture


> Using The Photo Textures To Get Best Results

To get the best results and blend the images perfectly there’s a simple 8 step process that you need to follow. Here are the steps:

  • Choose a texture that you really like and copy it
  • The copied texture then has to be pasted into the document of the photo
  • With the help of free transform the texture can be resized if required
  • The move tool now needs to be selected
  • There are several layer blend modes that you need to cycle through
  • The colour of the texture now needs to be desaturated
  • See how the texture looks if inverted
  • The opacity of the texture needs to be lowered

This will give you that perfect, unique and absolutely breathtaking photo that you have always wanted.

> Creating Fun and Unusual Designs With Photo Textures

The photo textures can be used for multiple purposes. Some fun and wonderful ways to use the Photo Textures can be as follows:

  • Using Textures As Backgrounds – Using textures as backgrounds is a great way to enhance the content that you’re using it for. But ensure that the photo texture in no way overpowers the content. The texture must always be subtler than the content and should just act like a filler.
  • Using Textures As Overlays – If you have a picture or photo that you want to give a vintage look to, you can use an old school ageing wood or paper texture as an overlay and give the image an old look.
  • The textures can be used in mockups, screen illustrations and with text.

> Benefits Of Using Photo Textures

Using photo textures can be extremely beneficial. First and foremost they give a unique and interesting twist to photographs. Secondly the photographer does not need to spend hours on end trying to edit a photograph to make it special and captivating. The photo textures are absolutely free of cost and can be used on leading photo editing software like Photoshop.

> Professionals Who Swear By The Photo Textures

Besides photographers, there are tons of other professionals and others who find the photo textures extremely handy. These include:

  • Artists
  • Professional printers
  • Students from schools, universities and colleges use the photo textures for projects and assignments
  • People who use leading photo related social media platforms like Instagram
  • Banner making companies
  • Poster and flyer printers

> Creating Your Very Own Photo Texture Library

There are so many kinds of photo textures available that photographers and artists who use them regularly can actually create an entire library of the textures. This way they will be able to pull up the correct texture as and when needed. For instance the Galaxies and outer space textures can all go into one section of the library, nature textures can go into another and so on. Keeping the textures well organised is highly recommended so that you select an appropriate texture and don’t end up making your photograph look odd and out of place.

> The Best Computer Photo Editing Software To Use Photo Textures

Adobe Photoshop Express

  • Fotor
  • Photofunia
  • Pixlr
  • Paint.NET
  • PhotoScape
  • Picasa
  • PicMonkey
  • BeFunky
  • PhotoCat
  • SumoPaint

> Now Make Those Selfies Better Than Any Of Your Friend’s Selfies

The entire selfie culture has been overly done and capturing just a simple selfie no longer has that power to it. Now imagine being able to make your selfie better than anyone else’s by simply using these photo textures. Your selfies will be the talk of the town and the likes on your selfie will go through the roof. So for all of you out there who want to be a cut above the rest, start adding photo textures to your selfies and shine like stars. As we can see the free and amazing photo textures that we have to offer our patrons are extremely handy and useful. They are used for multiple purposes and can truly enhance the look of your simple photographs. Professional photographers truly appreciate using these photo textures. Besides using them for the typical photo edits, tons of people are even using he photo textures as Backgrounds to texts and banners. They are used as backgrounds to posters, flyers, party invitations and several other kinds of invites. So download these fabulous photo textures today and give a different colour and vibrancy to your photos.

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